PvE Holy Priest Healer Rotation & Cooldowns

wotlk pve holy priest healer rotation & cooldowns

As Holy Priests, our healing abilities are all based on who is in the group with us, as well as our allies’ health.

General Healing Rotation

Low to moderate damage on a single target: Flash Heal

Moderate to high damage on a single target: Greater Heal with Serendipity stacks. If no stacks, then generate some with Flash Heal.

Binding Heal may be used in the above situations when you need to heal yourself as well.

Constant low to moderate raid damage: Use PoM (Prayer of Mending) and CoH (Circle of Healing) on cooldown. PoH (Prayer of Healing) may be used with Serendipity stacks on occasion.

Constant moderate to high raid damage: Same as above, but with a higher priority on PoH. Consider using PoH even without Serendipity if raid damage is high enough. Try to fit in Flash Heals to generate stacks when you can, which Surge of Light can be nice for.

Predictable low to moderate damage to a single target: Use Flash Heal.

Predictable moderate to high damage on a single target: Use Power Word: Shield, then follow with Flash Heal/Greater Heal.

If a Discipline Priest is present, then just Flash Heal or Greater Heal as necessary.

When to Divine Hymn?

When a few people are taking huge amounts of damage. Let your fellow healers know that you are using this ability, as it increases all healing to the targets healed by 10%.

When to Use Hymn of Hope?

When your fellow healers are getting low on mana. Stand as close as you can to them when you cast this. Make sure you let your fellow healers know when you are using this, so they can use their own abilities that benefit significantly from it (example: Divine Plea).

How Do I Cast When Using Empowered Renew Spec?

CoH and PoM on cooldown. Use Flash Heal on people who are low health if you get a proc from Surge of Light if you are talented into it. After all that, apply Renew to as many people as you can in the raid, prioritizing lower health people first.

When low on mana, stop casting in intervals of 5 seconds or more, to increase your mana regeneration. You want to use Shadowfiend at about 40-60% mana. Use mana potions when you reach 30% mana.


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