The Storm Peaks Daily Quests

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All of the dailies in The Storm Peaks are gated behind quests, and many additional dailies unlock as you reach higher reputation with the Sons of Hodir — a significant number of the daily quests in the Storm Peaks are received from this faction and grant reputation with them. You can also play the Polar Bear Lottery here in The Storm Peaks — the dailies in Brunnhildar Village include Hyldnir Spoils in their rewards, which have a 1% chance of containing the Reins of the White Polar Bear.

How to Unlock the Storm Peaks Dailies

To unlock the dailies, start in K3 (the goblin camp in the south of the zone) with They Took Our Men! This first chain ends with Making a harness, which will unlock the chain that starts with The Last of Her Kind. This chain will let you start unlocking dailies as you complete quests in it, and finishing it will get you to Neutral with The Sons of Hodir, unlocking more chains (which in turn unlock more dailies). There is also an Alliance-only daily here that naturally requires a long Alliance quest chain that begins with On Brann’s Trail (see the end of this guide for details).

The dailies in the Storm Peaks are all available to both factions (with one exception). Therefore, quests are organized by where they can be picked up. Click a quest’s bar to see details and instructions for completion.

Walkthroughs – Storm Peak Dailies


This daily becomes available after completing a two-quest chain you get from Gino that begins with A Flawless Plan — unlike the majority of the dailies in the Storm Peaks, it doesn’t take too long to unlock. It’s also a very easy and fun quest, especially relative to some of the other dailies in this zone.

Available to Horde & Alliance

  • Quest Giver – Ricket, found outside in the northern section of K3
  • Prerequisites – Level 77, Demolitionist Extraordinaire
  • Objective – Kill 12 Garm Invaders/Snowblind Followers
  • Rewards
    • 21,600 XP
    • 6gold 80silver (19gold 76silver at level 80)

Once you accept the quest, you’ll be given Improved Land Mines — head east to where the danger signs are, and start planting mines a few meters in front of where the lasers are firing. Stack two mines in each spot, as otherwise some of the mobs for the quest will survive when the mines explode. If you want, you can also just kill the mobs with your weapon, but it isn’t nearly as fun as watching them explode.

Brunnhildar Village

All of the dailies here are offered by Gretta the Arbiter. She will offer you one of four random daily quests each day. However, she will only offer you a daily if you’ve already done the non-daily version of the quest — if you aren’t seeing a daily from her, it’s probably because you didn’t complete the initial, non-daily version of the quest she would otherwise offer that day. These are the quests that have a 1% chance of the polar bear mount in the reward.

Available to Horde & Alliance

This quest requires a fair bit of flying, as you’ve got to make your way northwest over the mountains, all the way to Valkyrion. Once there, start killing the Valkyrion Aspirants found throughout the village — they have a 50% chance of dropping the quest item you need, the Vial of Frost Oil. You’ll need 5 vials unless you get really lucky with egg-clump spawns, so try to focus on killing the aspirants ASAP if there are other players around doing the quest.

Once you’ve got enough Frost Oil, you can head to the western part of the village, where the gross-looking orange-brown pond is. It’s nasty, but it doesn’t do any damage or debuff you, so feel free to wade in. There, use the Frost Oil on clumps of eggs (right-click the oil in your inventory, then left-click on a group of eggs. Make sure you’re aiming such that you’ll hit all the eggs in the clump before using the oil.

Available to Horde & Alliance

After accepting this quest, it’s a short walk southwest to the Pit of Fang. Once there, use the Reins of the Warbear Matriarch to mount your Warbear, and then start killing bears in the pit. Make sure you are not only using all three abilities on cooldown, but also right-clicking your target so that your mount will auto-attack. You can use the stun from Charge (3) two ways: press it after using Smash (2), or use it as a gap-closer to start a fight.

You probably won’t take too much damage, but if you do, you can dismount and heal, then remount and rejoin the fray. Same with your mount — if it takes too much damage, just dismount and remount and it’ll be full health once resummoned.

Depending on how long you take to get over to the pit (and if there are other players doing the quest) it’s possible that you run out of Warbears to kill. If this happens, you can go take a break and come back, or just do another daily and then return — the bears start respawning after a few minutes.

Available to Horde & Alliance

After accepting the quest, it’s a short walk to the western side of the village, where you’ll find the entrance to the Forlorn Mine. Once inside, look for Exhausted Vrykul (the one’s sitting down) and use the Disciplining Rod while close to them (and ignore that weird feeling that maybe you’re the bad guy). Sometimes they’ll fight you instead of getting back to work, but they aren’t too much of a threat — mages can optionally Polymorph the Vrykul before hitting them with the rod to avoid getting into combat.

