Best World of Warcraft Addons for Casual Players

best world of warcraft addons for casual players

Here we have a curated list of different types of addons for casual players. This is not intended to be a comprehensive end all be all list of addons, instead it’s a small collection of addons that may appeal to casual players from simple all in one addon compilations to addons that will assist in dungeons and raids, questing, collections, etc.

Addon Managers

For addon management for casual players we currently recommend WowUp or the Standalone Curseforge Client. WowUp is a simple and easy to use program that can install addons and help update them easily, there are currently two clients for WowUp, one supports addons from Curseforge and the other does not.

With the standalone Curseforge Client, you need to go to the download page and select Download Options, in the dropdown you’ll want to select “CurseForge Standalone Alpha (MC & WoW only)”.


KkthnxUI is a simplistic user interface that holds onto the information and functionality, while still keeping most of the good looks. It can be used for any class or role.

Improved Blizzard UI is an attempt to improve the World of Warcraft interface by styling frames, implementing additional functionality and restructuring / hiding existing elements.


Hekili is a priority helper addon that can make recommendations several steps into the future. It works by collecting information about the game’s current state, using a SimulationCraft-like action priority list (APL) to recommend the next ability to use, then modifying the game state and making the next prediction.

All DPS specializations are currently supported as well as all tanking specializations.

hekili spell priority wow addon

Dungeons & Raids

This addon will assist in tracking and reacting to the many boss mechanics. Pretty much required if you are doing dungeons or raids, it will tell you when to run away, when you are standing in something you shouldn’t be, etc.

An easy to use damage meter for World of Warcraft. It also has a built in threat meter.

Gear Addons

Pawn helps you find upgrades for your gear and tell which of two items is better for your spec.

pawn wow addon

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