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In this section, we will be covering what is deemed to be an effective stat priority list for Survival Hunter PvP in Wrath of the Lich King, and explain each stat in more detail.

  1. Hit Rating
    • Cap: 5% (164 Hit Rating)
  2. Resilience
    • Between 700-1300
  3. Spell Penetration
    • Soft Cap: 75
    • Hard Cap: 130
  4. Agility
    • Stack as much as possible
  5. Stamina
    • Stack as much as possible
  6. Critical Strike Chance
  7. Haste
  8. Attack Power

Stat Explanations

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First and foremost, Hit Rating is the most important stat you can acquire. We can’t defeat our enemies if we miss every shot, right? In order to be effective in PvP, you will want to have a 5% Hit chance, which translates into a 164 Hit Rating. We can easily acquire this from equipment such as our necklace or cloak.

For Player-versus-Player content, Resilience is the second stat that you should rush to acquire: it protects you from critical strikes and it reduces the overall damage you receive. As a Survival Hunter, you will want to stack as much resilience as possible, since our main objective when it comes to PvP is to be a nuisance / hard to kill. Depending on the phase of the expansion that you find yourself in, the amount you should shoot for will change: in the first phase you will want to have at least 700 resilience, while in the last phase of the expansion you will want to have around 1300 to 1400 resilience.

Spell Penetration might seem like a peculiar stat to focus on when it comes to Survival Hunters, however, most of our abilities are actually considered spells (since we deal hybrid damage). You do not want abilities such as Wyvern Sting or Explosive Shot to be resisted, do you? The minimum Spell Penetration that you will require to ensure your abilities penetrate in PvP is 75. However, there are multiple buffs in the game that increases resistances, such as Paladin Auras or Gift of the Wild, meaning that you will want to acquire 130 Spell Penetration in order to be completely certain your spells will damage your target.

The main stat of a Survival Hunter — whether we talk about PvE or PvP — is Agility! Therefore, after you acquire the necessary amount of Hit Rating, Resilience, and Spell Penetration, you will want to stack as much agility as possible. Agility increases our Attack Power, Critical Hit Chance, and Armor by considerable amounts. We also benefit a great deal from Agility due to talents such as Lightning Reflexes.

Stamina is a core stat to any class when it comes to PvP, as it increases your health by 10 points for each stamina point gained. By increasing your stamina, you are reducing the chance of being one-shotted by your enemies.

Survival Hunters are one of the few classes, aside from tanking specializations, that benefit a great deal from stacking insane amounts of stamina. As Survival Hunters, we are actually the sole specialization in the entire expansion that gains an offensive benefit from raw stamina. There are two special talents that will make this possible: the Survivalist talent will further enhance any stamina that we have, while the Hunter vs. Wild talent will grant us and our pet 30% increased ranged attack power based on our stamina.

With those two talents, we can effectively become ranged tanks while also gaining huge amounts of Attack Power!

Crit Rating is a great stat for any physical damage dealer, increasing your chances of landing a critical strike. You gain a 1% increased chance to crit for every 45.91 crit rating you have.

Critical Strike Chance plays a big role in our gameplay. However, it will be diminished by our opponent’s resilience. Fret not young Hunter, for even if your target will have high amounts of resilience, both our gear and talents work in such a way that we end up having a higher critical strike chance than the reduction anyone can gain from resilience. Our PvP gear is saturated with critical strike chance, our agility provides us with high amounts of critical strike chance, and lastly, talents such as Lethal Shots and Master Tactician.

Attack Power is a stat innate to Hunters, increasing the damage of our auto attacks and abilities. Our shots are considered spells, however, they still get empowered by attack power. However, you should never gem attack power! Instead, you can look to gain attack power from your equipment and enchantments.

Haste is one of the most straightforward stats — it makes you attack faster. You gain 1% increased attack speed for every 32.79 haste rating you have.

When we mention Haste for a Survival Hunter in PvP, we do not actually encourage gaining Haste as a stat, instead, you should consider gaining attack speed-increasing effects such as Potion of Speed. You should never gem or enchant Haste on your gear!


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