Loyal Magmammoth Mount Guide

how to unlock the loyal magmammoth mount

One of the special mounts introduced in the Dragonflight expansion is a fiery Mammoth, aptly named the Magmammoth. For this guide we’ll be focusing on the Loyal Magmammoth, and the special requirements to add it to your menagerie of mounts!

These are the steps, in order, to take to unlock this mount:

  1. You must be a “True Friend” to both Wrathion and Sabellian. You’ll earn the Loyalty to the Prince and The Obsidian Bloodline achievements respectively once you’ve reached that level of reputation with each dragon.
  2. You must buy the Sturdy Obsidian Glasses and Netherforged Lavaproof Boots.
  3. Trade the previous two items in for a shiny Magmammoth Harness.
  4. Travel to a certain Tame Magmammoth, kill the Qalashi Necksnapper mob nearby.
  5. Use the harness on the Tame Magmammoth.

How to Get Reputation with Wrathion and Sabellian

As the first part of the journey to unlock the mount requires that you be max rep with both of these brooding black dragons, I’ll detail some information on how to efficiently gain rep with them. While there are daily and weekly quests that will offer large rep gains for these two, it is also grindable if you don’t have the patience to wait.

First, a list of activities that will gain you reputation with Sabellian and/or Wrathion:

  • A weekly quest, Allegiance to One, is available at Obsidian Citadel.
  • Keys of Loyalty will be able to be completed once you’ve chosen a dragon to support and gives 1000 rep for whoever you chose.
  • Restored Obsidian Keys can be grinded for after the Keys of Loyalty quest is completed for further reputation gains.
    • Every 20 keys given to either Sabellian or Wrathion will trigger an event that spawns a miniature world boss that gives rep for killing it. For Sabellian this is Death’s Shadow, and for Wrathion this is Clearing the Vault.
  • There are also NPC questgivers in several sections of the Obsidian Citadel that will give daily/weekly quests to complete tasks and award rep for completing them as well as gold and sometimes items.
  • Sargha’s Signet is a rare drop item that can be turned into Lorena Belle and gives 50 reputation with Wrathion for each one you turn in. This item can be bought off the auction house.
  • Mark of Sargha is the equivalent dropped item for Sabellian that can be turned in to Samia Inkling for 50 reputation for each one. Again, this item can be bought off the auction house.

allegiance to one map obsidian citadel 1
The Obsidian Citadel, The Waking Shores, Dragon Isles

Do note this area is filled with elite mobs. If you’re not well geared or want to speed things up, finding a group to tackle this area is recommended.

Tips on How to Complete “Allegiance to One” and “Keys of Loyalty”

Each dragon requires a total of 50,400 reputation to reach “True Friend” status with them, totaling to 100,800 reputation. It’s quite a lot! But with effort, farming, and making sure to complete the weeklies for large bonuses you can whittle it down faster than you’d think.

For a list of requirements and tips:

  • You must be max level and have Dragon Isles world quests unlocked.
  • Each week you can select one of the dragons via the Allegiance to One quest at the top of The Obsidian Citadel.
    • Picking one dragon does not affect who you can choose for the next week, and you can still get reputation for the dragon you did not pick. Whichever dragon you pick you will get a large reputation bonus for the first Greater Obsidian Key you turn in via their weekly quest. Certain nearby weekly quests given by other NPC’s will also focus reputation on the dragon you chose.
  • Each Restored Obsidian Key requires 30 key fragments and 3 key framings, which will be in your bags. Right click them when you have all the necessary components to turn them into a Restored Obsidian Key.
    • These components can be obtained by killing mobs in the area. There are also tiny interactable objects littered about the ground in the area that when looted can give you components as well.
    • The first key made each week when you’ve picked a dragon will make a Greater Obsidian Key instead of a Restored one, so that you can complete the weekly. Note that you have to be in the quest area when you click the items in your bag and make your first key of the week for it to turn into a Greater key and not a Restored one.
  • You can save the components to make a Greater Obsidian Key in your bags to complete the weekly immediately when it resets. Just make sure you’ve chosen a dragon and are in The Obsidian Citadel quest area when you click the materials.
  • It is not recommended to turn in keys to either Forgemaster Bazentus or Igys the Believer as it’s inefficient for the purposes of getting rep with the two dragons.

elite mobs obsidian citadel map edited

If you’re on an alt character and your main has completed the Dragonflight main campaign then you can access The Obsidian Citadel by going to said area, and at the top of the citadel is a bronze dragon that can “skip” you through time so you don’t need to complete the relevant story quests. This will allow you to choose a dragon each week and start grinding out rep for them.

How to Get the Magmammoth Harness

So, with the grindy part of getting the reputations needed maxed, the next step is to do some bartering and trading to attain the harness required to tame your very own Magmammoth. You’ll need about 1600 gold to buy the items required. If you do not have Wrathion and Sabellian at “True Friend” reputation you will not see the required items you need to buy at their quartermasters.

Sturdy Obsidian Glasses are the first item you need to get your hands on. These can be bought from either Lorena Belle in the upper area or Atticus Belle on the ground floor.

/way 25.2 55.8 Lorena Belle Top Floor
/way 26.5 62.5 Atticus Belle Ground Floor

Next up are the Netherforged Lavaproof Boots, which can be bought at either Samia Inkling (upper area) or Xaldrass (middle floor of the citadel).

/way 24.7 56.8 Samia Inkling Top Floor
/way 27.8 56.3 Xaldrass Middle Floor

Now that you have both items on you, you can trade them both in at Yries Lightfingers for a shiny new Magmammoth Harness.

/way 26.4 55.4 Yries Lightfinger Top Floor

Where to Find the Tame Magmammoth?

This step is fairly simple, and the final step as well. For a quick rundown:

  1. Find the specific Tame Magmammoth required.
  2. Kill the Qalashi Necksnapper mob by its side.
  3. Click the Magmammoth and use the Magmammoth Harness from your bags.
    • /reload if you’re unable to click the Magmammoth or the harness isn’t working.
  4. The Loyal Magmammoth mount will now be in your collection, and you’ll unlock the Grand Theft Mammoth achievement!

While there are more than one Tame Magmammoth in the general vicinity, there’s one specifically with a Qalashi Necksnapper right by it that we need to look for. The Magmammoth is currently owned by the Qalashi, and once you steal it from them you’ll get the Grand Theft Mammoth achievement. The coordinates for this specific Magmammoth are below:

/way 33.4 72.1 Tame Magmammoth w/ Qalashi Necksnapper

The Qalashi Necksnapper must be spawned in and next to the Tame Magmammoth. In order for the Magmammoth to be considered “stolen” the Necksnapper needs to be killed, first, and then you can use the Magmammoth Harness. If you’ve done this and are still having trouble using the harness or clicking on the Magmammoth try dismounting and then typing /reload in a text box to restart your UI. This has been reported to resolve the bug in most cases.

And you’re done! The Loyal Magmammoth should now be part of your mount collection and the achievement Grand Theft Mammoth should’ve shown up as completed as well.


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