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Alongside his brother, Rotface guards the Plagueworks, violently discouraging anyone from disturbing his work.

This guide will offer a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to deal with Rotface and his caustic ooze.

Role Summaries

  • Make sure you stay at least 8 yards away from other players.
  • When Unstable Ooze Explosion is cast, be cautious to not move into a spot where someone was already standing.
  • The off-tank needs to make sure they grab any ooze that spawns.


Every 20 seconds, a valve will be opened, creating an Ooze Flood for 5 seconds. This will cover a portion of the outer arena with ooze for 20 seconds, dealing damage and slowing everyone within the ooze.

Roughly every 25 seconds, Rotface will target a random player and channel Slime Spray in their direction. This deals Nature damage every second for 5 seconds in a frontal cone. Players will need to immediately move out of this, with melee players able to easily run to the opposite side of the boss.

Rotface will infect a random non-tank player with a Disease, dealing moderate Nature damage every second, and reducing their healing received by 75% for 12 seconds. Mutated Infection will be cast more often as the fight goes on, ramping up the speed at which Small Oozes are spawned.

Once 12 seconds have passed, or if Mutated Infection is Cleansed, a Small Ooze will spawn attached to the target. This ooze will use Weak Radiating Ooze, dealing Nature damage every second to everyone within 10 yards. To avoid unnecessary damage, the ooze should be moved out of the raid.

Additionally, the ooze will cast Sticky Ooze at the player, creating puddles of green goo on the floor that deal damage and slow.

If two Small Oozes are brought together, they will combine into one Big Ooze. This should be tanked by an off-tank and kited around the room. Big Oozes use Radiating Ooze, dealing heavier Nature damage to everyone within 10 yards. This ooze will absorb any Small Oozes or Big Oozes it comes in contact with, granting a stack of Unstable Ooze for each one absorbed, dramatically buffing its Radiating Ooze.

Upon reaching 6 stacks, the Big Ooze will channel for 4 seconds, casting an Unstable Ooze Explosion. This will launch ooze at every player, dealing damage in a 6-yard radius on impact. When this happens, every player will need to shuffle out of their current positions, while still remaining otherwise spread.

Every 30 seconds, Rotface will use Vile Gas on a random ranged player. This will deal damage every 2 seconds, as well as disorienting them for 6 seconds. This will spread to any player within 8 yards, necessitating that ranged players remain constantly spread.

Raid Composition & Preparation

This fight has no specific class or spec requirements.

You will want 3-5 healers for this fight. The fewer healers you can manage, the easier the fight will be.

There are no strict requirements for DPS classes or specs here, you simply want a combination of good raid buffs and debuffs, as well as the best players you can muster.

You will need 2 tanks for this fight. One to kite the Big Ooze, and one to tank the boss.

Heroic vs Normal

Mutated Infection deals less damage, Vile Gas will not be used, and Ooze Flood will not slow players.

The Pull

Ranged players want to make sure they have at least 8 yards between each other for this fight, so plan accordingly. As usual, a portion of the raid needs to remain outside of melee range at all times.

icecrown citadel rotface

The Fight

This encounter is primarily focused on avoiding the bad. Periodically, Putricide will throw Vile Gas at a random player from his balcony. This disorients anyone hit for 6 seconds, as well as dealing damage over time. This debuff will spread to any player within 8 yards, making remaining spread vital. Additionally, Putricide will also open the ooze tanks in the room. This will visually flood out of the tank, leaving a pool of ooze on the floor after a delay. This will never reach the middle of the room, but it will lock off portions of the room regularly.

Roughly three times per minute, Rotface will channel Slime Spray at a random raid member, dealing Nature damage every second for 5 seconds to everyone within the cone. All players will want to reposition to avoid taking damage from this, while still staying 8 yards away from each other to avoid Vile Gas spreading.

The most important mechanic for this encounter is Mutated Infection. Rotface will infect a random non-tank with a disease, massively reducing their healing received as well as dealing heavy damage every second. This needs to be dispelled, but once the debuff is gone, a Small Ooze will spawn. This ooze will stick to the previously diseased player, using Sticky Ooze and Weak Radiating Ooze on the player. To avoid these dealing unnecessary AoE damage, run the Ooze away from the raid.

When two Small Oozes are brought together, they form a Big Ooze. Any nearby oozes will also be absorbed into the Big Ooze. Big Oozes will still use Sticky Ooze, alongside an upgraded Radiating Ooze. Every time a Small Ooze is absorbed, the Big Ooze will gain a stack of Unstable Ooze, stacking up to 5 times, giving it 20% increased damage per stack.

Once a Big Ooze goes over 5 stacks, it will begin channeling Unstable Ooze Explosion for 4 seconds. When this is finished casting, ooze will be flung at every player in the raid, dealing AoE damage if they hit. These have a short delay before hitting the ground, necessitating the entire raid shift at least 6 yards, without moving to a spot where someone was already standing. Melee players should shift to the opposite side of the boss, similar to fighting Algalon.

The off-tank will want to build a threat lead on the Big Ooze before it gets too strong and kite it around the room once it has a few stacks going. While kiting, make sure to swing by any lone oozes to absorb them into the master ooze. While kiting you may be forced to run through Ooze Floods, building stacks slow. This can be mitigated with spells like Anti Magic Shell, or broken with abilities like Hand of Freedom & Every Man For Himself.

The longer the fight goes on, the more often Rotface will use Mutated Infection, going potentially as low as 5 seconds between casts. Because of this, you need to make sure the boss is burned down as fast as possible, otherwise, the raid can very rapidly become overwhelmed by ooze.

Here are some of the main things that can typically go wrong in this fight:

  • Ooze.
    • Standing in ooze.
    • Tanking ooze.
    • Sprayed by ooze.
    • Exploded by ooze.
  • Sprayed by slime.
  • Sprayed with gas.

Congratulations on defeating Rotface! Don’t forget to open the valve before you leave.


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