PvP Elemental Shaman Talents, Builds & Glyphs

shrine 2 for pvp elemental shaman guide

In this guide we’ll go over three different build options for PvP Elemental Shamans, each of them offering different results and targeting different aspects of gameplay. We’ll also discuss some notable Talents, and cover both Major and Minor Glyphs.

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Talent Builds

The first build is a standard damage build best played in duels or 2v2 arenas with a healer or another powerful burst caster such as a Destruction Warlock or a Frost Mage. It focuses 5 points into Thundering Strikes to offer the maximum amount of critical chance but beware the fact that if you place your Flame Shock properly, it will not affect your Lava Burst but it will empower your other abilities.  Elemental Weapons is a must-have in order to improve your Flametongue Weapon alongside Shamanistic Focus which further reduces your mana issues by reducing the costs of shock spells.

The downside of this build (which can be mitigated with high-end gear) is the fact that you do not have any points spent on Elemental Precision so you will not gain the extra hit rating but you will have both points spent on Booming Echoes.

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This build is a variation of the first build that has two points in Elemental Precision for additional hit rating. However, it does not have any points spent on Thundering Strikes, resulting in less critical chance. However, where this build shines is through the use of Water Shield, which is empowered by Improved Shields.

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This build is more targeted for battlegrounds, spending points in Restoration in order to reach Healing Focus which provides a reduction for pushback effects while also benefiting from the Totemic Focus effect. The idea behind this build is that you will provide less damage but will fit your role as a hybrid by providing “off-healing” for your teammates.

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As an Elemental Shaman, your damage comes from Lava Burst and  Chain Lightning and the filler spell Lightning Bolt making you a master of nature damage.  The elemental shaman benefits from mandatory talents such as Eye of the Storm to reduce pushback suffered while casting, Unrelenting Storm which allows mana regeneration in combat, and even while casting which is a must-have due to the Elemental Shaman’s mana problems. Storm, Earth, and Fire paired up with Lightning Mastery  is a must-have in order to allow the player to cast as many  Chain Lightning as possible while also reducing the cooldown of Lava Burst.

Totem of Wrath is going to be your new best friend as an Elemental Shaman, this fellow provides you with much-needed spell power for you and your party or raid members and it also increases the critical chance of your attacks by 3%.

The “pièce de résistance” of the Elemental Shaman is Thunderstorm, which blows all your enemies away in a circle around you while also regenerating 8% of your mana. The fun part of this spell is that you can use it while stunned so do not forget about that aspect!



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