PvP Discipline Priest Best Professions

wotlk pvp discipline priest best professions

Professions are a crucial part of your World of Warcraft character, having a potential to offer a large boost to your damage, healing, or survivability, while also helping you generate some gold.

This section will cover some of your best options for professions as a Discipline Priest.

Best Professions

Professions listed in this section are the optimal choices for PvP.

There is no surprise that Engineering is the best profession for PvP, considering all the cool gadgets that you gain access to.

Engineering gives you a multitude of powerful accessories, ranging from enhancing effects such as Hyperspeed Accelerators, to offensive gadgets like Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket, and even some cool escape and maneuverability gadgets!

There is no standard main enchantment for a Discipline Priest, since both Hyperspeed Accelerators and Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket provide solid bonuses, with the only difference being made by your playstyle and your personal choice. Hyperspeed Accelerators comes with a very strong Haste bonus, available every 48 seconds and lasting 12 seconds. This enchantment is extremely useful for situations where you will be required to overheal your ally or yourself.

On the other hand, Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket gets you an offensive tool, able to be used every 45 seconds. This enchant is better for players that prefer to aid their allies with an offensive playstyle, helping them burst down their enemies as fast as possible.

Additionally, as an Engineer you have access to the Nitro Boosts boots enchant, passively gaining +24 crit rating and getting an on-use effect which massively increases your speed for 5 seconds, allowing you to chase down your targets or execute an effective escape on the spot. However, keep in mind that Nitro Boosts are not accessible in arenas!

Finally, just like in previous expansions, Engineers can use powerful explosives such as Saronite Bombs and Global Thermal Sapper Charges which can be used to improve your burst!

Jewelcrafting is an extremely helpful profession for most classes/specs. Not only do you gain access to powerful, Jewelcrafter-unique gems, but you also get to sell these gems to others, granting you a steady income, depending on your server’s economy.

The main benefit of Jewelcrafting is the Jewelcrafter-unique gems, Dragon’s Eye, which are more powerful than regular gems but are limited to 3 equipped at a time. The main one you’ll be crafting as a Priest is Mystic Dragon’s Eye, resulting in a +42 resilience bonus compared to using regular epic gems.

Jewelcrafting proves to be the best profession for raw stats bonus — keep in mind that stats are one of the most important criteria in PvP.

Blacksmiths can add 2 extra gem sockets to their gear — 1 on wrists, and 1 on hands. Socketing Mystic King’s Amber into them translates into a +40 resilience bonus.

Moreover, Blacksmithing allows you to craft some good gear that can be used by other players, which is especially useful early on in the expansion or when their character is a freshly-dinged level 80. You can sell this gear directly in the trade chat, or you can place it on the auction house.

Blacksmithing also lets you craft and trade useful materials, such as different types of rods for Enchanters or even tools like keys that can be used to open lockboxes, chests, and doors.

Yet, apart from raw stat bonuses and some early crafted gear, Blacksmithing does not give you any special PvP advantage.

Useful Professions

The following professions are considered viable but offer a lesser benefit compared to the best professions above, so they’re not recommended. However, if you’re not focused on making your character 100% optimized, you can use any of these just fine.

As a Tailor, you gain access to the Lightweave Embroidery cloak enchant, a proc which gives you +295 spell power for 15 seconds with a 45-second internal cooldown. This is the highest bonus you can gain from any profession. However, since the bonus is based on a proc, it is not reliable.

Tailoring also grants you access to Frostweave Net, a neat item that can be used to snare any melee threat!

Apart from Lightweave Embroidery and Frostweave Net, Tailoring lets you craft a powerful starting PvP set — Frostsavage. As a freshly-dinged level 80 character, these items will be extremely valuable. Alternatively, you will be able to sell this equipment to make quite a profit from it!

As an Alchemist, you gain access to the Mixology passive effect, which increases the effectiveness of flasks and elixirs you consume, but only if you can craft them yourself. This results in a +47 Spell Power increase when using Flask of the Frost Wyrm, our preferred flask. This bonus is on par with the bonuses provided by the other professions, however, it can not be used in Arenas.

Alchemy can be extremely useful for PvP, offering access to a large number of potions with varying effects that can give you an instant edge in combat.

Alchemy can be considered the best profession for gold generation, especially when you consider how many flasks, elixirs, and potions are in constant demand. Alchemists, just like in TBC, can also acquire a sub-specialization, which offers even more opportunities to make some extra gold.

As a Leatherworker you gain access to the Fur Lining – Spell Power bracer enchant, which offers an extra +46 spell power increase over the standard enchant available to everyone, Enchant Bracers – Superior Spellpower. This bonus ties with Enchanting, but is, strictly speaking, worse than the +40 resilience bonus that Blacksmithing offers.

With Leatherworking, you will also be capable of creating powerful gear that will provide you with a steady income when selling it on the Auction House.

As an Enchanter you gain access to the Enchant Ring – Greater Spellpower, which you can apply to both of your rings for a modest +46 spell power bonus. This is definitely helpful, however, you will want to prioritize stacking resilience over spell power in your gem sockets, which means that you will lose resilience if you pick Enchanting.

Aside from its special bonus, Enchanting can be considered one of the most useful professions along with Alchemy. It comes with many opportunities to craft materials and scrolls which you can put in the auction house, or to offer your services to other players via direct interaction.

As a Scribe, you gain access to the Master’s Inscription of the Storm shoulder enchant, which provides a +47 spell power increase over the standard enchant available to everyone, Inscription of Dominance. However, we will have to trade the +15 resilience bonus granted by the standard enchantment for a +15 increased critical strike chance.

Scribes also get to make Glyphs & Scrolls, providing a nice source of income in addition to our powerful enchantment.

Sub-Par Professions

The following professions do not offer any Healing-increasing benefits and are thus not considered viable for a Discipline Priest in PvP.

Herbalists gain the Lifeblood active skill, which heals you for 3600 over 5 seconds, with a 3-minute cooldown. Considering that we are a healer, we have no use for Lifeblood.

On the flip side, Herbalism is one of the strongest professions for gold generation, as herbs are used in both Alchemy and Inscription, and thus are always in demand. This makes it a good profession to have on an alt, particularly a Druid!

Miners gain access to the Toughness passive, which offers a +60 stamina boost. The raw stamina buff is not useful for a Discipline Priest.

On the other hand, Mining is an extremely profitable profession — you can either sell the materials at the Auction House or trade them to crafters!

Skinners gain access to the Master of Anatomy passive, which offers a +40 crit rating boost. This is weaker than all of the other professions mentioned on this list, but at least it’s something.

Skinning is generally not that good at gold generation either, so it’s not a great profession pick overall.


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