Wow Twitter Confirms Classic Wsg & Av Launch On December 10th

WoW Twitter confirms Classic WSG & AV launch on December 10th

In an update on Twitter the World of Warcraft team has confirmed the release date for Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley in WoW Classic as Tuesday December 10th. Winter is coming…this December in #WorldofWarcraft — World of Warcraft (@Warcraft) December 4, 2019

Blizzard Decreases Range Of In Game Combat Log

Blizzard Decreases Range of In-Game Combat Log

Today Blizzard has decrease the range of the in-game combat log to be closer to the original values from patch 1.12. This change directly impacts an addon called “Spy” that was using the combat log in order to detect enemy players that were much further away than they should have been able to detect them.

Blizzcon Wow Classic Phase 2 Launches The Week Of November 12th

Blizzcon: WoW Classic Phase 2 launches the week of November 12th

Today at Blizzcon Ion Hazzikostas announced that the WoW Classic phase 2 release date will be the week of November 12th. Phase 2 Content As a reminder the content release for phase 2 will include several world bosses and the PvP honor system World Bosses Azuregos Kazzak PvP Honor System & Rank Rewards

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