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Professions are a crucial part of your World of Warcraft character, with the potential to give you a large boost to your damage, healing, or survivability, while also allowing you to generate some gold. This section will cover some of your best options for professions as an Unholy Death Knight.

Best Professions

  • Engineering grants the ability to create gadgets, tools, bombs, and many other fun contraptions useful in both PvE and the open world. Among them, the most notable are the Nitro Boosts and Synapse Springs. Engineering is regarded as the most powerful PvE profession at the current moment.
  • Tailoring allows you to create Cloth items, bags, and specially enchanted cloth materials while also granting some powerful bonuses that can be attached to items. The profession grants you access to Swordguard Embroidery, an enchantment that grants a chance to gain 1000 Attack Power as a proc during combat.
  • Blacksmithing grants the ability to create Plate Armor, Keys, Enchantment Rods, and many other useful enhancing effects that can be attached to items. You can gain two additional sockets, Socket Gloves and Socket Bracer, by selecting this profession which can be used to socket two additional gems. This is great since you can use this profession to maximize the Strength gained from gems!
  • Jewelcrafting lets you create a vast assortment of gems and accessories and prospect ore to find hidden materials. By selecting this profession you can create special gems named Chimera’s Eye and create items such as Bold Chimera’s Eye.

Useful Professions

  • Alchemy grants you the ability to create Potions, Elixirs, and Flasks! By selecting this profession you gain access to the Mixology bonus which grants an increased effect and duration to the flasks you consume. In your case, an 80 Strength bonus!
  • Leatherworking grants you the ability to create Leather Gear and special item enchantments. Selecting this profession grants you Draconic Embossment – Strength, landing you an extra 80 Strength, while also providing a special leg enchantment, Dragonbone Leg Reinforcements, cheaper than the regular version.
  • Enchanting allows you to create enchantments and disenchant gear to gain magical essences. Selecting this profession allows you to enchant your rings with special enchantments, with Enchant Ring – Strength granting an extra 80 Strength.
  • Inscription allows you to create Glyphs and scrolls while also granting access to Lionsmane Inscription, a powerful replacement to the traditional shoulder enchantment which grants 80 additional Strength.

Sub-Par Professions

  • Mining allows you to mine ores throughout the world. By selecting this profession you gain access to Toughness which grants 120 Stamina.
  • Skinning allows you to remove the skin of beasts throughout the world and gain their hides. Selecting it grants you access to Master of Anatomy which grants 80 Critical Strike Chance
  • Herbalism allows you to gather herbs throughout the world. By selecting this profession you gain access to Lifeblood, a powerful heal effect that also grants 80 Haste!


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