Freya DPS and Parse Guide


There are several strategies to maximize your raids parses on Freya. One involves killing her very quickly, and the other is a more degenerate option, involving funneling a handful of players.

The Zerg

The most effective option to parse on Freya is zerging her down immediately. To do this, you’ll need to get an Ancient Conservator on your first add wave. If you don’t get Ancient Conservator and you are determined to pull off this strategy, you can have every player leave Freya‘s room and reset her.

You’re going to want to begin damaging Freya before the Ancient Conservator even spawns. You will barely make her health move, but it will cut down on DPS ramp up time so that you are ready to rock the moment that Ancient Conservator, and his mushrooms, spawn.

When Ancient Conservator spawns, pop Bloodlust immediately. Have your ranged move to a few pre-established mushrooms. Have your tank bring Freya and the Ancient Conservator to a mushroom opposite ranged. Be sure that a Mortal Strike effect is active on the boss.*

You’ll want to assign a few ranged DPS to be responsible for killing the Eonar’s Gift.

The goal is to kill Freya within a minute of the Ancient Conservator spawning, or roughly 1:12 into the fight. If the fight goes any longer, another add wave will spawn and quickly wipe the raid.

*The talent Furious Attacks in the Fury tree is currently providing a bugged healing reduction value against Freya. Instead of the intended 50%, it is providing 62.5% healing reduction. This makes the zerg strategy significantly easier.

The Half Zerg

The half zerg is a baby version of the strat detailed above. Instead of zerging Freya on wave 1, you zerg her down on a later wave. If you are extremely close to pulling off the full zerg, you may want to consider trying a zerg on wave 2. If you are far away from meeting the zerg DPS check, however, you should go a zerg somewhere on waves 3-6.

A wave 6 zerg is extremely easy, as she does barely any extra healing on wave 6 compared to a traditional Phase 2.

The Main Character

If you are trying to funnel a parse to a few specific players, you can have the majority of your raid not participate during Detonating Lasher waves. Warcraftlogs has put a cap at 1 million damage total to the Detonating Lasher, so this strategy is much worse than it was before that cap was put in place. But it is still an effective strategy to ensure that the target players all approach their 1 million damage cap, which under normal circumstances would not be possible.

Heroic Strike
Glyph of Cleave

The Freya encounter has a healthy mix of both single target and AOE portions, making the use of both Heroic Strike and Glyph of Cleave strong. 

As you enter combat with the boss immediately but damage isn’t counted until the adds spawn, pre-potting with an Indestructible Potion is ideal. 

The best case scenario is to Death Wish the Elemental Trio wave twice, as 3-4 target cleave is where Fury shines most. However, as the adds spawn in a somewhat random order, a bad pattern stands to disrupt our ideal Death Wish sequence. In the event of bad RNG, our 2nd Death Wish use should simply be during the second Ancient Conservator or when killing Freya in the final portion of the fight. 

Global Thermal Sapper Charge during a lasher spawn does a considerable amount of damage due to the quantity of enemies.

Note: If your raid is considering a zerg strategy, then you should line your Death Wish up with the beginning of the zerg, however, if doing a wave 4-6 Ancient Conservator zerg, achieving a larger quantity of Death Wish uses can become RNG dependent in this case depending on which wave the Ancient Conservator spawns.

Opener: Normal Pre-cast Opener / Pre-Cast Seed of Corruption on Wave Spawn

Pre-Pot: Potion of Speed / Potion of Wild Magic (Depending on which strategy you use)

Glove Usage: On Pull, On Detonating Lasher, Off Cooldown, and On Freya Execute

2min Trinket Usage: On pull with Gloves, Detonating Lasher Wave, and on Freya execute

Talents: Default 55/0/16

Quick Decay
Life Tap
Glyph of Haunt

Regardless of what Freya strategy your team is doing, you will benefit from a well-placed Demonic Circle. These most beneficial placements will depend on where your group tanks Freya, but generally the sides towards either the river or mushrooms gives the most uptime if you need a quick getaway from Detonating Lasher or Sun Beams.

There are three primary strategies used on Freya:
1st Ancient Conservator Zerg
2nd Ancient Conservator Zerg
Normal 6-wave Freya strategy

1st Ancient Conservator Zerg:
Hold ICDs for ~5s before the wave spawning so they aren’t wasted on the large DPS check.
Prep Freya with 3 stacks of Shadow’s Embrace.
Snapshot your DoTs with the Potent Pheromones buff. Maintain your snapshot at all costs.

