Arcane Mage Pve Rotation, Cooldowns, And Abilities (wotlk)

Arcane Mage has a fairly simple rotation. However, there are small tricks you can use to maximize your damage, and some generally important things to keep in mind. Moreover, it’s a really fun rotation that produces massive, massive crits!

Single Target Rotation

Arcane Mage DPS is frontloaded — this means that most of your damage will be in the first 30 seconds of a fight, through your cooldowns. Your goal will be to end the fight with 0 mana left; if you had left-over mana when the fight ended, then you could have done more damage. This means you can deviate from the normal rotation depending on the length of the fight.

Your normal rotation will consist of 4 Arcane Blasts to build up our stacks, followed by Arcane Missiles. Our goal is to use Arcane Missiles while we have Missile Barrage up after the 4th Arcane Blast. If you get unlucky with Missile Barrage procs, then you can cast more Arcane Blasts until you get the proc or cast Arcane Missiles.

Your mana conserving rotation will consist of 3 Arcane Blasts followed by Arcane Missiles, or using Arcane Missiles whenever you get a Missile Barrage proc. If you find your mana management to be a massive issue, you can also choose to spec into Arcane Barrage.

During your burst window with the change to Presence of Mind and Arcane Power we’ll now use 3 Arcane Blasts then Presence of Mind into a 4th Arcane Blast, followed by all your other cooldowns (see the Stat Priority section’s Haste subsection for an explanation), and then Arcane Missiles. Afterwards you’ll follow the normal rotation. For our second use of Presence of Mind you can use it in combination with Arcane Missiles due to the talent Arcane Potency.

You want to use Presence of Mind in the opener because of your cloak & trinket procs — stacking them is generally better than using them separately. You can use the following macro to help with using your cooldowns:

For our potion cooldown, we will want to pre-pot before the encounter begins and then pop another one once the cooldown is over.

Area of Effect Rotation 

For AoE pulls (3+ mobs) the best rotation for an Arcane Mage will be as follows:

Rank 9 Flamestrike -> Rank 8 Flamestrike -> max rank Blizzard, repeat from the start.

Against moving targets that won’t stay in Flamestrike / Blizzard, use max rank Arcane Explosion / Cone of Cold.

If there is a priority target, it comes down to us to focus it down and kill it, as other classes have better AoE than us.


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Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey
17 days ago

Thanks for this great guide!

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