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  • Author: Luxrah
  • Date: November 3, 2023
  • Updated: November 3, 2023
  • Expansion: Cataclysm

Tired of wearing mismatched gear? Hate the look of your class’s tier sets, but love the set bonuses? Good news, everyone: transmogrification is coming to WoW Classic!

Originally launched in patch 4.3, the transmogrification system allows players to modify the visual appearance of their gear. So you can wear an item for its stats or bonuses while making it look like almost any other item of the same type.

We don’t know exactly when transmogrification will be added in Cataclysm Classic, but it’s certainly one of the most anticipated features of the expansion. This guide will give you all the details about this upcoming system so you can avoid any unpleasant encounters with the fashion police.


You’ll find a new building in your faction’s capital city with several ethereals inside. These will include an Arcane Reforger, a Void Storage NPC, and a Transmogrifier. Here are their locations in each city:


The Drag (58.0, 65.4)


Cathedral Square (50.8, 60.8)

Transmogrification Interface

With the addition of the Collections interface in Classic WoW, it’s very likely that we’ll see the modern transmogrification interface from retail implemented in Cataclysm Classic rather than the original version of the UI.

The original transmogrification interface required you to have the appearance item in your bags. You could then drag it onto the appropriate slot in the transmogrification window.

The newer version of the interface includes a catalog of appearances from your Collections so you can choose your item’s appearance directly inside the window.

The implementation of the modern transmogrification window may also allow you to transmogrify shirts, tabards, and weapon enchants, all of which were not originally available until later expansions.

wow dragonflight transmogrification interface
The current Transmogrify window in Dragonflight

Transmogrification Rules

There are several rules and limitations that determine what you can and can’t transmogrify.

  • Your character must be able to equip both the item you are using and the item you want it to look like. That means they must meet any level, reputation, class, or armor type requirements.
  • Only uncommon, rare, epic, and heirloom items are eligible to have their appearance used for transmogrification. Poor, common, and legendary quality items are not eligible.
  • An armor appearance item must be the same armor type as the item it is being applied to (cloth, leather, mail, or plate).
  • A weapon appearance must be the same weapon type as the item it is being applied to – with the exception of guns, crossbows, and bows, all of which can share appearances with each other.
  • Main-hand weapons can only be applied to main-hand weapons, and off-hands can only be applied to off-hands. One-handed weapons can be applied to either.
  • Legendary items and fishing poles cannot have their appearance changed.
  • An item must be soulbound to you before its appearance will be available for transmogrification purposes.

Note that mailing an item, selling it to a vendor, putting it on the auction house, or placing it in void storage or a guild bank removes any transmogrification that has been applied to it.

Void Storage

Void Storage is a separate feature that was added to the game alongside transmogrification. It provides additional storage space on top of your bank and guild bank. You must pay each time you deposit an item in your Void Storage, so it is best used for longterm storage of items you don’t use but still want to keep.

Void Storage costs 100 gold up front to access and provides 80 slots of storage. There is no way to increase this size in Cataclysm; you simply unlock the whole thing with your access fee. Each character has their own Void Storage that must be unlocked separately.

It costs 25 gold to deposit an item into Void Storage. Withdrawals are free.

wow cataclysm void storage interface
The Void Storage window

There are a few limitations to what can be deposited in Void Storage:

  • Items must be fully repaired.
  • Items must be soulbound.
  • Unique items cannot be deposited, but unique-equipped items can.
  • Stackable items cannot be deposited.

Items that are deposited in Void Storage will lose any transmogrification, enchantments, gems, extra sockets, reforged stats, and the name of the character who crafted it. Void Storage only saves the item itself and not any customizations that have been made to it.

Additional Features

These features were originally added in later versions of World of Warcraft, but they will very likely be included in Cataclysm Classic when transmogrification is released.

Appearances Collection

Originally, the Collections interface was not added to the game until the Legion expansion. Since this window has already been added to WoW Classic, we can probably assume that the Appearances tab will be added to it when transmogrification launches.

The Appearances tab makes it easy to browse the transmogrification looks that you have unlocked as well as those that you haven’t yet obtained.

wow dragonflight appearances collection
The Appearances tab in the Collections window in Dragonflight


Outfits were also originally added to the game in Legion. You can use them to assemble and save sets of items for transmogrification.

Outfits can be applied using the Outfit dropdown at the top of the transmogrification window. They can also be set up to swap automatically based on your current talent specialization. To swap this way, you must use the dropdown menu next to the Apply button at the bottom of the window.

wow cataclysm transmogrification outfit specialization
The outfit specialization menu


Since Legion, items that have appearances you have not collected will be noted in their tooltips. We expect this feature will also be added in Cataclysm along with the Appearances tab. This will make it easy to spot items that you can add to your collection when you find them.

wow dragonflight appearances tooltip
A tooltip for an unobtained appearance


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10 days ago

My bags/bank are currently filled with soulbound quest rewards waiting for the Cata tmog patch to be released. If the items are already soulbound to me right now, could I just vendor them before the actual Cata patch releases and still keep all these tmogs for my collection or am I just stuck holding onto these until the patch officially releases? I feel like a level 1 character with no bags right now.  😣 

Reply to  Tanner
9 days ago

I would not vendor them just yet, as we haven’t been given enough information to safely say they will be unlocked.

Hopefully they will be, but on the off chance that they aren’t, or even that something goes wrong, you don’t want to end up without them!

10 days ago

is the transmog by one character only or are different characters items available to all chars? – or like can you use the tabard from your rouges bag as a transmog for your warrior too?

Reply to  Palad
9 days ago

In the original Cataclysm version of transmog you would not be able to do this, as you needed to have the actual item when transmogging.

The retail version of transmog would unlock it account wide for you, meaning that you could use a tabard from your Rogues bag on your Warrior.

We don’t know for sure that this is what we will end up getting, but it seems likely.

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