2nd Ancient Conservator Zerg:
Use a Potion of Speed pre-pot as late as possible so that you’re ready for a potential Detonating Lasher first wave. Similar to the convention 6 wave Freya strategy, most of our DPS will come from casting as many Seeds of Corruption as possible within the Detonating Lasher pack.
Snapshot your DoTs with the Potent Pheromones buff. Maintain your snapshot at all costs.

Normal 6-wave Freya strategy:
Once into Phase 2 by doing the normal strategy, re-place your Demonic Circle where your ranged DPS / Heals will be moving back and forth with to limit your forced movement. We will be looking to use our Infernal before or at the start of Phase 2 depending on your own personal kill times. During the other two strategies you will look to Infernal based on your Lust timings to maximize your DPS inside the Zerg window.

Opener: Pre-Cast Seed of Corruption as first wave is about to spawn.

Pre-Pot/Second Pot: Potion of Wild Magic and send pet in on Freya for a slightly higher initial Demonic Pact, and then Potion of Speed on a Detonating Lasher wave or Freya execute p2.

Metamorphosis: Pop on both Detonating Lasher waves and then p2 when off cooldown. If it is not up for second Detonating Lasher wave, look to use it during the Elemental Trio wave and Phase 2. If you are doing the full zerg strat then pop asap when on a mushroom. If zerging Freya on 2nd Ancient Conservator, then meta first lasher wave and on Freya during the 2nd Ancient Conservator wave.

Gloves Usage: On first wave, and any wave it is off cooldown for. Ideally used on Detonating Lasher waves or at least variety waves.

Boots Usage: Usually used for positioning to get to a mushroom asap or to avoid the exploding seeds in p2 when teleport is on cooldown.

The ideal strategy and best way to parse this fight is to zerg Freya on the very first wave using the mushroom buff from the Ancient Conservator. Not many guilds have performed this successfully yet, but maybe more will if you convince your raid leaders to try it! This strategy is faily simple as the fight ends in about 1 minute or so.

You will start by setting up as many debuffs and dots on Freya 5 seconds before the first wave comes out and just hope it is an Ancient Conservator. Find the nearest mushroom that the tank will drag Freya to and pop Metamorphosis/Immolation Aura and all cd’s to burn Freya asap. Consider moving to a ranged mushroom after your Immolation Aura.

The second strategy involves zerging Freya on wave 4, 5, or 6– when the 2nd Ancient Conservator spawns. This strat is similar to the full zerg on Freya, but has much more leeway on the dps required. You will Metamorphosis the first Detonating Lasher wave and use gloves depending on the RNG of waves 1-3. Attempt to have everything back up by wave 5 on average. Use all cooldowns on Freya whenever 2nd Ancient Conservator spawns.

The most common strategy that most guilds do is to just kill all 6 waves of adds in p1 and progress Freya into p2. This strategy is able to be parsed on as well, but requires some luck to have Detonating Lasher spawn only when Metamorphosis is available.

You will be hoping for a Detonating Lasher wave 1 to pop Metamorphosis/gloves on and do as much aoe as possible.

Then, hope for Detonating Lasher on wave 5 or 6 for Meta to be back up and do it all over again to steal as much damage from the rest of the raid and hopefully without killing everyone!

Perform your normal rotation on Freya in Phase 2, but consider dropping a Demonic Circle on the side where your raid is starting at to minimize movement on the exploding seeds later on.

Ideal Duration: 60s-180s

Freya is a unique fight where weapon swapping at different parts may be beneficial.

Detonating Lasher rotation:

Freya opener and rotation:

Ancient Conservator opener and rotation:

  • Immediately find a mushroom and stand under it. Try to be behind the mob to avoid parry, but this may require tank repositioning.
  • Standard single target opener and rotation unless Freya‘s health is expected to remain under 100%, in which case cleave.
  • If Ancient Conservator was previous wave then try to utilize mushroom

Encounter specific notes:

Cooldown Usage (assuming no zerg):

