Love is in the Air Event and Boss Guide

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The season of romance is upon us, and nothing says that better than Goblins and cheap candy from unknown sources. Love is in the Air focuses on giving gifts to that special someone in your life, like Sylvanas Windrunner or Thrall. Narrowly avoiding the event tradition of running across the entire world, you only need to visit a handful of locations and do a handful of tasks.

Love is in the Air is available from the 7th of February until the 21st of February.

While a few parts of the event do expect that you have access to another willing player to help you out, most of the season of love can be done alone. If you want the meta achievement for either the title The Love Fool, or to progress What A Long Strange Trip, you will need to put on your shiniest shoes and start flirting. Visit our Achievement Guide for more information on the Love is in the Air achievements!

love is in the air lovely merchant

The primary currency during the event is love-tokens, obtained by either doing event specific daily quests, or killing enemies and trading in lovely-charm-bracelets. These can then be spent by visiting the Lovely Merchants in all capital cities, typically found right outside the local auction house. Doing all the daily quests will give you around 30 love-tokens per day, and you will need around 150 to purchase everything from the event. This means you will need to spend almost a full week doing dailies in order to purchase everything you would want.


A Gift For…

Track down Kwee Q. Peddlefeet in any capital city to pick up these quests. Each capital city offers its own variant of this quest, asking you to make a lovely-charm-bracelet and deliver it to the leader of that city.

If you don’t already have one, picking up one of these quests will provide you with a lovely-charm-collectors-kit. As long as this is in your inventory, killing any enemy that gives honor or experience has a chance to give you a lovely-charm. Combining 10 of these creates a lovely-charm-bracelet which you will then want to turn in to the appropriate faction leader.

Completing one of these quests will award the player 5 love-tokens and a Lovely Card dependant on the city. Each Lovely Card is a consumable that temporarily buffs one of your stats. These may or may not stack with buffs in WotLK Classic, time will tell.


A Cloudlet of Classy Cologne

love is in the air cologne sprayer

Nothing says love like spraying strangers with a strange green liquid given to you by a Goblin you just met. Speak to the Public Relations Agent found in any capital city to pick up this quest.

As the enterprising young individual you are, he will hand you a Crown Cologne Sprayer and task you to provide some lovely samples to the adoring public. Find people around town with a red heart above their head and give 10 of them a quick spritz with your sprayer for a quick and easy 5 love-tokens.

Bonbon Blitz

Almost identical to A Cloudlet of Classy Cologne, this quest instead has you throwing chocolate samples from a Crown Chocolate Sampler at unsuspecting romantics around town.

“Handing” out 10 samples rewards you with 5 love-tokens for your time.

Uncommon Scents

Speak to a Junior Detective or Junior Inspector found in any capital city, sending you to visit Snip Snagglebolt in Orgrimmar or Stormwind. This is the beginning of the Crushing the Crown chain.

Something Stinks

Snip Snagglebolt tasks the player to use Snagglebolt’s Air Analyzer on 6 of the glowing pink guards found around your capital in an attempt to figure out what the Crown Chemical Co. is putting in their perfume.

Pilfering Perfume

love is in the air chemical crates

Snagglebolt will disguise the player as a package-runner for the Crown Chemical Company. Use this disguise to sneak into their stockpile just outside the city gates, grab a crate, and bring it back to Snagglebolt.

Fireworks at the Gilded Rose/Snivels Sweetheart

That crate you just ran away with? It was full of chemical rockets marked with Snivel Rustrocket‘s maker’s mark. Head over to his place to find out what’s going on.

love is in the air marion sutton

For Alliance you will need to find Marion Sutton in the Gilded Rose, in the Trade District.

love is in the air roka

For Horde you will need to find Roka in Gotri’s Travelling Goods in the Drag District.

Hot on the Trail

Snivel Rustrocket wasn’t where you thought he would be, so it’s time to track him down. Visit the Bank, the Auction House, and the Barber to try and find him.

Unfortunately, he is at none of those places, so you will have to return to Roka or Marion Sutton to try and figure this whole mess out.

A Friendly Chat

Snivel’s partner will reveal that he is at the zeppelin tower outside Orgrimmar for Horde, or at Stormwind Harbor for Alliance. Pay him a visit for a friendly chat.

love is in the air stormwind snivel

After your chat with Snivel he will give you Snivel’s Ledger. Bring this back to Snagglebolt.

