PvE Feral DPS Druid Addons & Macros

pve feral dps druid addons & macros

Addons and macros are going to take your gameplay just a step above in terms of quality. Whether it be simplifying managing your cooldowns, alerting you to mechanics on a fight, or changing UI elements to streamline the information you need during combat these additions to your gameplay are going to be highly useful!


Listed below are some of the most versatile and important addons that you can have as a raider.

  • DeadlyBossMods / BigWigs – Your standard raiding suite that includes timers, mechanic callouts, audio alerts and more essentials!
  • Details – The premier DPS meter. That said it can do a lot more than just track DPS and will be useful for seeing what you’re taking damage from as well.
  • WeakAuras – This is an addon that’s basically a massive toolbox with the ability to make custom tools tailored to your specific needs or downloading tools made by other players to track cooldowns, call out mechanics, help with your rotation, or even play Doom music when you hit your Berserk!


Macros are essentially strings of commands that can either combine button presses, augment how abilities are cast, or allow you to automatically choose targets. They’re mostly personal preference, so feel free to pick and choose which you think you’d wind up using and try to create your own as well.

Startattack Macro

This macro is designed to take an ability you’ll be pressing regularly at the start of your rotation and make it so that it aggressively targets the mob so you start auto-attacking them immediately once in range. I used “Mangle” as the spell, but feel free to change it to whatever you think is appropriate.

/cast Mangle

Mouseover Macros

The idea of these is to make it so that the ability within the macro is cast upon the target of where your mouse is over. Whether that be on their body or for friendlies you can also target your raid frames. For spells that would target your allies you’ll notice there’s a “Help” tag within the macro, whereas for enemies it would be “Harm”.

/cast [@mouseover, help, nodead] Innervate

/cast [@mouseover, harm, nodead] Faerie Fire

/cast [@mouseover, help] Rebirth

/cast [@mouseover, harm, nodead] Feral Charge


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