  1. Don’t Pre-pot
  2. Mutilate/Blade Flurry spec Glyphs: FoK/Mutilate/SnD or Bladeflurry
  3. Damage done to Freya by non-tanks before her last overheal is excluded. Damage done to Detonating Lasher is capped to 1M damage per player.
  4. Apply Instant poisons to your Titansteel Spellblade and Felstriker if you have for them for the Detonating Lasher with a weapon switch macro.
  5. Trinket swap around 13 seconds before the pull to allows your trinkets to be up for the first wave.
  6. If your guild/group has the damage and raid comp to zerg on the first or second Ancient Conservator this will greatly increase your chances of getting a higher parse of this fight. 
  7. This fight is full of RNG based off the spawn order. Ideally you want the Elemental Trio first, followed by Ancient Conservator, then Lashers
  8. Elemental Trio – In this scenario you would tricks the tank for the Snaplasher, target the Snaplasher and pop bladeflurry and your other cooldowns. Position yourself so you are hitting the other adds and not Freya. (Snaplasher has the most HP to prevent target switching earlier.
  9. Ancient Conservator – follow the tank to a mushroom for the damage buff and stay behind the mob and dodge Sunbeam. Cloak of Shadows if you need to live but should save for Detonating Lasher. (If zerging ignore the Ancient Conservator and pump into Freya, make sure you keep the mushroom buff)
  10. Detonating Lasher – Get a slice and dice up from Freya before the Detonating Lasher spawn. As the Detonating Lasher spawn and collapse on the stacked group target a Detonating Lasher, weapon swap, target a Detonating Lasher for energy regen off auto attacks, and spam FoK + Goblin Thermal Sapper Charge. Be very aware of their current health, you will want to stay near them as long as possible before sprinting/booting away for the most damage possible. Very risky but you can follow the tank doing the AoE taunt and continue to FoK spam. You will want to Cloak of Shadows with feint to ensure you don’t die for the AoE damage they do on death. Make sure to go back to your normal weapons after the lashers are dead.

Zerg (First spawn Tree)

  1. Don’t Pre-pot
  2. Trinket swap so they will not proc till 13-15 seconds into the fight.
  3. Mutilate/Blade Flurry spec Glyphs: Bladeflurry/Mutilate/SnD
  4. Attack Freya at the start to generate combo points to get SnD up.
  5. Everyone should be trying to keep damage going into Freya to keep under 99% at the start even before the Ancient Conservator spawns.
  6. Once you get the Ancient Conservator to spawn, target Freya and follow the tank to a mushroom for the damage buff.
  7. Pop all cooldowns and try to burn Freya before the next wave of adds spawn.

Glyph of Shadow
Glyph of Mind Flay
Mind Sear

Potion: Potion of Speed

Opener: Varies by wave

Freya parsing boils down to two strategies. You can either maximize Detonating Lasher damage or the raid can burn her after the first mushrooms spawn.


Stack underneath Freya with your group. Apply Shadow Word: Pain to Detonating Lasher while moving into position.

As soon as you are stacked, target Freya and channel MS to hit all of the Detonating Lasher.

There are several strategies to control the Detonating Lasher before they explode by either having someone taunt them and run away or knocking them back and stunning them. However your raid group does it, take care to move away before they die and make use of Nitro Boosts or Dispersion in an emergency.


Apply and maintain Vampiric Touch on each target if it will last the full duration. Apply Devouring Plague to the Snaplasher. Target Freya and channel MS if it will hit all three targets.


Apply/refresh DoTs on the Ancient Conservator when you are buffed by a mushroom and maintain your single-target rotation. Make use of the mushroom buff for the following wave of adds if possible.

The “burn” or “zerg” strat for Freya is to kill her on the first wave assuming it is an Ancient Conservator wave. With the use of a 50%  healing reduction ability and the damage bonus from the mushrooms it is possible to kill Freya in one minute or less.

Seal: Seal of Vengeance | Seal of Command

Glyph of Judgement
Glyph of Reckoning
Glyph of Seal of Vengeance

Glyph of Exorcism can be used here in place of Glyph of Seal of Vengeance if you do not need the expertise.

Coming Soon!

The pre-pull:

●     No pre-pull specifics regardless of whether or not you 1st Ancient Conservator phase zerg.

Detonating Lasher rotation:

●    Living Bomb and use Firestarter on add waves. Can keep a Living Bomb on Freya to cleave onto the other adds in both scenarios.

●    For Detonating Lasher (this is highly variable on your raids DPS) Throw out 3-4 Living Bombs then go into Firestarter rotation immediately.

●    If Ancient Conservator was previous wave then try to utilize mushrooms.

