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Welcome to our guide for the mystical Darkmoon Faire in WotLK Classic! The Darkmoon Faire is available for a week out of every month, starting on the first Sunday of the month. Every time it’s up, the faire will take place in a different zone, rotating between Mulgore, Elwynn Forest, and Terokkar Forest.

At the fairgrounds, you’ll find a selection of NPCs offering their services as vendors, as well as hosting various mini-games.

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Where is the Darkmoon Faire?

The Darkmoon Faire can be found in the following locations:

Darkmoon Cards

Cards are the main draw of the faire, allowing players the chance to turn in their full decks for various rewards. Cards can either be crafted by scribes, or, for the level 60 and 70 versions, found from various dungeon bosses.

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Darkmoon Card can be made at 275 Inscription and creates a random Darkmoon Card. Collecting a full set, one through eight, allows you to create the corresponding deck.

Greater Darkmoon Card can be made at 325 Inscription and creates a random Greater Darkmoon Card. Collecting a full set, one through eight, allows you to create the corresponding deck.

Darkmoon Card of the North can be made at 400 Inscription and creates a random Darkmoon Card of the north. Collecting a full set, one through eight, allows you to create the corresponding deck.

The Fortune Teller

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Sayge, who players may remember fondly from the early days of Classic, provides a fortune and a buff to players. These buffs are based on the answers you give Sayge, but these buffs do not stick around in raids, so none of them are worth worrying about currently. Players leveling alts, on the other hand, may want to grab a buff for that.

  • 10% Bonus Damage – Answer with 1, 1
  • 10% Bonus Strength – Answer with 3, 2
  • 10% Bonus Agility – Answer with 3, 3
  • 10% Bonus Intelligence – Answer with 2, 2 or 4, 1
  • 10% Bonus Spirit – Answer with 2, 1 or 4, 2
  • 10% Bonus Stamina – Answer with 3, 1
  • 10% Bonus Armor – Answer with 1, 3 or 4, 3
  • 25 to All Resistances – Answer with 1, 2 or 2, 3

Along with these buffs, Sayge will give players a fortune. Unlike previous expansions, some of these fortunes provide a quest, rewarding players with a Mysterious Lockbox. These quests are Your Fortune Awaits You… and require players to visit one of four locations — Eastvale Logging Camp in Elwynn Forest, the Deadmines, the Wailing Caverns, or Palemane Rock in Mulgore.


The Darkmoon Faire offers 3 unique Frog companion pets: the Wood Frog Box, the Tree Frog Box, and Jubling’s Tiny Home.

Wood Frog and Tree Frog

The first two frogs are the easiest. Find Flik, he’s a small orc child running around the fairgrounds, chasing a frog. If you can catch up to him and talk to him, he will sell players the Tree Frog Box for 1 gold, the Wood Frog Box for 1 gold in limited supply, and Heavy Leather Balls, which are a fun nuisance that you can throw to other players. The Wood Frog Box has a restock timer of around 20 minutes, so you will have to get lucky.

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Jubling Frog

The third frog, Jubling, requires a bit more. To start, you will need several Dark Iron Ale Mugs, which can be bought from Plugger Spazzring in Blackrock Depths. Consider bringing more than you think you’ll need, just to be on the safe side.

Find Morja at the fairgrounds, she is an orc woman standing by a caravan. Place one of your mugs on the ground next to her and wait. You want Jubjub to reach the mug, which can take some time. Once Jubjub has returned to Morja, she will offer the player the quest Spawn of Jubjub. Jubjub may not be close to Morja, in which case you will need to lure him over from where ever you find him, using more mugs.

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To finish the quest, simply give Morja a Dark Iron Ale Mug. The quest rewards players with Unhatched Jubling Egg, which, after being carried for seven days, will hatch into Jubling’s Tiny Home!


Of course, the Darkmoon Faire also offers mini-games. The two games offered are the Tonk Battle, and Maxima Blastenheimer‘s Blastenheimer 5000 Ultra Cannon.

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The Tonk Battle is fairly simple: use a Tonk Control Console to spawn a remote-controlled Steam Tonk for 5-minutes. Use the Steam Tonks abilities to defeat other players’ tonks and then gloat over your well-earned victory.

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The human cannonball, on the other hand, is more straight-forward, but significantly more difficult. You want to load yourself into the completely safe Blastenheimer 5000 Ultra Cannon and shoot yourself toward a target in the distance. If you land in the target, your prize is survival. If you miss, you die. Easy!

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Darkmoon Faire Tickets

The Darkmoon Faire comes complete with its own currency, Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets. These tickets are earned by turning in profession materials at the faire. Each type of materials has 5 tiers of turn-ins, giving an escalating amount of Prize Tickets, as well as 250 Darkmoon Faire reputation.

Tier 1
1 Ticket
Tier 2
4 Tickets
Tier 3
8 Tickets
Tier 4
12 Tickets
Tier 5
20 Tickets
Kerri Hicks
Animal Parts
Yebb Neblegear

These tickets can be traded with Gelvas Grimegate for various items. Most of these items aren’t very relevant, or worth worrying about, except for two. The Amulet of the Darkmoon and Orb of the Darkmoon rewards, exchanged for 1200 Tickets each, are solid items, though almost entirely obsolete at this point.

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And that’s about it for the Darkmoon Faire. There aren’t any achievements, and, outside of the decks, there is nothing especially relevant for level 80 characters. Still, the Darkmoon Faire is an iconic mainstay of World of Warcraft that many players love to visit every month.


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