How to Unlock Warrior Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearances

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Warriors are champions of combat, ready to face any challenge for glory and honor, and their artifact weapons reflect this background. In this guide we’ll show you how to unlock the hidden appearances for all three warrior artifact weapons. To unlock the additional color tints for these appearances, see our main Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearances guide.


Weapon: Strom’kar, the Warbreaker (Two Hand)
Hidden Appearance: Arcanite Bladebreaker
Hidden Effect: Surrounded by Trolls! (Sends troll enemies fleeing. Lasts for two minutes.)
Unlocked By: The Arcanite Bladebreaker

How to Unlock Arcanite Bladebreaker

The Arcanite Bladebreaker is a reward from the quest ! Secrets of the Axes. To start the quest, locate Master Smith Helgar in Skyhold, your class order hall. He is in the Forge of Odyn. Go through his dialogue options and then you will be offered the quest. (Previously this quest had a random a chance to be available each day, but since patch 7.1 it is always available.)

Here are the steps to complete for ! Secrets of the Axes:

  1.  Find the warrior with the axe
  2.  Speak with Saurfang
  3.  Speak with Helgar
  4.  Duel Saurfang
    • Head across Skyhold to the Arena of Glory. Jump into the Circle of Glory. (Note that this is a PVP area and you will be flagged for PVP upon entering.) High Overlord Saurfang will appear and you will need to fight him. He’s tough, but you only have to take down a fraction of his health to earn his respect. He does a knockback, so be careful of getting knocked out of the ring. When you finish the duel, jumping down is the only way out. You’ll be carried to safety by a val’kyr.
  5.  Speak with Helgar and Saurfang
    • Head back across to the Forge of Odyn and speak with Saurfang and Helgar.

Turn in ! Secrets of the Axes to claim your reward.


Weapon: Warswords of the Valarjar – Odyn’s Fury (Two-Hand) and Helya’s Wrath (Two Hand)
Hidden Appearance: Dragonslayer’s Edge
Hidden Effect: Gaze of the Val’kyr (When you are killed in battle, a Trial by Combat will trigger.)
Unlocked By: The Dragonslayers

How to Unlock Dragonslayer’s Edge

The Dragonslayers is forged by combining Haft of the God-King, Skull of Shar’thos, and Skull of Nithogg. You must be Exalted with the Valarjar faction before any of the items will drop.

How to Get Valarjar Reputation

To earn reputation with the Valarjar, you should start by completing quests in Stormheim. This should get you to Honored. Here is a list of quests in to help you out. We’ve left out any side quests that do not give Valarjar reputation. You can start these quests by selecting Stormheim as a strike point on the Scouting Map in your class order hall.

To continue gaining reputation beyond these quests, you will need to unlock World Quests for the Broken Isles by completing ! Uniting the Isles. This requires earning Friendly reputation with the four major Legion factions. The quickest way to earn reputation with each faction is by completing quests in their associated zones. Here are the factions and their zones:

When you have reached Friendly with all four factions, visit Archmage Khadgar in The Violet Citadel in Dalaran to complete the quest ! Uniting the Isles. With World Quests unlocked, look for those that grant Valarjar reputation.

How to Get the Haft and Skulls

All three items have a chance to drop from Odyn in the Trial of Valor raid. Before you can fight Odyn you must defeat Hymdall and Hyrja. The items have a fairly low drop rate, so you may need to kill him quite a few times before you see it. Like most raid bosses, he can only be killed once per week on each difficulty. This is the simplest way to get the items, but not the only way. So if you’ve used your lockout for the week and haven’t seen them drop, read on!

odyn trials of valor
Odyn in the Trials of Valor

Each of the items also has a chance to appear in Skyhold Chest of Riches, which is the reward for winning during PVP Brawl: For Honor and Glory.

Furthermore, they can each drop individually from one other boss:

Note that there are 11 World Bosses in the Broken Isles and only one is active every week. If Shar’thos or Nithogg is active, you’ll be able to see them marked on the map.

When you have gathered all three items, you can click on one of them in your inventory to create The Dragonslayers.

god king skovald halls of valor
God-King Skovald in the Halls of Valor


Weapon: Scaleshard (Main Hand) and Scale of the Earth-Warder (Off Hand)
Hidden Appearance: Last Breath of the Worldbreaker
Hidden Effect: Unknown
Unlocked By: Burning Plate of the Worldbreaker

How to Unlock Last Breath of the Worldbreaker

Burning Plate of the Worldbreaker can be obtained from a random event. Before this event can be triggered, you must read the Saga of the Valarjar tablet in Skyhold, your class order hall. It is located in the Forge of Odyn.

skyhold saga of the valarjar
The Saga of the Valarjar in Skyhold

You must be in the Protection specialization for this step! The random event takes place in Neltharion’s Vault in Highmountain, so that’s where you’ll go next.

/way Highmountain 44.5, 72.5 Neltharion's Vault

Go through the cave entrance and be sure your location says “Neltharion’s Vault.”

When the event is triggered, you will see this message in your chat: “You hear a strange roar from the cavern ahead.” Burning Plate of the Worldbreaker will be sitting in one of the piles of gold in the cave.

Type this into your chat to check if the event is active. If it returns as true, you should start checking gold piles!

/run print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(44311))

Type this into your chat to check if the event has failed to trigger for the day. If it returns as true, you’ll have to wait another day.

/run print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(44312))
gold piles neltharion's vault
Gold Piles in Neltharion’s Vault


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