Elemental Trio rotation:

●    Living Bomb all targets, use a sapper, and Firestarter the entire group.

●     Counterspell a target usually water spirit or the stormlasher.

●     Don’t stand in beams

Ancient Conservator opener and rotation.

●     Immediately find a mushroom and stand under it.

●     Standard single target opener and rotation unless keeping Freya under 100%, in which case cleave

Freya opener and rotation:

●     If Ancient Conservator was previous wave then try to utilize mushroom

●     Standard single target opener and rotation, kill Freya as fast as possible.

Encounter specific notes:

●     Avoid Ground Tremor do not get spell locked under any circumstance.

●     Always use mushrooms when possible!

Cooldown Usage (assuming no zerg [if zerging then CD usage will align with other ST fights like Ignis]):

●     Use gloves on engage.

●     Use any on-use trinkets

●     Use Combustion and Apply Living Bomb

●     Use instant cast Pyroblasts or Living Bombs when moving is required. Boots and blink if for whatever reason you are required to move long distances

Flip your trinkets before the pull to ensure that they cannot proc before the first set of adds, 12 seconds in.

  • As soon as the first set of adds spawn (hopefully it’s Detonating Lasher) get ready to lay your trap down. Ensure that it pops on the adds, and not Freya herself.
  • Spam volley whenever are there are 3 or more adds alive, both on the Elemental Trio wave and the Detonating Lasher Wave.
  • Versus the Detonating Lasher, try to disengage at the last second before they die.
  • After a Ancient Conservator phase, his mushrooms persist and grant the damage buff. Aim to stand in a Mushroom as much as possible.

Glyph of Insect Swarm
Glyph of Starfall
Glyph of Starfire

Potion: Potion of Speed or Potion of Wild Magic

Opener: Varies by wave

Freya parsing boils down to two strategies. You can either maximize Detonating Lasher damage or the raid can zerg her down prematurely.

Stack underneath Freya with your group.

Cast Typhoon (if glyphed) and apply Insect Swarm to Detonating Lasher while moving into position.

As soon as you are stacked, cast Starfall and channel Hurricane.

Take care to move away before they die and make use of Nitro Boosts, Dash, and Barkskin in an emergency.

Elemental trio:
Standard single-target rotation on the Snaplasher while cleaving with Starfall if available.

Position yourself underneath a mushroom and maintain your single-target rotation on the Ancient Conservator. Make use of the mushroom buff for the following wave of adds if possible.

The “burn” or “zerg” strat for Freya is to kill her on the first wave assuming it is an Ancient Conservator wave. With the use of a 50% healing reduction ability and the damage bonus from the mushrooms it is possible to kill Freya in one minute or less.

Recommended Talents & Glyphs

60s – 180s Ideal Duration


Freya is a simple, but sometimes tedious encounter. She has several mechanics that must be respected, several positioning requirements, and some timings to meet based on your specific strategy.

Mechanics Briefing

  1. Sunbeam – Quickly move out of these, use Barkskin or Survival Instincts.
  2. Ground Tremor – This should be healed through, don’t cast during it.
  3. Nature’s Fury – Unless you can find an edge position, you must leave.
  4. Iron Roots – You can break these, but not during Freya or a wave.
  5. Eonar’s Gift – Ranged and non-combo point melee should kill these.

Pre-Pull Checklist

  • Freya herself has no pre-pull, only a wave and a zerg strategy does.
  • Before a wave or a zerg, get Savage Roar, Clearcasting, and pool energy.

The Encounter
Begin by standing beside Freya. If the Detonating Lasher or the Elemental Trio spawns in the first or second wave, perform a Swipe rotation with Berserk. Never use your first or second Berserk on an Ancient Conservator. Your second Berserk and Potion of Speed should always be used on Freya. If you’re zerging the boss alongside the second or third Ancient Conservator, all of the above still applies. If you’re zerging the boss alongside the first Ancient Conservator, then you can and should use your first Berserk on Freya. Ask your tank to ensure the backside of a mob is accessible within mushrooms.

Parsing on Freya is a combination of Swipe maximization, rotational cleanliness, raid positioning intelligence, and if possible the privilege for exclusive damage on Detonating Lasher. Innervate or Rebirth freely.

Glyph of the Ghoul
Glyph of Death and Decay
Glyph of Icy Touch

Encounter notes:


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