Datamine Discovers WotLK Logo in Classic Era PTR Files

wrath of the lich king classic possibly already in development tbc classic featured image

It hasn’t even been 2 weeks since Blizzard started sending out surveys to players regarding a possible Wrath of the Lich King Classic version of World of Warcraft. But it would seem that Blizzard is more set on releasing WotLK Classic than the survey would have us believe, because particularly keen-eyed players discovered the Wrath of the Lich King logo in a particularly unlikely place: the Classic Era PTR data files!

Specifically, the ManifestInterfaceData.db2 file of the Classic Era PTR client, which hosts manifest data for the game, now includes 3 new interesting files: the Wrath of the Lich King logo, and peculiarly enough, the Burning Crusade & Burning Crusade Classic logos. It is unclear whether this update was pushed out accidentally ahead of time, but it is very hard to believe that these files found their way there completely by accident, so it essentially all but confirms that WotLK Classic is coming.

Naturally, speculation ran wild after these news broke out. There are many players predicting that the timing of these WotLK-related discoveries strongly signifies that WotLK Classic may in fact be announced alongside the next retail World of Warcraft expansion, likely on the date that Blizzard plans to announce it, April 19th. This makes a lot of sense, as Blizzard is hurting for new content right now, and announcing these 2 projects at once would greatly revitalize interest in the World of Warcraft brand, offering something for players who may be interested to return to Classic and return to retail alike.

For many, the inclusion of the TBC and TBC Classic logos is even more interesting, however. Many are speculating that this means that Blizzard is looking to add “TBC Era” servers, wherein your TBC characters can still be played in a permanent TBC environment, while your current characters progress to WotLK Classic, similar to the Classic Era / TBC Classic split that happened during TBC Classic’s release. Others speculate that this may be the beginning of seasonal TBC Classic servers, similar to Classic’s Season of Mastery, offering a fresh TBC server experience for those wanting to start from scratch. Or perhaps both!

One thing is for sure — this discovery is great news for players who are eagerly awaiting WotLK Classic, which appears to be a very significant amount of players. There is very little doubt that WotLK Classic is going to be a reality with this many signs pointing to that direction, and perhaps sooner than we originally anticipated!

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