How to Get to the Emerald Dream

wow dragonflight how to get to the emerald dream

Patch 10.2 brought us back to the Emerald Dream, the fabled realm of the Green Dragonflight, this time as a fully realized zone. The zone is connected to the Dragon Isles, although it is a separate realm and not part of Azeroth. You can enter at any time through the gateway in Ohn’ahran Plains, but you’ll most likely want to complete the introductory questline first. This will unlock the Emerald Dream quests as well as a portal to the zone from Valdrakken for all of the characters on your account.

How to Start the Guardians of the Dream Story

To begin the quests that will allow you to start the Emerald Dream storyline, you must first be level 70. There are no other prerequisites. You should automatically receive the quest Call of the Dream upon logging into the game. If not, try checking your Adventure Guide to see if you can pick it up there.

You will not be able to turn in Call of the Dream until you have completed the Coalition of Flames storyline. You will be directed to Shandris Feathermoon in Valdrakken, who will send you to Ohn’ahran Plains to complete the following brief series of quests:

  1. Fire Season
  2. Dousing the Wards & Eyes of Fire
  3. Through the Flames
  4. Inflammatory Information
  5. Raise the Alarm

Once you have completed these, you will be able to head to the Ancient Bough in Ohn’ahran Plains to turn in Call of the Dream. This will send you inside the Emerald Dream gateway to begin the storyline in the zone.

You’ll need to complete a few more quests inside the Emerald Dream zone if you want to unlock the portal from Valrakken:

  1. Call of the Dream
  2. Emerald Welcome
  3. Feast or Flaming
  4. Wild Gods in Our Midst
  5. Burning Assault & The Face of Our Enemies
  6. The Cruel
  7. Amirdrassil
  8. Lost to the Flame

Getting this far will open a portal to the Emerald Dream in Valdrakken for all of your characters, allowing you to easily travel to the zone without having to fly out to the gateway in Ohn’ahran Plains.

Emerald Dream Entrances

There are two ways to enter the Emerald Dream: through the main gateway in Ohn’ahran Plains or via portal in Valdrakken.

The main gateway is located at the Ancient Bough on the island off the coast of Ohn’ahran Plains.

/way Ohn'ahran Plains 18.5, 52

The portal, if you have unlocked it, can be found above the bank in Valdrakken.

/way Valdrakken 62.5, 57.5


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