PvE Feral DPS Druid Rotation & Cooldowns

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The rotation for a Feral Cat is going to be less about hitting a rigid order of buttons and more a priority system where you’ll attempt to keep 100% uptime of important debuffs and bleeds on your target as well as important self-buffs.

Single-Target Rotation

  1. Engage with Feral Charge if out of melee.
  2. Keep Faerie Fire active on any target that’s going to live for more than a few cooldowns.
  3. Use Tiger’s Fury on cooldown.
  4. Use Berserk on cooldown when Tiger’s Fury is inactive and on cooldown.
    • When in the opening rotation you can use Berserk first rather than Tiger’s Fury as you’ll be high energy to begin with and by the time the buff falls off the extra energy Tiger’s Fury will give you should top you back up again.
  5. Keep up Mangle.
  6. Keep a 5 combo point Rip up.
  7. Keep up Rake.
  8. Keep up the Savage Roar buff on yourself.
    • This does not need to be a 5 combo point use. The point is to keep the buff up on yourself at all times, but you’ll have plenty of opportunities to refresh it within the 24-29 second window at 3 and 4 points respectively.
  9. Use Ravage with Stampede.
    • If you have downtime and Feral Charge is off CD you can back up, charge, and fit in a quick Ravage.
  10. Use Shred to generate combo points. If you cannot get behind an enemy, substitute with Mangle.

Your main objective is to juggle buffs, debuffs, and bleeds so that ideally none of them are falling off – or at least not falling off for more than a short period of time. Tiger’s Fury and Berserk are separate cooldowns that will both help with your energy management so you should always have the resources you need to keep your rotation rolling. Rip and Rake are your main bleeds, as Shred‘s bleed doesn’t benefit from Mastery. Omen of Clarity will have you weaving in Shred whenever it procs for free combo point generation. And Mangle should be kept up on your target to further increase the bleed damage taken by said mob.

AoE/Cleave Rotation

  1. Use Tiger’s Fury, you’ll overcap on energy but the damage bonus and being able to spam your AoE will be worth it.
  2. If Tiger’s Fury is on CD then Berserk.
  3. Keep a couple points of Savage Roar up.
  4. Slam your Swipe key until you can buff yourself or you run out of energy.

Essentially you want to enable your Swipe to be as strong as it can be and to be able to spend as much energy as possible spamming it.

Defensive/Utility Cooldowns

For defensive options you of course have Bear Form as a fallback for free defensive stats, or used in tandem with your other defensive cooldowns for extra tankiness. A shorter cooldown and more flexible option is Barkskin at a 20% damage reduction. For the big guns you have Survival Instincts as a 3 minute cooldown that provides you with a whopping 50% damage reduction.

For utility cooldowns you have Rebirth for a battle resurrect. Stampeding Roar for a raidwide significant movement speed boost within a 10 yard range around you. And Innervate to provide mana to what are most likely going to be your poor, manaless healers.


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