The Forge of Souls Dungeon Guide

frozen halls the forge of souls dungeon guide

The Forge of Souls is the first in a series of three dungeons known as the Frozen Halls. These dungeons open with the Icecrown Citadel raid in Phase 4 of Wrath of the Lich King as the last dungeons of the expansion. The Forge of Souls must be completed to start the quest chain that unlocks the other two wings of the Frozen Halls, Pit of Saron and Halls of Reflection.

These three dungeons were designed as catchup dungeons, with significantly better loot than you’ll find in other level 80 5-mans. The heroic versions also have a chance to drop the Wow Alliance CrestBattered Hilt/Battered Hilt, a tradeable item which starts a questline for a very strong epic weapon.

 This guide will serve as a walkthrough for The Forge of Souls, including information about the trash, bosses, quests, achievements, and loot you’ll find inside. But first we’ll tell you how to enter the dungeon.

the forge of souls load screen
The Forge of Souls loading screen

How to Enter the Forge of Souls

Before you head to the Forge of Souls for the first time, you’ll probably want to start the quest chain that will unlock the other two dungeons. Find Dark Ranger Vorel patrolling near the Horde side bank in Dalaran. She offers the quest Wow Alliance CrestInside the Frozen Citadel/Inside the Frozen Citadel.

The easiest way to get to the Forge of Souls will be through the Dungeon Finder. In order to queue for the normal version of the instance, you will need to be at least level 80. For heroic, your gear’s average item level must be at least 180.

To get to the Forge of Souls entrance you’ll have to fly to Icecrown Citadel near the bottom of the Icecrown zone map. The Frozen Halls dungeon entrances are in the side of the fortress through a doorway that is accessible from one of the ramparts. You must be able to fly to reach this door on your own, but there is a summoning stone inside. There are no nearby flight paths so your best bet is to fly directly from Dalaran.

The Forge of Souls is the first door on the left. You’ll have to click on the portcullis gate to pass through the dungeon portal.

Dungeon Preparation

The minimum level to enter The Forge of Souls on normal mode is 78. You must be level 80 to enter heroic mode or to queue for either mode in the Dungeon Finder. The dungeon is designed for level 80 characters.

As soon as you enter the Forge of Souls, you’ll see either Wow Alliance CrestLady Jaina Proudmoore or Lady Sylvanas Windrunner. Speak to them to turn in the quest you picked up from Dark Ranger Vorel and start the next one. You’ll need to continue this questline if you want to unlock the other two dungeons.

wotlk frozen halls the forge of souls dungeon map
The Forge of Souls map

You’ll follow the winding path through the dungeon, encountering two bosses along the way: Bronjahm and Devourer of Souls. After defeating Bronjahm, the quest giver you met at the entrance of the dungeon will enter the room and you’ll be able to turn in that quest and pick up the next one, which will take you to the Pit of Saron dungeon. The entrance to the Pit of Saron is right behind the Devourer of Souls. It will place you just inside the entrance of that dungeon, so you can leave that way if you wish.

The Forge of Souls Quests

The Forge of Souls Achievements

Trash Mobs

All trash mobs in the Forge of Souls are either humanoid or undead.


Boss Encounters

There are two bosses in The Forge of Souls: Bornjahm and Devourer of Souls. Both are required to complete the dungeon as well as to complete the quest that unlocks Pit of Saron and Halls of Reflection.


Bornjahm is in the middle of the third platform you’ll reach in the center of the Forge of Souls. He must be defeated in order to continue further into the dungeon.

Bronjahm’s title (“Godfather of Souls”) and some of his loot are references to the real-world soul singer James Brown and his songs.

wotlk frozen halls forge of souls bronjahm


  • Shadow Bolt: Bronjahm only casts this if the tank is outside his melee rage.
  • Magic’s Bane: Bronjahm’s basic attack, which he’ll cast throughout the fight. It deals damage in a cone in front of him.
  • Corrupt Soul: Bronjahm will cast this on a random player. After 4 seconds, a Corrupted Soul Fragment will spawn wherever the target is standing. If this soul fragment reaches the boss, it will heal him with Consume Soul.
  • Soulstorm: Bronjahm will teleport to the center of the room and begin channeling this spell when he reaches 35% health. It creates a whirlwind of energy around the room that deals damage and slows movement speed by 50%. This ability lasts until Bronjahm is killed.
  • Fear: Bronjahm will cast this periodically during Soulstorm, causing a member of your party to run out into the storm area.

