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Unlike most mounts, lucid nightmare Lucid Nightmare is not obtained through farming or grinding, and is instead hidden behind cryptic clues, and various puzzles. This treasure hunt begins by interacting with the first note, located in the Broken Isles, in Dalaran.

First Note: Dalaran

The first step is very straightforward, and you will just have to travel to the Curiosities & Moore shop, located in Dalaran.

incospicuous note shop

On the second floor, you will see a table with an Inconspicuous Note.

incospicuous note

By interacting with it, you will have your very first clue.

Second Note: Ulduar

Next you will have to travel to the Ulduar raid, located in The Storm Peaks. In the XT-002 Deconstructor boss room, you will find a lever that begins a puzzle.

second note lever

By clicking on the lever, the middle of the room will be filled with a 20×20 square made of small lights. Clicking once on any of the lights turns them on, while clicking again will turn them off instead. The goal is to use those lights to draw a gear symbol.

ulduar shape

To make it easier, you can start by drawing the big cross shape starting from the edges of the square.

second note puzzle cross

Then, draw the smaller diagonal cross to complete the puzzle. If you made no mistakes, the puzzle will disappear, and the second note will appear in the middle of the room.

Third Note: Temple of Ahn’Qiraj

For the third note, travel to Silithus and enter the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj raid. You will now need to clear the raid up to C’Thun. However you do not need to kill Viscidus or C’Thun in order to get the next clue.

If you’re having trouble navigating the raid, follow the boss order in the Adventure Guide to keep track of what boss you need to go to next.

Once you defeated Ouro, follow along the path continuing past his room, until you reach the entrance to the C’Thun boss room. Don’t enter, and instead go left, up the stairs to find a Mind Larva on top of an altar.

third note location
mind larva

By interacting with the larva, you will start the next puzzle.

Whenever you match 3 of the same shape horizontally or vertically, you score points. However to get the next clue, you also need to match 5 transparent brain shapes in a row.

Once you do so, the third note will appear next to the Mind Larva.

Fourth Note: Deepholm

For the next clue, you will first need to purchase a shadoweave mask Shadoweave Mask from the auction house.

Next, travel to Deepholm, and enter the Crumbling Depths cave.

fourth note cave entrance

Go past the Colossal Gyreworm, and you should reach an open area. Find and interact with the Dark Fissure.

dark fissure

You will now find yourself in a room with nothing but a chair, and a skull resting on top of it. Equip the shadoweave mask Shadoweave Mask that you purchased earlier, to be able to interact with the skull, and reveal the fourth note.

fourth note

Fifth Note: Gnomeregan

Travel to the Gnomeregan dungeon, located in Dun Morogh. Once you enter the dungeon, proceed until you reach the Launch Bay, where the Electrocutioner 6000 boss resides. Jump down, and enter the hallway where you will find a row of consoles with levers.

gnomeregan levers map
gnomeregan levers

By interacting with each of these consoles, you will see a number, and an option to push the lever up or down. Pushing it up will increase that number by 1, while pushing it down will lower it instead.

There are 10 consoles in total, and the goal is to display the numbers 1 2 2 2 1 7 6 5 9 7 from left to right. Once you do so, the next note will be revealed in front of those consoles.

Sixth Note: Val’sharah

For the sixth note, you will need to travel to Val’Sharah, and find a small house in the area.

sixth note map
sixth note house

Once you make your way inside the house, interact with the Nightmare Tumor on the left to start another puzzle.

sixth note puzzle

Here, the goal is to not have any lines intersecting. The lines that are intersecting will be displayed in red, while non-intersecting lines will be displayed in blue. Clicking on two different circles will cause them to swap places.

One way to do it, is to pick the outer edge of a shape, and drag the rest of the circles connecting this shape, towards the outer edge of the puzzle.

Once you complete the puzzle, the sixth note will be on the ground, in front of the Nightmare Tumor.

Seventh Note: Kun-Lai Summit

The next step is the most time consuming one, so make sure to set aside a few hours.

Start by traveling to Kun-Lai Summit in Pandaria, and locating the entrance to the Tomb of Secrets.

kun lai tomb map
tomb of secrets entrance

Once you make your way inside, straight ahead you will find a statue, with an Urn in front of it. By interacting with it, you will be transported to a maze.

This maze resets daily, so make sure to set aside enough time to complete it, or else you will have to restart it from scratch.

The goal is to find 5 coloured orbs, and bring them to their respective runes found in the maze.

endless halls orb
endless halls rune

The maze however is randomly generated for each player, and there is no easy way to navigate it. What you can do is draw a map of the maze using a pencil and some paper, or if you prefer, there is an interactive site that you can use instead.

It can be quite disorienting to navigate the maze, so make sure to use the four cardinal directions from your radar. Every time you exit a room through one side, you will find yourself at the opposite end of the next. For example, if you go south, you will be on the north side of the next room. If you’re just going “left” or “up”, it’s easy to quickly lose any sense of direction.

Beyond just going through the maze until you find the matching orbs and runes, you will have to watch out for one room in the maze teleporting you to a random room upon entering it. Every time you enter a new room, it’s highly recommended to immediately backtrack, to check whether you have been teleported or not. Use landmarks like the runes and orbs, or which entrances are blocked by rubble to confirm whether the previous room changed or not.

Once you found the teleporting room, mark it on your map to be able to avoid it in the future.

The next difficulty will be some rooms overlapping one another but not intersecting. Meaning that two different rooms could be in the same location of the maze.

Some of the rooms will also be situated on the edges of the maze, and entering them will transport you diagonally to the opposite edge. For example, if you find the southeastern edge, you will be transported to the northwestern edge.

It can be quite disorienting to navigate the maze, so it’s recommended to not pick any of the orbs up, until you found all of 5 of the orbs and runes.

Lastly, once you brought all of the orbs to their runes, going through any of the doors, will transport you to the room containing the seventh and last note.

seventh note

After interacting with the last note, all that remains is to find and pick up your brand new mount.

The Lucid Nightmare: Deadwind Pass

Travel to Karazhan in Deadwind Pass, and locate the crypt entrance.

deadwind pass crypt location
lucid nightmare crypt

While the path through the crypt may not be obvious, it’s much easier than finding your way in the previous maze.

Open the chest on top of the pile of bones, and enjoy your shiny new mount!


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Awesome guide; extremely helpful. Thanks so much for putting it together ^_^

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