How to Get to Argus

how to get to argus

Argus, the homeworld of the Draenei race and birthplace of the Eredar, makes its premiere in the Legion expansion as an explorable zone. After the fall of Kil’Jaeden by the champions of Azeroth in the Tomb of Sargeras, Illidan Stormrage used the Sargerite Keystone to open a portal back to Azeroth. This portal was powerful enough to open a rip in space in Azeroth’s sky so that Argus was visible from the ground.

This zone is where the campaign required to unlock both the Void Elves and Lightforged Draenei as playable races take place. If you’d like more information on how to unlock these allied races, refer to our How to Unlock the Void Elf Allied Race and How to Unlock the Lightforged Draenei Allied Race guides for a simple step-by-step.

Getting to Argus can be a bit more complicated than simply flying on over. These are the requirements to traveling there:

  1. Getting to New Dalaran, located above the Broken Isles
  2. Completing the quest ! Uniting the Isles
  3. Completing the Assault on Broken Shore scenario
  4. Accepting the ! Hand of Fate quest
    • For this step it is recommended to complete this quest chain up to the ! Rendezvous quest to unlock portal transport to and from Argus

How to Get to New Dalaran in the Broken Isles

There’s a few options to get to New Dalaran:

  1. Completing the Broken Isles introductory quests
  2. Using the Aszuna portal in your respective faction’s portal room and flying to New Dalaran from there
  3. Using your Dalaran Hearthstone if you have one on the character you’re currently playing
  4. Having access to a Mage and using Portal: Dalaran – Broken Isles

All of these methods of getting to New Dalaran are covered in the How to Get to the Broken Isles guide. Of course if you have the Dalaran Hearthstone already, then it’s as simple as using that item. If you don’t have one I’ll just mention that the easiest way, if you’re on a level-appropriate character, is the Aszuna portal in either Orgrimmar or Stormwind.

When you’ve arrived at Dalaran any character can now head to the Ledgermain Lounge and speak to Amisi Azuregaze, the innkeeper, to be given a new Dalaran Hearthstone. Quite the handy pickup, even if to only be kept in your bank!

How to Complete Uniting the Isles

You’re going to need to find Archmage Khadgar, who’s in the Violet Citadel to start, and accept the quest ! Uniting the Isles. To complete this quest you must gain a Friendly reputation with all the major Legion factions. (Upon your first interaction with these factions you’ll start at Neutral standing with them. Friendly is one level up.) This is an account bound requirement, so any character on your account having completed this will allow you to continue.

uniting the isles quest location cropped void elf

You’ll notice if you open up your map of The Broken Isles and click on each of the zones there will be a yellow exclamation mark in a town in each area. These will be your starting points to get your rep grind started, so go ahead and fly on over to start the quests within a zone. It is not required but if you’d like to follow the natural progression of the storyline for Legion then you should go through the introductory quests, unlock your class hall, and then can choose a zone to start in. For more information on getting started with the Legion expansion check out our How to Unlock the Legion Campaign & Order Hall guide!

Keep in mind that on higher level characters, the new quest exclamation mark might not appear over the head of the NPC unless you enable tracking of lower level quests on the minimap. This won’t stop you from just speaking to the NPC and picking up the quest anyways.

starting zone quests cropped void elf

For Suramar it’s suggested to start with the opening quest Khadgar gives in Dalaran called ! Khadgar’s Discovery.

Below is a list of which zone corresponds to which faction:

How to Start the Broken Shore Scenario

When ! Uniting the Isles is completed and turned in, Khadgar will give you a new quest: ! Armies of Legionfall. This leads to ! Assault on Broken Shore and will take you through a scenario to unlock the Broken Shore zone. Note that Khadgar’s position might change to Krasus’ Landing rather than the Violet Citadel after completing ! Uniting the Isles.

This was a prelude to the events that led to Argus appearing in the sky above Azeroth and thus must be completed first to go there. It is recommended to do the scenario all in one shot, otherwise you might lose progress and need to start the encounter from the beginning. For the final boss, you’ll only need to bring their health down to 90% to complete the scenario, so no need to min-max.

vengeance point broken shore void elf
Deliverance Point, Broken Shore

When teleported to The Broken Shore and the relevant introductory quest is turned in, you may return to Dalaran as it is not required to complete all the story quests in Broken Shore to get to Argus.

How to Reach Argus & The Argus Campaign

From this point Khadgar should offer the quest ! The Hand of Fate, which is the quest chain that will get you on the shores of Argus, and later give you a teleport option from New Dalaran to Argus. After a few simple quests you’ll find yourself on Argus aboard the The Vindicaar. This will open up the Argus storyline. It’s suggested to follow the questline until you’ve unlocked the teleportation pads* so that you can easily get back from Dalaran using the pad that is setup on Krasus’ Landing.

*If you leave the area before completing the questline up to ! Rendezvous and thus don’t have the portal in Krasus’ Landing, you’ll need to go to your respective capital city to be teleported into a phase. Speak to Vereesa Windrunner (Alliance) / Lady Liadrin (Horde) for the dialogue option to be sent back into the introductory questline. Note that you might lose some progress doing it this way.

krasus landing teleport pad void elf
The teleport pad at Krasus’ Landing in Dalaran, Broken Isles

If you’d like to see a full guide on how to complete the Argus campaign then refer to our How to Unlock the Void Elf Allied Race and How to Unlock the Lightforged Draenei Allied Race guides. These guides cover the quest chain in its entirety as completion of the Argus campaign will give you the pre-requisite to unlock these two Allied Races. If Argus is your only interest, then below is the order of the quests that will get you from ! The Hand of Fate to ! Rendezvous to easily keep track of how far you need to go until you have a permanent way to fast-travel to Argus:


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