How to Unlock the Vulpera Allied Race

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The Vulpera Allied Race was made available in Battle for Azeroth, and unlocking it will require completing content from that expansion. You can do the first step as early as level 10, but you will need to be level 30 to do the quests in Vol’dun, and level 50 to access the final series of quests.

If you have not played through any of Battle for Azeroth, these are the steps you will need to complete before you can unlock Vulpera allied race:

(We will go over each step in the sections below.)

Note that the final step does not need to be done on the same character as Secrets in the Sands. You’re free to level a character through Vol’dun and then swap to a higher level character for the final step.

Completing the Stormwind Extraction Scenario

To start the Battle for Azeroth questline and access the continent of Zandalar, you will first need to play through the Stormwind Extraction scenario. Head to Orgimmar and locate the Warchief’s Herald outside Grommash Hold. He will offer you the quest Battle for Azeroth: Mission Statement. This quest will take you inside Grommash Hold for a short cutscene, and then you will be sent to The Broken Tusk to meet your team.

The Warchief's Herald in Orgrimmar
The Warchief’s Herald can be found next to the Warchief’s Command Board in Orgrimmar

Inside The Broken Tusk, Nathanos Blightcaller offers the quest Stormwind Extraction. If you have already done this scenario on any character, you can now skip it by speaking to Nathanos Blightcaller again, before picking up the potion. This will take you straight to Zuldazar, in which case you can jump ahead to the “Getting to Vol’dun” section of this guide.

Continuing with the scenario, you’ll head to Stormwind with your team, where you’ll break into the Stockade and release some prisoners. After fighting your way through the prison, you’ll have to escape Stormwind. Stick close to Rokhan, who will cloak you as you navigate the city, hiding you from the guards. About halfway through the city, you’ll be ambushed by Worgen. From here it’s a matter of fighting your way to the docks while evading Genn Greymane and Lady Jaina Proudmoore.

Boarding the ship and speaking with Princess Talanji ends the scenario. After another short cutscene, you will arrive at the Port of Zandalar.

Getting to Vol’dun

Speak with Nathanos Blightcaller to complete Stormwind Extraction, and then talk to Princess Talanji. She will start you off on a short series of quests that will take you through the city of Dazar’alor and establish your foothold within the continent.

The three quests you need to check off here are:

  1. ! Welcome to Zuldazar
  2. ! Rastakhan
  3. ! Speaker of the Horde

After completing this short introductory questline and getting the Welcome to Zandalar achievement, you will be able to set your Hearthstone at The Great Seal. This will also open up a portal between Orgrimmar and Zuldazar, giving you easy access to the continent from here on out.

To continue from here, use the Scouting Map located inside The Great Seal to start the quest Vol’dun. Then, speak with Princess Talanji to begin the Vol’dun campaign.

The Vol’dun Campaign

The next step is to complete the entire series of quests in Vol’dun and unlock the Secrets in the Sands achievement. This is the most time-consuming part of the process. You will encounter several side quests along the way that are not necessary for the achievement – only the quests that make up the chains below are required. These quests should naturally chain together in the order they are listed, but you can always check the list to see where you are and what you still need to do.

Completing the Allied Race Quests

You’re almost at the finish line! All that’s left is one more chain of quests. Head to the Orgrimmar Embassy and speak with Ji Firepaw to get started. For this series of quests you’ll do some running around between Orgrimmar, Twilight Highlands, Zuldazar, and Suramar, performing various tasks alongside the Vulpera.

It’s worth noting that, currently, this questline can only be done once per account. This might be your only chance to play through it!

When you’re done with this quest chain, you’ll earn the achievement Allied Races: Vulpera. Congratulations, you can now play a Vulpera character! You’ll also unlock the Caravan Hyena mount and the Nomi’s Vintage toy for all of your characters.


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1 year ago

Very detailed and easy to understand article and guide. Thumbs up and a big thank you to the author.

7 months ago

OMFG I spent days trying to do all the Vulpera quests. They would not unlock even though I thought I had done everything. Reading stuff like you have to be exalted and you have to do this and that. Finally found your post. Installed Quest Completist addon to see what I had or hadn’t done. The half dozen quests in Suramar took me 5 minutes !! Thankyou

1 year ago

I am playing on a level 60 dracthyr, and I don’t see the [Battle for Azeroth: Mission Statement] from the Warchief’s Herald. I never played through BfA (and in fact, I haven’t played since MoP). What am I missing?

Reply to  JustSomeGuy
1 year ago

Nevermind I hadn’t finished my starting quest line in Orgrimmar. I see the quest now!

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