PvP Elemental Shaman Best Arena Comps

flame elementals for pvp elemental shaman guide

Your arena team’s comp (short for composition, also known as “setup”, meaning the classes of the team’s members) plays a very big role in whether you’re victorious, or you struggle to win games. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that some comps are simply better than others, and some just won’t work — you won’t get very far in a 2v2 arena team comprised of 2 healers, for example.

This guide lists some of the strongest comps for Elemental Shamans in Wrath of the Lich King, in both the 2v2 and 3v3 formats. We will additionally rank these comps based on how powerful they are — but keep in mind that a good player can succeed with a weaker comp.

Comps listed as “best” will generally perform very well and are considered viable at high ratings. “Good” comps can compete at high ratings, but they may require more effort and better communication in order to succeed. “Decent” comps can definitely win games, but they struggle versus stronger comps.


Elemental Shamans perform best when paired with other caster DPS — these types of teams are usually called “caster cleaves”. This is because we have incredibly high burst damage, but lack consistent crowd control tools, so we shine when paired with specs that can make up for those weaknesses, like Wow Warlock Icon Destruction Warlocks and WoW Druid Icon Restoration Druids.

Another major weakness is our lack of a healing reduction effect, like Mortal Strike. Thus we pair well with WoW Warrior Icon Arms Warriors and Wow Rogue Icon Subtlety Rogues, who can effortlessly apply a healing reduction debuff. On the other hand, our high burst damage means that we can kill players before they even get a chance to be healed, eliminating the need for such a debuff — hence other bursty specs, like Wow Warlock Icon Destruction Warlocks and Wow Mage Icon Frost Mages make for some of our best partners.

2v2 Comps




3v3 Comps





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