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Dragonflight Noblegarden

Each April, the great feast of Noblegarden is celebrated throughout Azeroth. During this event, it is customary to hide coins, candy, and treasure-filled Brightly Colored Eggs for citizens to hunt out and be the first to find. During the event, players who collect Noblegarden Chocolates will be rewarded with a special mount (the Swift Springstrider), pets (like the adorable Noblegarden Bunny), festive garments, and more! Hop on into our guide to get started!

When: April 1-8, 2024
Where: Azure Watch, Dolanaar, Goldshire, Kharanos, Brill, Razor Hill, Bloodhoof Village, or Falconwing Square

Recent Updates:

  • 2024:
    • New mount! The Noble Flying Carpet will have a chance to drop from the new holiday boss, Daetan Swiftplume, in addition to awarding a new achievement (Quacked Killer), plus the Spring Reveler’s Turquoise Attire set.
    • New pet! Lovely Duckling can be purchased from Noblegarden vendors.
  • 2023:
    • Completing Noblegarden activities can now award a total of 450 Traveler’s Log Points.
    • A Drake’s Big Basket of Eggs is now available for 200 . This is a Dragonriding cosmetic toy that equips your dragon with a festive basket.

Vendors and Rewards

The currency used to purchase Noblegarden’s rewards and items, needed for several achievements, is the Noblegarden Chocolate , which can be obtained by collecting and opening Brightly Colored Eggs. Noblegarden celebrations take place in the low-level towns near the game’s racial starting areas. In each town, players can find Noblegarden Merchants (H) and Noblegarden Vendors (A) where they can trade their Noblegarden Chocolates for a variety of festive items:

Apparel and Vanity

Related Achievement
Book (Mage)
Head (Cosmetic)
Head (Cosmetic)
Head (Cosmetic)
Head (Cosmetic)
Head (Cosmetic)
Head (Cosmetic)
Chest (Cosmetic)
Chest (Cosmetic)
Legs (Cosmetic)
10 gold
1000 gold
10 silver
Dragonriding (Cosmetic)

Pets, Toys, and Mounts





The primary activity of Noblegarden is collecting Brightly Colored Eggs. To get started, look for holiday commoners in any capital city, and pick up the quest Spring Collectors (A) or Spring Gatherers (H). Turn in this quest in the Noblegarden celebration town of your choosing, then pick up two more quests:

Egg Collecting Tips

  • If you’re on a high population server, you may be racing against many other players to be the first to get to an egg and loot it.
    • The eggs have a relatively quick respawn rate, so don’t give up! Some players like to find a route to stick to, while others concentrate on the same few eggs in a smaller area.
    • If you can’t get to any of the eggs in time, try a different location or wait until a less busy time on your server.
  • Once you collect and open several Brightly Colored Eggs, you may find yourself polymorphed into a Noblegarden Bunny, which is a cosmetic effect — players can still hop around and look for eggs.
    • If you remain still, your rabbit will lay an egg which will get you the Hard Boiled achievement.

Egg Hunts

In addition to the eggs hidden in the designated towns, players can also organize their own egg hunt by using the following items, available from Noblegarden vendors:

The eggs all look the same, but contain items of similar value to their own (ranging from 9 silver to 900 gold). Pick a spot, hide the different eggs, and invite other players to participate in your egg hunt! This is a great activity for guilds and communities and fun way to bring the Noblegarden hunt outside the usual areas.

Trading Post

Completion of Noblegarden activities will award players up to 800 Traveler’s Log points to use toward Aura (Battle Pet), the monthly Trading Post prize.

Collect Brightly Colored Eggs
Collect 30 Brightly Colored Eggs in starting towns
Complete a Dragonflight Dungeon while wearing Spring Reveler’s Collection
Purchase Spring Revelers items from the Trading Post
Complete 2 Noblegarden Daily Quests
Complete the Duck Storyline
Defeat the new Noblegarden holiday boss.
Defeat Datan Swiftplume
Defeat the new Noblegarden holiday boss, an angry duck druid
Eat Noblegarden Chocolates in Iskaara
Collect Noblegarden Chocolate from Brightly Colored Eggs and head over to Iskaara to chow down
Place Eggs
Purchase 12 Intricately-Painted Egg or 1 Magnificently-Painted Egg from Noblegarden vendors, then placed anywhere to receive credit
Use Spring Flowers in an Arena or Battleground
Spring Flowers are looted from Brightly Colored Eggs or purchased from Noblegarden vendors. Use them on a player of the opposing faction during a battleground or arena.


The meta-achievement for Noblegarden is Noble Gardener, which awards the title <Name> the Noble. To complete this meta achievement, players need to complete the following achievements first:

  • Hard Boiled: Lay an egg in Un’Goro Crater’s Golakka Hot Springs as a rabbit during the Noblegarden celebration.
    • To lay an egg, players must receive the Noblegarden Bunny buff and travel to Golakka Hot Springs. After several seconds of standing still at the springs, the bunny will lay an egg and achievment credit will be earned.
    • Tip: Players occasionally receive the Noblegarden Bunny buff while looting Brightly Colored Eggs. Since this method is unpredictable in terms of how long the buff takes to activate, a quicker method is to have another player use the Blossoming Branch on you for an instant transformation!
  • Chocoholic: Eat 100 Noblegarden Chocolates during the Noblegarden celebration.
    • Tip: If you’re budgeting for your visit to the Noblegarden vendors, the 25 chocolates eaten for Chocolate Lover do count toward the required 100, so set aside 100 total for this achievement.
  • Spring Fling (A) / Spring Fling (H): Find your pet Spring Rabbit another one to love in each of the towns listed below.
    • Alliance:
      • Azure Watch
      • Goldshire
      • Dolanaar
      • Kharanos
    • Horde:
      • Bloodhoof Village
      • Falconwing Square
      • Brill
      • Razor Hill
    • Get your Spring Rabbit for 100 or take a chance at finding one inside a Brightly Colored Egg. Head to each of your faction’s specified towns, and let your rabbit mingle with another player’s rabbit.
  • Shake Your Bunny-Maker: Use Spring Flowers to place rabbit ears upon players who are level 20 or above.
    • Required races:
      • Blood Elf
      • Dwarf
      • Goblin
      • Gnome
      • Tauren
      • Draenei
      • Undead
      • Human
      • Orc
      • Troll
      • Worgen
    • Purchase your Spring Flowers from a Noblegarden vendor for 50 .
    • Tip: Hanging out in a faction-neutral city should make this one simple to complete, though the Spring Flowers do have a 5-minute cooldown between uses. Guilds and communities can help speed things along by gathering everyone together to help, too.

The following achievements are also available to complete during Noblegarden, but are not part of the meta:


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