Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) Guide for Beginners

deadly boss mods (dbm) guide for beginners

Here is a (very) simple guide to Deadly Boss Mods for casual players. We’ve included sound files so that you can sample what the sound is along with the explanation of what it means.

For more in depth documentation there is an extensive wiki for DBM on Github here.

Raid Warnings

Raid warning are a critical component of Deadly Boss Mods, there is visual notification along with an alert sound (as listed below). There are different sound and notifications depending upon the action that needs taken.

deadly boss mods wow addon raid warnings
Example Raid Warning
deadly boss mods wow addon raid warning dodge attack
Example Raid Warning – Dodge Attack

Type 1 is generic warning (such as GTFO) or “debuff on you”.

Beware: Listed as Type 2 in the options is aoe warning such as “aoe damage incoming”, “aoe fear incoming” etc that are important but not something that is individual responsibility and more of a watch out warning.

Listed as Type 3 in the options, this is the VERY Important warning that means “do this or you’re going to die” or “this is a raid wiping mechanic if you don’t interrupt/do this”.

Listed as Type 4 in the options, this is the “run away” type that means “you need to run and keep running to get/stay safe”.


Because a lot of mechanics happen at specific times there are timers built into DBM that will show you the upcoming events so that you can prepare for them. Whether that’s an interrupt, that you need to run away, or anything else.

deadly boss mods wow addon raid timers
DBM Timers

Range Checks

Frequently there will be situations where you need to keep a certain range away from other players due to a dungeon or raid mechanic. The range check will appear and let you know who is in range at any given time.

deadly boss mods wow addon range check
DBM Range Check
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