Enchanting Guide 1-450

Enchanting Guide 1 450 WotLK 3.3.5a

Enchanting is the art of adding buffs to gear of all kinds. By converting dusts, essences, and crystals into enhancements, you can lengthen the lifespan of a weapon or piece of armor, so any player can benefit from picking up the profession. With the addition of Enchanting Vellums in TBC, you can also load your enchants onto blank scrolls for sale or for trade. This gives you the opportunity to store Enchantments for gear you know you’ll get later or to put them on the AH and profit.

In the Endgame, enchanting can grant vital armor enhancements like Enchant Bracer – Major Stamina or essential weapon buffs like Enchant Staff – Greater Spellpower, Enchant Weapon – Blade Ward, or Enchant Weapon – Blood Draining. Aside from Death Knights’ own Runeforging, these are some of the most powerful ways to increase your gear’s potency.

One of the main skills of Enchanting is Disenchanting, which allows you to destroy gear that you have no use for in order to gather your crafting materials. This means that there is no gathering profession that is typically paired with Enchanting. As a result, Enchanters often pick up Tailoring as their second profession in order to create readily Disenchantable gear. Otherwise, purchasing all the mats to level to 450 can become difficult or costly during the later Old World and Outland stages, due to the small amount of essences and crystals that may be available.

Training Enchanting

Like every profession, Enchanting can be leveled alongside your character. On-level enchants will give your characters an edge in PvE and PvP and will set you apart from players with similar gear. Because of that, Old World and Outland trainers are listed below.

In addition, regardless of if you choose to level alongside your normal questing or to reach the cap at any other point, there are recipes that must be purchased from specific vendors on every continent. Those are also listed below, and if you are levelling with access to Shattrath or Dalaran, taking portals to the closest destination is advisable.

This is ultimately a power leveling guide, however, and it will primarily focus on the fastest, most cost-effective route to the cap. If you have access to Dalaran, Enchanter Nalthanis (located conveniently near the Magus Commerce Exchange) should be who you speak with. Later, you’ll also need to speak with Vanessa Sellers, located in the Underbelly, to purchase formulas; the specifics are explained below.

Old World

Unlike some other professions, all Old World Enchanting trainers can teach you up to Artisan. Prior to patch 2.3, all players needed to go through a lengthy quest chain and complete specific tasks inside of the dungeon Uldaman, but Blizzard has since removed this. For speed and proximity to the necessary recipes, however, Alliance players should find Taladan in Darnassus, and Horde players should go to Lavinia Crowe in Undercity.

To efficiently level through Vanilla content, you should also search your AH (and the neutral AH if necessary) for Formula: Enchant Bracer – Greater Stamina and Formula: Enchant Boots – Greater Stamina two useful world drops. All the recipes necessary to complete this step are:


Once you cross through the Dark Portal, Master Enchanting trainers will be located in your first questing area. This means that in Honor Hold, Alliance players will need to find Johan Barnes, and the Horde must speak to Felannia at Thrallmar. These trainers will also be able to teach you all Vanilla enchants, other than the ones you need a recipe for.

After reaching Shattrath, High Enchanter Bardolan of The Scryers and Zurii of The Aldor are the two trainers to locate. And while the leveling process is significantly less materials-intensive than the first four tiers, to get through Master you’ll also need to purchase formulas from specific vendors. They are:


Just like with TBC, in Northrend the Grand Master trainers will be in your faction’s first questing area. For the Horde, Eorain Dawnstrike in Warsong Hold will teach you, and Alexis Marlowe in Valiance Keep will do the same for the Alliance.

Once you reach Dalaran Enchanter Nalthanis will take you to the cap. Alternatively, Fael Morningsong at the Argent Tournament Grounds can do the same. WotLK also requires non-trainer recipes to finish leveling, and they can be purchased from Vanessa Sellers in the Underbelly using the Dream Shard you get from Disenchanting gear. The formulas are:

Required Materials

This materials list allows for several different options while leveling, so some materials will be marked with a range of numbers. The lower end is the bare minimum of these required to level through each step, and the higher corresponds to the maximum. Make sure to read through each tier or expansion’s section thoroughly to ensure that you have the correct number of materials. The count also includes the shards necessary to purchase your final recipes.

* = These mats can be skipped, depending on formula availability and your own choices.

Old World

** The massive difference in Illusion Dust comes from whether or not you decide to keep leveling past 285 with Enchant Cloak – Superior Defense. The other option is to spend more Dream Dust on Enchant Shield – Greater Stamina, but it becomes yellow before the Cloak does.


