wotlk pve bm rotation

There isn’t much to examine for this spec’s rotation, but this is for a reason: Beast Master Hunter has one of the lowest skill floors out of all specs in the game.

Single Target Rotation

  1. Kill Command – This ability is off the global cooldown and as such should be used on cooldown, you can do this automatically if you read the macro section of our guide
  2. Bestial Wrath – Use on cooldown, or if expecting to be Crowd Controlled, delay it a bit and use it before that
  3. Kill Shot – Use when targets are under 20% HP
  4. Multi Shot – Only if you can spare the mana, otherwise skip multi-shot on a single target (but always use it on multiple targets)
  5. Serpent Sting -Try keeping the debuff up, but don’t sacrifice uptime on it if the other shots are not on cooldown, they always have priority
  6. Steady Shot
  7. Arcane Shot – Only use arcane shot under 435 armor pen rating

Area of Effect Rotation

Just volley is all you have to really worry about, your explosive trap does not do a lot of damage and your volley being ”faster” than usual due to the serpent swiftness talent is one of the few good things you have for AoE as a BM Hunter. An explosive trap is only worth putting down before combat starts, when a boss has not been activated yet.

Note: if you can get 8% hit you do not need to spec into Focused Aim, you can use this opportunity to put a point into aimed shot to save some mana on a single target. (This will mean you replace multi Shot with an aimed shot on a single target).


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I'm Jamie I have played WotLK since launch in 2008, until its demise when the lich died, after Cata and MoP I was done with retail and rekindled that spark in 2015 til 2022. Which means I've spent give or take ~10 years on this expansion alone. I've always played hardcore - going for either realm firsts or higher. I stream on https://www.twitch.tv/jamielolx2 sometimes for 100 hours in a row during Wrath once it releases. Currently playing in Avatar on Earthshaker EU, Knokploeg on Gehennas EU and Instinct on Faerlina-US preparing for another dose of fresh wrath. I've played 28 specs - missing feral and enhancement but have a slight forte towards healers and ranged DPS.
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