PvE Feral DPS Druid Best in Slot Gear Guide

pve feral dps druid best in slot gear guide

Equipment will be the main source of your character’s power, contributing the biggest bulk of your stats. It is therefore very important that you choose the correct equipment for each slot — commonly referred to as “best in slot” equipment – to maximize your power. This guide will cover the best items for each slot for Feral DPS Druids in the current phase of Cataclysm Classic.

Always keep in mind that with the addition of the Leather Specialization passive ability in Cataclysm, it’s always optimal to choose Leather gear as a Feral DPS, regardless of stats. Raw agility is one of our strongest scaling stats, and so a free 5% is going to be well worth sticking to pure Leather gear.

It is important to note that the 2-piece Tier 11 set bonus is a major priority, while the 4-piece is not used in an actual full best-in-slot scenario. That said, the 4-piece is still worth attaining, especially when you’re still getting large upgrades through gear attained from raids or similar ilvl equipment. It is only when you’re comfortably geared out that you should be seeking pieces with better raw stats over your tier bonus. Both the helm and chestpiece for tier are the best statted pieces and should be prioritized for your 2-piece.

Best in Slot Gear for Phase 1


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