Outland and Northrend


Leveling Enchanting


1 – 2: Runed Copper Rod

The first thing you’ll craft is your Runed Rod. You’ll need rods made of varying metals to complete higher level enchants. The rods themselves can be purchased directly from Blacksmiths or on the AH, and these initial Dusts and Essences can be purchased directly from an Enchanting or Trade Supplies Vendor.

2 – 50: Enchant Bracer – Minor Health

  • Use Strange Dust to add the Minor Health buff to a pair of bracers.

After you’ve completed this enough times, you can go and learn Journeyman.

50 – 90: Enchant Bracer – Minor Health

90 100: Enchant Bracer – Minor Stamina

  • Use Strange Dust to buff a pair of bracers with Minor Stamina.

101 – 101: Runed Silver Rod

101 – 110: Greater Magic Wand

110 – 135: Enchant Cloak – Minor Agility

Once you’ve reached 135, you should learn Expert Enchanting.

135 – 155: Enchant Bracer – Lesser Stamina

  • Use Soul Dust to add the Lesser Stamina buff to a pair of bracers.

155 – 156: Runed Golden Rod

To reach 185, there are two options. The choice boils down to whether Lesser Mystic Essence is cheaper or more readily available than Soul Dust.

156 – 185: Enchant Bracer – Lesser Strength

  • Use Soul Dust to buff a pair of bracers with Lesser Strength.


156 – 165: Enchant Bracer – Lesser Strength

  • Use Soul Dust to buff a pair of bracers with Lesser Strength.

165 – 185: Enchant Bracer – Spirit

185 – 200: Enchant Bracer – Strength

After you complete 15 Strength enchants, you’ll need to train up to Artisan.

200 – 204: Enchant Bracer – Strength

  • Continue using Vision Dust to enchant bracers with Strength.

204 – 205: Runed Truesilver Rod

The next choice is between 225 – 230. Like before, it is about the cost/availability of Lesser Nether Essence. If Vision Dust is cheaper, or if you have more of it, you can Enchant Cloak – Greater Defense all the way up to 230.

205 – 230: Enchant Cloak – Greater Defense

  • Use Vision Dust to add the Greater Defense buff to a cloak.


205 – 225: Enchant Cloak – Greater Defense

  • Use Vision Dust to add the Greater Defense buff to a cloak.

225 – 230: Enchant Gloves – Agility

230 – 235: Enchant Boots – Stamina

235 – 240: Enchant Chest – Superior Health

  • Use Vision Dust to add Superior Health to a chestpiece.

240 – 245: Enchant Boots – Lesser Accuracy

For 245 – 280, your leveling will be determined by if you could get Formula: Enchant Bracer – Greater Stamina and Formula: Enchant Boots – Greater Stamina. The first will allow you to level straight to 280. If you were unable to get the bracers enchant, the second will save you materials between 260 and 265. Regardless of if you can get the boot enchant, however, you will need to buy Formula: Lesser Mana Oil.

245 – 285: Enchant Bracer – Greater Stamina

  • Use Dream Dust to add Greater Stamina to a pair of bracers.


245 – 250: Enchant Shield – Greater Spirit

250 – 260: Lesser Mana Oil

260 – 265:


265 – 285: Enchant Shield – Greater Stamina

  • Use Dream Dust to enchant a shield with Greater Stamina.

Either way, when you reach 285, you can cross through the Dark Portal and train Master Enchanting. Between 285 and 299, you have the choice to continue using Dream Dust or to start using Illusion Dust. If you have spare Dream Dust, it’s fine to use it up and then pick up using Illusion Dust or vice versa.

285 – 299: Enchant Shield – Greater Stamina

  • Use Dream Dust to enchant a shield with Greater Stamina.


285 – 299: Enchant Cloak – Superior Defense

299 – 300: Runed Arcanite Rod

While this rod was necessary for all high-level Vanilla enchants, after TBC it’s main use is just to craft your next rod.


300 – 301: Runed Fel Iron Rod

301 – 310: Enchant Bracer – Assault

  • Use Arcane Dust to add Assault to a pair of bracers, increasing AP by 24.

310 – 315: Enchant Bracer – Brawn

  • Use Arcane Dust to enchant a pair of bracers with Brawn for +12 Strength.

315 – 325: Enchant Gloves – Assault

  • Use Arcane Dust to add Assault to a pair of gloves, increasing AP by 26.

325 – 335: Enchant Shield – Major Stamina

  • Use Arcane Dust to enchant a shield with Major Stamina.