The Fight

Everyone but the tank should stand behind the boss due to his Magic’s Bane attack. It deals damage in a cone and does extra damage to mana users.

Bronjahm will periodically cast Corrupt Soul throughout the fight. After 4 seconds, the target will spawn a Corrupted Soul Fragment that will heal the boss if it reaches him. To prevent this, whoever is targeted should run away from the boss so that the fragment has some distance to travel before it reaches Bronjahm. The tank can also kite him away from it. Prioritize killing these soul fragments. They can also be crowd controlled.

At 35% health, Bronjahm will teleport to the middle of the room and begin casting Soulstorm. Stack on top of the boss to avoid taking damage from the storm. He’ll also start casting Fear on random players. Anyone who gets feared into the storm will need some quick healing. Tremor Totem and Fear Ward should work here as well.


Soul Power: To earn this achievement, you will need to kite the boss around his room and crowd control the Corrupted Soul Fragments until you have 4 of them. Then burn down the boss. This achievement must be completed on heroic difficulty.

Devourer of Souls

Devourer of Souls waits at the very end of the dungeon. She must be defeated to complete the dungeon. Killing this boss is also an objective of the quest Wow Alliance CrestEchoes of Tortured Souls/Echoes of Tortured Souls, which unlocks the other two Frozen Halls dungeons.

If you recall the Reliquary of Souls in the Black Temple raid, this boss will feel like a bit of a throwback. The loot she drops includes several items that are references to that boss.

wotlk frozen halls forge of souls devourer of souls
Devourer of Souls


  • Phantom Blast: The Devourer of Souls casts this on the tank as its main attack whenever it’s not doing anything else. It can and should be interrupted as much as possible.
  • Well of Souls: The Devourer of Souls will leap to a random player and leave a purple circle on the ground that will deal a lot of damage to anyone who stands in it. Each one lasts for 15 seconds.
  • Mirrored Soul: The Devourer of Souls will periodically cast this on a random player. While the debuff is active, any damage that is done to the boss will also be done to the mirrored player.
  • Unleashed Souls: The Devourer of Souls will summon a bunch of souls that can’t be fought and will deal a high amount of damage to your party. They can be kited until they despawn if the damage is too great to heal through.
  • Wailing Souls: The Devourer of Souls will target a random player with this debuff, and after about four seconds she’ll unleash a beam of damage in their direction. This beam will move and cover a 90 degree swath of the room in either direction over 15 seconds. This ability deals a high amount of damage.

The Fight

The boss will constantly cast Phantom Blast on the tank, which can do a lot of damage if it lands multiple times in a row. It should be interrupted as much as possible. It can also be reflected back at the boss with a warrior’s Spell Reflection.

She’ll cast Well of Souls periodically throughout the fight, leaping to a random player and leaving a purple circle on the ground. Stay out of these circles to avoid taking a high amount of constantly ticking damage.

The Devourer of Souls also casts three other spells which will be announced in the middle of your screen. Each of these needs to be handled in a specific way:

“Devourer of Souls begins to cast Mirrored Soul!” means that one of your party members is going to be taking a percentage of any damage that is done to the boss until Mirrored Soul ends. You should stop all DPS when this is up or you may kill your teammate. This debuff will show up as a red line between the boss and the person targeted. When the red line disappears, it’s safe to DPS again. Any ability that completely drops threat should remove the debuff, including Feign Death, Invisibility, Cloak of Shadows, Divine Shield, Vanish, and Ice Block. A PVP trinket or the Escape Artist or Will to Survive will also work.

“Devourer of Souls begins to Unleash Souls!” means that your entire party is going to be attacked by spirits that can’t be targeted. These spirits do a lot of damage, so you may need to kite them until they despawn.

“Devourer of Souls begins to cast Wailing Souls!” means that someone in your group has been targeted for a beam attack, and you should run away from them so you aren’t standing in it. This beam will sweep a quarter of the room over 15 seconds, so get behind the boss and stay there. It’s a good idea to stand fairly close to the boss throughout the encounter so that you can easily run through her to escape this attack.

If you run into trouble, note that the boss can be reset by running down the stairs at the front of her room.


Three Faced: To earn this achievement, you’ll need at least two people in your party who can interrupt spells. The boss will cast Phantom Blast frequently and it has a two-second cast time. Interrupt every cast and kill the boss. This achievement must be completed on heroic difficulty.

The Forge of Souls Loot


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