wotlk classic pve balance druid talents, builds & glyphs

Boomkins don’t have a whole lot of talent options — most of our talents are pretty straightforward, and thus it’s hard to deviate from the “standard” build.


The only real changes you could make to your talents would be to take some points out of Balance of Power as you obtain more hit, putting them into many of the mana recovery talents, or into Genesis or https://wowclassicdb.com/wotlk/spell/48514 for a little DPS boost if you aren’t having mana issues.



Similarly to talents, our Glyphs are pretty straightforward — you won’t really want to deviate from this standard configuration.

With Ulduar out you can swap Glyph of Focus with https://wowclassicdb.com/wotlk/item/40916 if you so choose. Trash packs aren’t so close together and fights like General Vezax require you to cast further away than the 21-yard cast range.
Your raid leader also may require you to drop https://wowclassicdb.com/wotlk/item/40919. If this is the case swap in https://wowclassicdb.com/wotlk/item/40916.

Major Glyphs

Glyph of Focus 



Minor Glyphs

Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth

Glyph of the Wild

Glyph of Dash


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8 months ago

Out of curiosity, why Glyph of Dash instead of Glyph of Typhoon? A larger area and reduced cost to an effective AOE seem quite good, especially since the glyph removes the knockback (meaning the targets will spend longer in contact with the Typhoon). Is there a specific reasoning behind this?

7 months ago

Wondering why don’t you take glyph of starfall

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