335 – 340: Enchant Shield – Resilience 

340 – 350: Superior Wizard Oil

This recipe starts out yellow in your spellbook, so the number of times you have to make it depends entirely on how lucky you are.

350 – 351: Runed Adamantite Rod

After making this rod, head to Northrend and learn Grand Master.

351 – 360: Enchant Cloak – Speed

  • Use Infinite Dust to add Speed to a cloak, increasing the haste rating by 15.

360 – 375: Enchant Bracers – Striking

  • Use Infinite Dust to enchant a pair of bracers with Striking, adding 38 AP.

375 – 376: Runed Eternium Rod


376 – 380: Enchant Bracers – Striking

  • Continue using Infinite Dust to enchant a pair of bracers with Striking.

380 – 385: Enchant Bracers – Exceptional Intellect

  • Use Infinite Dust to add Exceptional Intellect to a pair of bracers.

385 – 395: Enchant Boots – Icewalker

From 395 – 415, you have the option of sticking with Enchant Cloak – Superior Agility the whole way, or switching to Enchant Gloves – Expertise at 410. While starting Expertise may seem like more mats, because it only turns yellow at 415, it has a chance of costing the same, if not less, than Superior Agility. The choice is yours.

395 – 415: Enchant Cloak – Superior Agility


395 – 410: Enchant Cloak – Superior Agility

410 – 415: Enchant Gloves – Expertise

415 – 420: Enchant Boots – Greater Spirit

Between 420 and 425, your choice comes down to the availability of Greater Cosmic Essence and Eternal Earth. While either can be farmed, the price of the Essence or your willingness to find Crystallized and Eternal Earths will be the deciding factor.

420 – 425: Enchant Shield – Defense 


420 – 425: Enchant Chest – Greater Mana Restoration

425 – 426: Runed Titanium Rod

426 – 430: Enchant Shield – Defense

430 – 435: Enchant Cloak – Mighty Armor

435 – 445: Enchant Gloves – Armsman

  • Combine Dream Shard and Eternal Earth to add Armsman to a pair of gloves, increasing threat generation by 2% and parry rating by 10.

Once you reach 445, your route to 450 will depend on the materials you have on hand. If you have access to 2 – 3 Abyss Crystal and less shards and essences, then you can use Abyssal Shatter to generate some of the necessary ones for the final boot enchant. If you have the materials on hand, or if their combined price is less than the necessary Abyss Crystals, then you can Enchant Boots – Greater Assault until you cap.

445 – 450: Enchant Boots – Greater Assault


445 – 447: Abyssal Shatter

  • Shatter an Abyss Crystal into its constituent essences and Dusts.

447 – 450: Enchant Boots – Greater Assault

Endgame Enchanting

For Enchanters, most of your endgame recipes will be learned by purchasing them from Vanessa Sellers. Prior to 450, powerful weapon enhancements like Enchant Weapon – Berserking and Enchant 2H Weapon – Massacre are available. Once you reach 450, she’ll also be able to teach you Enchant Staff – Greater Spellpower and Enchant Bracer – Major Stamina, two of the standard raiding enchants in WotLK. Overall, you’ll want to visit the Underbelly as soon as you amass enough Dream Shards to purchase a new formula.

Like other professions, Ulduar will also give you the chance to enhance your Enchanting. All bosses and caches have the chance of dropping the formulas for Enchant Weapon – Blade Ward and Enchant Weapon – Blood Draining. While each does use quite a lot of costly reagents, they can still be put on scrolls, meaning they can be traded or sold for high prices.


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Keep in mind you’ll invest a lot of gold to level this prof!

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I was wondering why the guides were all white for a minute, because you switched it up again! To another great looking theme!

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i got 450 enchanting bt still i cant make scrolls the heck
How to make scrolls ???is there a quest?

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What scrolls do you want?

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scrolls for enchants? They are mady in Inscription… not in enchanting..

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You get blank scrolls from either someone with Inscription or buy some on the AH, then you apply the enchant to the blank scroll which can then be resold with the enchant on it.
For example: https://wotlkdb.com/?item=45056

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A FriendlyHelper
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Can’t seem to get the lesser accuracy enchant.

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Runed Eternium Rod uses Arcane dust, not infinite dust.

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Thank you for the correction!

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price? 1-450?

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Without dissenchanting during enchanting by your own.. around 10-15k gold… maybe more

1 year ago

you didnt take note that 1+ agi on cloak is actual world drop recipe aswell

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this guide needs some major work. It doesn’t even say exactly how many per enchant throughout it.

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