Blackwing Descent Raid Overview

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Nefarian has returned, resurrected by his father, Deathwing. The newly returned Nefarian is dead set on creating a new breed of dragon. Someone must put a stop to his reign of terror and his crimes against nature itself.

Where is the Blackwing Descent?

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The Blackwing Descent is located where we last slayed Nefarian, in his throne room. This time we can fly straight there, without having to go through the entirety of Blackwing Lair first.

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Conjured from the Firelands, Magmaw unintentionally became Nefarians waste disposal, stopping a buildup of death from overtaking the laboratories.

Omnotron Defense System

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A marvel of Dark Iron engineering, the Omnotron Defense System has been repurposed to stop anyone that would intrude on the Blackwing Descent laboratories.


blackwing descent maloriak 1

Once the human Malory, now Maloriak was fused with a dragonspawn in a cruel experiment courtesy of Nefarian. Maloriak may not be quite as bright as he once was, but he makes up for that with his madness.


blackwing descent atramedes 4

Experiment 626 25463-D was an attempt to grant a black dragon enhanced senses. Unfortunately, this caused nothing but permanent blindness for Atramedes, who now must hunt with sound and smell alone.


blackwing descent chimaeron 1

A twisted nightmare. No one knows the intention when Chimaeron was created, but I’m sure the original plan didn’t include a hand where a head should be. Someone needs to put this creature out of its misery.


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Reanimated by his father, Deathwing, Nefarian has returned to terrorize Azeroth and finish what he started. Not satisfied with one undead dragon, Nefarian also brings his sister, Onyxia, back with him.


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