PvE Discipline Priest Healer Talents, Builds & Glyphs

wotlk pve discipline priest healer talents builds glyphs

Discipline Priests have a fairly rigid core of talents that they always pick up, with a couple of optional talents that you take if necessary, mostly if you’re having mana issues.

Talent Builds

wotlk pve disc talents

There isn’t a strict “cookie cutter” build for Disc Priests, but this 54/17/0 build comes close enough to such a thing. There are a few talents that you could move around as necessary, but this is the overall build we would recommend.

Below you will find a list of all useful talents, annotated as essential, talents you should max out, or optional, talents that you can take as necessary.

Notable Talents

  • Twin Disciplinesessential: A nice little boost to some of your healing spells, like Penance.
  • Improved Inner Fireessential: Offers extra spell power, improving our healing and shields.
  • Improved Power Word: Fortitudeessential: Improves our vital stamina buff — every raid needs 1 Priest with this talent.
  • Inner Focusessential: Gives you an increased critical chance on a heal when you most need it, or allows you to use the very expensive Divine Hymn for free.
  • Meditationessential: Gives you some much-needed mana regen to counter-act the high mana cost of Power Word: Shield spam.
  • Improved Power Word: Shieldessential: A 15% buff to your primary spell is a no-brainer.
  • Absolutionoptional: This talent can come in handy when your gear / mana regeneration is weak, or when you need to dispel a lot.
  • Mental Agilityessential: Reduces the mana cost of some of your crucial spells, including Power Word: Shield, by 10% — a life-saver for longer fights.
  • Mental Strengthessential: Healers live and die by their mana pool, and this improves yours by a decent amount. Pre-requisite to the overpowered Power Infusion.
  • Soul Wardingessential: The salt and pepper of Discipline; this talent is the reason we can spam Power Word: Shield and top healing meters.
  • Focused Poweressential: 4% extra healing is nifty, but near-instant Mass Dispels can be extremely potent.
  • Enlightenmentessential: A 6% buff to 2 of your most important stats (spirit & spell haste) is a no-brainer.
  • Focused Will optional: The 3% crit can be useful in PvE, but this is more of a PvP talent.
  • Power Infusionessential: Vital raid cooldown which improves the damage of a targeted caster by a significant amount.
  • Improved Flash Healoptional, Reduces the mana cost of your Flash Heal and gives it a nice buff, Comes really handy when you have to save an ally from death and they have Weakened Soul on them
  • Renewed Hopeessential, The 3% raid-wide damage reduction will be up all the time since we are spamming Power Word: Shield, When your Weakened Soul is up you will still be able to do useful heals with the increased critical chance, Note this only affects your heals and only Flash Heal, Greater Heal and Penance
  • Raptureessential, Our most important mana regenerating tool, you will have to twist your gameplay around this talent if you go oom a lot. Also gives back; Mana, rage, energy, or runic power to the one affected by your shield, talent has a 12-second cd
  • Aspirationessential, Really important Talent since it decreases our cooldown on some of our most important spells including Penance and Pain Suppression
  • Divine Aegisessential, This talent can be procced through any critical heals. Note the heal from Glyph of Power Word: Shield can also crit and will stack
  • Pain Suppressionessential, Useful on high damage spikes. This talent can easily be the difference between a kill or a wipe as it acts as another Tank defensive cooldown or a party member saving ability
  • Graceessential, At max stacks, this gives 9% extra healing to your spells and Affects all your spells. Note it only gets applied by Flash Heal, Greater Heal, and Penance with Penance being able to proc all 3 stacks (with 2 points in the talent)
  • Borrowed Timeessential, This talent is the reason our haste cap is so low for discipline priests.
  • Penanceessential, One of the best, if not the best burst heal in the game, especially combined with the buff from Grace
  • Healing Focusessential, in this expansion there are many raid-wide damage-dealing bosses, so you must get something to reduce the constant pushback you’ll encounter!
  • Improved Renewoptional, Only really useful if you find yourself spamming Renew a lot
  • Holy Specializationessential, The best talent that increases your heals by adding 5% crit to holy spells
  • Spell Wardingessential, There are a ton of raids that deal raid-wide magical damage, so this is the best option from the 2nd row. You don’t need to go 5/5 on this talent but can if you want!
  • Desperate Prayeroptional, instant cast self-heal that can save you
  • Inspirationessential, The entire reason a Discipline specs into the holy tree. The buff from this talent can make a tank take 1 more extra swing compared to without it with the only heal not applying it being your Power Word: Shield.
  • Improved Healingoptional, More of a filler talent, can be used if you run out of mana a lot


Major Glyphs

These are some recommended combinations of glyphs, suited for specific types of PvE content:

This glyph makes our Power Word: Shield instantly heal the target for 20% of their absorption amount. This healing amount isn’t large on its own, which it builds up to a very significant amount over a fight’s duration, making this glyph essential.

Penance is our most-used spell after Power Word: Shield, and so having a reduced cooldown on it can make a big difference.

Flash Heal will be our emergency healing button, used when someone (like a tank) urgently needs healing and Penance is on cooldown. Thus having a reduced mana cost can be a very nice quality of life improvement, preventing you from going out of mana over time.

This glyph gives Prayer of Healing a healing-over-time component, which makes it very useful in 10-man raids and 5-man dungeons.

Minor Glyphs

Even if your Shadowfiend dies from damage you’ll receive 5% of your maximum mana

This glyph allows you to cast Levitate without the need for a reagent!

This glyph increases the duration of Shadow Protection and Greater Shadow Protection by 10 minutes. The glyph itself is self-explanatory and it’s good on its own for convenience reasons.

Glyph of Fortitude reduces the mana cost for Prayer of Fortitude and Power Word: Fortitude by 50%


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1 year ago

thank you!

1 year ago

Desperate Prayer – essential” – but you didn’t take it???

Reply to  alexxoid
1 year ago

Yeah because it’s not essential

1 year ago

You put inner fire for essential saying that it gives extra spell power. Where does it say that?

Reply to  Andorihn
1 year ago

Never mind, I just saw in game that the level 71 and 77 versions of inner fire give more spell power.

6 months ago

Hi, i was just wandering why Heling Focus in holy tree? Aren’t there better talents to impove our pump?

1 month ago

5/5 in Spell Warding (-10% spell dmg taken) is ultra useless imo. There are better ways to spend the points. Otherwise good, ty for guide.

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