PvP Restoration Shaman Guide Talents & Builds

wotlk pvp restoration shaman talents builds

We will be discussing three distinct Restoration Shaman talent builds which will be useful for different situations, with some of them shining more in battlegrounds and open world scenarios, with others designed specifically for arenas and duels.

Your main healing spells as a Restoration Shaman are Healing Wave, Lesser Healing Wave, and Chain Heal. These spells come into play depending on the gravity of the situation you are facing, and are boosted by different talents – all of which we will be showcasing in the builds below. 

Important to note: Riptide and Earth Shield are two abilities that will be present in all of the builds, meant to be spammed on cooldown.

One talent which is worth considering for any situation is the Nature’s Guardian. It is a wonderful talent that can save your life in clutch situations – if your health pool is dropping low, it automatically increases your maximum health points by a percentage, depending on how many points you have in it. So, remember to not panic even if your health gets low.

The First Build (Lesser Healing Wave Focus)

The first build revolves around the Lesser Healing Wave, upgrading it to its utmost proficiency by focusing on the high critical strike rating and talents that increase it further, such as Thundering Strikes.

It is a build best used for arenas, making most use of talent points spent into the enhancement path, like the Shamanistic Focus and Toughness. We will also make sure to max out Totemic Focus instead of Improved Healing Wave, since the build itself will not be using the Healing Wave and relying on instant casts, as well as the fast cast time of Lesser Healing Wave. We will further lean into this specialization with our critical strike rating and haste.

This build also relies on the use of the Water Shield, maximizing its power by investing into Improved Shields and Improved Water Shield.

The Second Build (Healing Wave Focus)

As a contrast, the Second build revolves more around the use of the Healing Wave and talents which boost its power, such as Improved Healing Wave and Healing Way. This build likewise makes use of the upgraded Water Shield by investing into Improved Shields and Improved Water Shield. However, keep in mind that you will be far less resilient with this build due to the lack of points spent into Toughness.

The Third Build (Chain Heal Focus)

The third build specializes in Chain Heal and is best used during battlegrounds or open-world PvP scenarios where you are not a direct target or otherwise sitting in the front line. It makes use of the Improved Chain Heal talent and a high critical strike rating from both Thundering Strikes and Tidal Mastery. It also benefits from a high mana pool granted by Ancestral Knowledge.

However, it suffers from the lack of MP5 (mana per 5 seconds) regen we would have otherwise gotten from the Improved Shields and Improved Water Shield. It is best used when playing a support area-of-effect healer who sits in the backline. It does not have a very strong applicability in duels or arenas.


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