Crushing the Crown

Snip Snagglebolt wants you to thwart the Crown Chemical Companies plans. Kill 5 Crown Sprayers and destroy their Chemical Wagon. The particular location will vary based on your level, and you’ll have to read the quest text to see where exactly you need to go. Level 80 players will need to visit Crystalsong Forest to finish this.

love is in the air crystalsong chemical wagons

To aid in this task, Snagglebolt provides the player with Snagglebolt’s Khorium Bomb. Throw this at the Chemical Wagon, but be careful, you only have one, and will have to return to Snagglebolt if you waste it.

After unlocking this quest, you will be able to do this once daily. Completing this quest awards 5 love-tokens and the achievement dangerous-love.

Man on the Inside

love is in the air shadowfang keep questgiver 2

The conclusion to the Crown Chemical Company story, Snagglebolt tasks you to find his inside-man, Investigator Fezzen Brasstacks in Shadowfang Keep. Find your way to the dungeon in Silverpine Forest. Take the first right once inside, then go immediately left and follow the dungeon. Fezzen will be standing just down the first hallway.

You’ve Been Served

love is in the air shadowfang keep 2

We’re doing this by the book. Fezzen gives you a Standard Apothecary Serving Kit. Open your kit to find a Perfume Neutralizer, Cologne Neutralizer, and a Court Subpoena. You need to make sure Apothecary Hummel is personally given the subpoena, and he isn’t particularly interested in going to court.

Something is in the Air (and it ain’t love)

Killing Apothecary Hummel allows all players in the group to loot a Faded Lovely Greeting Card. Use this item to begin this quest, asking you to return to Snap Snagglebolt in Orgrimmar or Stormwind. This quest gives a pittance of gold and is generally not worth going out of your way to complete unless you are doing quest-count related achievements.

The Crown Chemical Company Trio

love is in the air shadowfang keep 1

Note: These bosses may be in a different state in WotLK Classic and may even have a different drop table. The achievement for killing them is in game, but they were not added to the game until the Icecrown Citadel patch.

This trio of apothecaries are the boss for this event, dropping a variety of items. Notable items include the Big Love Rocket, a unique flying mount, and 5 epic amulets, mirroring the item level 232 gear bought with Emblem of Conquest.

This trio consists of Apothecary Hummel, Apothecary Frye, and Apothecary Baxter. Each have their own individual abilities, but Hummel is the primary boss. To activate this fight, a player will need to turn in the Court Subpoena to Apothecary Hummel, aggravating him and beginning the encounter. Each character can do this once per day, allowing a full group to fight this boss 5 times in a row. Similarly to other world event bosses, groups can also rotate characters in and out to maximize the kills they do per day.

The Fight

This encounter is scaled to be easily beatable by any group, even if everyone is freshly max level. Group compositions are not incredibly strict, and a lot of groups will be fine using DPS players as tanks as long as they use the correct Neutralizers.

Apothecary Hummel is colored with a purple aura, Alluring Perfume, dealing constant damage to everyone around him. He will also cast Alluring Perfume Spray, dealing Nature damage every second to everyone in a cone in front of himself. Using the Perfume Neutralizer given to the player by Fezzen Brasstacks negates the damage from these abilities entirely, allowing a player to freely tank Hummel.

Apothecary Baxter is colored with a green aura, Irresistible Cologne, dealing constant damage to everyone around him. He will also cast Irresistible Cologne Spray, dealing Nature damage every second to everyone in a cone in front of himself. Using the Cologne Neutralizer given to the player by Fezzen Brasstacks negates the damage from these abilities entirely, allowing a player to freely tank Baxter.

Apothecary Frye is untankable, spending the entire fight throwing both cologne and perfume at random players. While he is not a massive threat, some groups may want to CC him using Stuns. This makes the fight less chaotic and relieves a bit of healer pressure.

Players that aren’t tanking either Baxter or Hummel will want to make sure they have a Neutralizer applied, depending on the boss they are engaged with. The tanks will want to keep Hummel and Baxter separate, as well as faced away from the group to make sure they aren’t hit by the frontal attacks. Hummel and Baxter can both cast Chain Reaction, dealing heavy Fire damage to all nearby players after a delay.

Throughout the fight, Crazed Apothecaries will join in. These are fairly weak, easily killed adds that will explode using Unstable Reaction after a short time in the fight. If your healer is struggling, killing these before they explode can be worth it.


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