Plunderstorm Items Guide

Plunderstorm Items Guide

There are two types of abilities you can pick up and use in Plunderstorm: items and spells. You can hold up to four spells (two offensive and two utility spells) and use them any time they are off of cooldown, but you can only carry one Item at a time, and an item can only be used one time before it disappears. Items can’t be upgraded like spells can either, but they have unique and powerful effects that can be extremely useful.

You’ll start every game with a Barrel Roll item already in the last slot on your action bar. Other items can be obtained by killing enemies, looting Supply Chests, or finding items that have been dropped by other players.

There’s one item, Keg Leg’s Cannonade, that seems to have been left out of the actual game, but can sometimes be found inside Supply Chests in Brew Bay before the start of a match. Attempting to use the item in Brew Bay does nothing and it can’t be carried over into the match.

Barrel Roll

You’ll start every Plunderstorm game with this item on your action bar, and you’ll likely find several more of them over the course of the game as other players drop theirs. It’s an excellent means of escape since you can roll pretty far and even travel over water. Be aware that jumping or running into something, including other players, will stop your momentum. You’ll usually want to get as much distance out of it as possible.

plunderstorm item barrel roll

Bottled Time

This item places a large area effect on the ground that will speed up the cooldowns of all abilities for pirates who stand within its radius. Remember that this buff affects other players too, which can be beneficial in duos but problematic when you’re fighting enemy players. The effect persists for about 15 seconds.

plunderstorm item bottled time

Chicken Coup

When used, this item will summon five Furious Chickens, which are elite enemies that will attack anyone nearby, including you (and your partner in duos). You may want to use this item alongside another ability that will allow you to put some distance between yourself and the chickens, forcing your enemies to deal with them instead.

plunderstorm item chicken coup

Gnomish Gravity Launcher

Using this item will place a launchpad on the ground that lasts for 20 seconds. Anyone who jumps on the launchpad during that time (including enemy players) will be launched in the air, dealing AOE damage when they land. You have to use your jump key on it to activate it – it’s not enough to simply walk over it.

plunderstorm item gnomish gravity launcher

Goblin Glue Rockets

When you use this item, you’ll lay down an area of sticky tar in a front of you that will slow your enemies, but you (and your duo partner) will be able to run through it just fine. It lasts for about 15 seconds.

plunderstorm item goblin glue rockets


Using this item will summon a motorcycle that you (and your duo partner) can jump into and ride around in. You’ll have two abilities while using it: Boost! will use your basic attack key and give you a three-second burst of speed on a six-second cooldown, and your heal key will trigger a Self-Destruct that ejects everyone from the vehicle and causes it to keep driving until it hits an enemy, dealing some damage to them. If you take damage while riding the Mechano-Hog, you’ll be ejected and the vehicle will disappear.

plunderstorm item mechano hog

Parrot Snacks

This item summons a parrot that will drop guano bombs on nearby enemies, slowing them and dealing a small amount of damage. Be aware that the parrot will attack any nearby enemies and put you in combat, even if you’re not close enough to aggro the enemies yourself. The parrot will stick around for about 20 seconds before disappearing.

plunderstorm item parrot snacks

Rigged Chest

Using this item will place a trapped chest in front of you. It looks like a normal chest in the game. You and your duo partner will see it marked with a bomb icon, but no one else will. Once it’s been opened, a timer will start, after which the chest will explode, dealing damage in an area around it. It stays put until someone opens it.

plunderstorm item rigged chest

Smoke Bomb

This item will allow you (and your duo partner) to disappear in a puff of smoke, gaining stealth for a short time. Keep in mind that if an enemy player knows where you are, they can knock you right out with a well-placed attack.

plunderstorm item smoke bomb

Stormproof Sloop

Here’s an item that can actually allow you to wander around in the storm for a short while, increasing your movement speed and reducing the storm damage you take. You won’t be able to interact with chests or use your other abilities, but you will be able to pick up doubloons, items, and spells while it’s active. The storm’s damage will cause the boat to catch fire and change your basic attack to Ferry Painful, a ranged attack that can only be used one time.

If you’re not in the storm, you can still use this item as a defensive cooldown. It will absorb the first hit you take and then disappear.

plunderstorm item stormproof sloop

Strange Snowman

Using this item will place a large patch of ice on the ground that causes enemy players to slip and fall while you and your duo partner can move through the area unimpaired. Once placed it will stick around for about 20 seconds.

plunderstorm item strange snowman

The Ambush

Use this item to lay in wait for enemy players and jump out at them when the moment is right. You (and your duo partner) will be disguised as a bush, invisible to other players. Your basic attack will be replaced with Bushwhack, which will cause you to jump out and stun your target. Using your heal button will allow you to simply exit the disguise. Any area damage that hits you will knock you out of the disguise, so be sure that no one sees you use it. Otherwise there seems to be no limit to how long you can remain hiding.

plunderstorm item the ambush


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