Available to Horde & Alliance

To complete this quest, you’ll need to defeat 6 Victorious Challengers, which can be found in two nearby groups and scattered throughout the village. They’re easy to tell apart from the other challengers, since they’re just standing around. Find one, speak to it, and then select the only dialog option (“Let’s do this, sister”) to begin fighting. Kill the challenger, and repeat 5 more times to complete the quest.

Dun Niffelem

To unlock the quests in Dun Niffelem, you’ll need to do quite a bit of pre-req work. First, complete the quest chain that starts with Last of Her Kind and ends with Mending Fences. While completing Mending Fences, you should find Slag Covered Metal while looting Stormforged Iron Giantss — right-click the Slag Covered Metal to start The Refiner’s Fire, then do that quest, and subsequently A Spark of Hope to complete the chain; this should bring your rep with the Sons of Hodir to Friendly, and you’ll be able to access the Sons of Hodir quests that unlock the following dailies.

You can also turn in any Relic of Ulduar you’ve found to Lillehoff, who is near the eastern entrance of Dun Niffelem. You can turn in 10 at a time via the quest Hodir’s Tribute, and each turn-in rewards 500 rep with The Sons of Hodir — this is a good way to gain earlier access to the dailies gated by rep.

Once you are Friendly with The Sons of Hodir, Calder (found right next to the eastern entrance) will accept any Everfrost Chip you find — inspect the first one you pick up to start Everfrost, and then you can turn in subsequent chips you find via Remeber Everfrost.

Available to Horde & Alliance

After accepting the quest from the anvil (see gallary below if you’re confused about what you’re looking for), head east, back towards where you quested to help retrieve said anvil. Your first stop is Frostfield Lake (70, 61) — here, kill Brittle Revenants until you’ve collected the 6 Essence of Ice you’ll need.

Once you’ve got the ice you need, continue further east, to the path that leads to where Fjorn’s Anvil used to be. Here you’ll find Smoldering Srap on the ground — you can spot it by the black smoke that rises from it. (73.0, 62.8) is the best place to start looking. Once you’ve found some, right-click the Essence of Ice in your inventory while near a piece of scrap, and it will cool off, allowing you to loot it for the Frozen Iron Scrap you need to complete the quest. Get 6 and you’re all done!

Available to Horde & Alliance

  • Quest Giver – Hodir’s Horn, found by the edge of the cliff in the southern section of Dun Niffelem
  • Prerequisites – Level 77, Neutral with Sons of Hodir, A Monument to the Fallen
  • Objective – Free the spirits of 5 Niffelem Forefathers and 5 Restless Frostborn
  • Rewards:
    • 22,050 XP
    • 7gold 40silver (20gold 63silver at level 80)

After accepting the quest from the horn, head east out of Dun Niffelem and then head north once you get to Frostfield Lake. Continue to about (71, 53), where you’ll find a frozen battlefield. Wandering amongst the battling icicles are large spirits (Niffelem Forefathers) and smaller spirits (Restless Frostborn Ghost/Warrior).

Pull one of the quest mobs from the edge of the battlefield (you don’t want to pull more than one) and kill it. Then, target the corpse of the quest mob and use the Hodir’s Horn you received when you accepted the quest. This will free the spirit — do this 5 times for each type of mob (large and small), to complete the quest.

Available to Horde & Alliance

After accepting the quest from the helm, head southwest out of Dun Niffelem, to the Hibernal Cave — the entrance is at (55.9, 64.1). Inside you’ll find the Viscous Oils, which thankfully have a 100% drop rate of the Viscous Oil you need for the quest. There is a fork in the cave a few meters in — it’s best to go straight (right) instead of left, as the left-hand fork has a lot of non-quest mobs in a clump.

One issue players can run into is that if you have Culling Jormutter (formerly Jormuttar is Soo Fat…) in your quest log, you may not be able to see the viscous oils. Complete or abandon the quest involving Jormuttar in order to complete A Viscous Cleaning.

Available to Horde & Alliance

Do this quest with Feeding Arngmrim, if available, since you’ll encounter Roaming Jormungar while completing Spy Hunter.

After picking up the quest from the denmother, head west into the Valley of Ancient Winters, and continue to (57.2, 64.0), where you’ll find the Corpse of the Fallen Worg. At the corpse, use the Ethereal Worg’s Fang you received for the quest, and an Ethereal Frostworg will spawn and start wandering the valley — follow it, keeping it safe from all the worms it will almost certainly aggro, and eventually it should uncover a Stormforged Infiltrator.

