Pilgrim's Bounty

Pilgrim’s Bounty Guide

November 17, 2023  • Astrael

Pilgrim’s Bounty is a week-long holiday event in World of Warcraft that celebrates the harvest season and gives players the opportunity to participate in exciting quests to earn un…

Retail - Brewfest

Brewfest Event Guide

September 20, 2023  • Astrael

World of Warcraft’s Brewfest is loosely based on the real-world Oktoberfest. Join the Horde and Alliance as they celebrate the fruits of the farmers’ harvests by participating in f…

Dragonflight Midsummer Fire Festival

Midsummer Fire Festival Event Guide

June 19, 2023  • Astrael

We’re feeling hot-hot-hot, so let the festivities begin! This in-game holiday is a nod to real world Midsummer celebrations that occur during the summer solstice. In World of Warcr…

dragonflight childrensweek

Children’s Week Guide

May 1, 2023  • Astrael

Every year, citizens of Azeroth are encouraged to ‘adopt’ one of the many children who have been orphaned as a result of the faction war. Players who are up to the challenge can sp…

Dragonflight Noblegarden

Noblegarden Event Guide

March 22, 2023  • Astrael

Each April, the great feast of Noblegarden is celebrated throughout Azeroth. During this event, it is customary to hide coins, candy, and treasure-filled Brightly Colored Eggs for…

Retail Guide - Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air Event Guide

February 5, 2023  • Astrael

Can you feel it? The capital cities are decked out with ribbons and seasonal vendors are peddling their sweet treats: Love is in the Air has arrived! But it’s not all roses… the…

Retail Guide - Lunar Festival

Lunar Festival Event Guide

January 21, 2023  • Astrael

Near the beginning of each year, the light of the Lunar Festival descends upon Azeroth. The druids of Moonglade hold a celebration, welcoming in travelers to see spectacular d…

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