To make this quest easier, toggle your walk key before using the quest item to slow down the Ethereal Frostworg. Since uncovering the infiltrator is simply time-gated rather than related to how much ground the worg covers, this will limit the number of extra mobs it pulls before you can kill the quest mob. This quest can take a while, since you’ll have to do this three times in total to complete your objectives.

Available to Horde & Alliance

  1. Quest Giver – Hodir’s Spear, which hangs above the center of Dun Niffelem
  2. Prerequisites – Level 77, Honored with Sons of Hodir, Forging Hodir’s Spear (formerly Raising Hodir’s Spear)
  3. Objective – Slay a Wild Wyrm after using the Spear of Hodir on it
  4. Rewards
    • 27,550 XP
    • 14gold 80silver (31gold 33silver at level 80)

After accepting the quest from the spear, head southwest out of Dun Niffelem, into the Valley of Ancient Winters. Look up into the sky and head towards the closest Wild Wyrm, then target it and use the Spear of Hodir. After a brief animation, you’ll find yourself gripping the underside of the wyrm, and you’ll have 4 abilities as if you were on a quest mount. This fight has two phases, and you’ll want to use different rotations in each phase. Phase 2 begins when you find yourself in the wyrm’s mouth (it will be obvious).

  • Phase 1 – Alternate pressing 1 and 3 until you get a warning about a claw attack — press 2 to avoid the claw attack, then press ‘4’.
  • Phase 2 – Spam 1 until you have at least 6 stacks, then press 3.

It’s worth noting that since the wyrm’s attacks are all % max HP, there’s no reason not to do this quest naked, the way all true Northrend warriors fight wyrms (a Loremaster told me, so it must be true).

Available to Horde & Alliance

  1. Quest Giver – Arngrim the Insatiable, found above the eastern entrance to Dun Niffelem.
  2. Prerequisites – Level 77, Revered with Sons of Hodir, Forging Hodir’s Spear (formerly Raising Hodir’s Spear)
  3. Objective – Feed 5 Disembodied Jormungar to Argrim’s spirit
  4. Rewards
    • 22,050 XP
    • 7gold 40silver (20gold 63silver at level 80)

Do this quest alongside Spy Hunter, if available.

After accepting the quest from the frozen image of Arngrim, head southwest out of Dun Niffelem, into the Valley of Ancient Winters. You’re looking for Roaming Jormungar, not Ravenous Jormungar — turning on NPC names makes it easier to find the correct quest mobs. Once you’ve found a Roaming Jormungar, use the quest item Arngrim’s Tooth while targeting the Jormungar, and it will turn in Jormungar into a “Disembodied Jormungar” that you can then attack. You need to get it to around 10% HP, and then Arngrim’s spirit will swoop in and consume the spectral Jormungar.

The only real difficulty that can arise with this quest is that if your character is too powerful, and you’re killing the quest mobs too quickly, Arngrim’s spirit won’t be able to feast! If this happens, you have a few options: You can equip a crummy weapon (think fishing pole, foam sword, etc). If that’s not an option, you can die (don’t forget to get naked first), and the resurrection sickness debuff will make it easier to keep the mobs alive long enough for Arngrim to munch on ’em. Finally, if you’re doing Spy Hunter at the same time as this quest, you may be able to get your spectral worg to DPS down the Jormungar for you.

Frosthold (Alliance Only)

There’s only one daily here, and like most of the dailies in The Storm Peaks, it has prereqs that include a long quest chain that ends up in the Halls of Lightning instance. It begins with On Brann’s Trail and ends with The brothers Bronzebeard. Additionally, you must also complete The Reckoning to unlock Pushed Too Far. Notably, this is the only repeatable task that lets you gain rep with The Frostborn.

Alliance-only quest

After accepting the quest, you’ll automatically be put on a Stormcrest Eagle, and you can use it to fly northeast to the area north of Brunnhildar Village. The ‘1’ ability on the eagle (Storm Bolt) does a ton of damage and stuns, and it should only take a few Storm Bolts and Swoops (the ‘2’ key ability) to kill each Wyrm. The eagle is slow, so if you’d prefer to just get there quickly, you can ditch the mount — it’s possible to kill plenty of the Stormpeak Wyrms from the ground, and as long as you kill them in the questing zone, it will count towards your objective.

If there’s a lot of competition for quest mobs, try the area southeast of Brunnhildar village — it’s a smaller zone with less mobs, but is therefore less contested.

We hope this guide on The Storm Peaks Daily Quests was helpful! If you have suggestions for improvements or strategies you’d like to share, please do so in the comments below.


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