How to Get the Heart of Azeroth

how to complete the battle for azeroth introduction

There are two significant parts to completing the introduction in Battle for Azeroth (BFA). The first would be attaining your Heart of Azeroth, which is required to be able to start the journey to unlock many of the Allied Races. The second part involves the introductory quests to gain access to your faction’s portal room in the capital city, and your respective war campaign which is covered in our How to Unlock the Battle for Azeroth War Campaign guide.

Unlocking the BFA Legendary Necklace

There have been quite a few iterations of how to trigger the quest “A Dying World” — which leads to you getting the Heart of Azeroth’s legendary neck-piece. As of Dragonflight’s launch the current requirements are:

  • Have a character at level 50 or above
  • Be able to access the Battle for Azeroth capital city of your respective faction
  • The ability to travel to Silithus, a zone on the Kalimdor continent in the south

How to Get to Dazar’alor

One way to get to the Horde BFA capital city is to complete the intro scenario, but we’ll be going over that in more detail in the next section of this guide. If you’re not interested in completing the intro scenario, there is a portal in the Orgrimmar portal room that leads straight to Dazar’alor — however, keep in mind that in this case you won’t have access to the full portal room in Dazar’alor, nor be able to start your faction’s war campaign.

portal to dazaralor from orgrimmar
The portal to Dazar’alor from Orgrimmar

How to Get to Boralus

The Alliance capital city is much the same way as the Horde capital, in that you’ll wind up there if you complete the intro scenario, but if this does not appeal to you then you can simply use the portal room in Stormwind to transport there. If you do not complete the intro scenario you won’t have all the portals in the Boralus portal room and will be unable to start your faction’s war campaign.

portal to boralus from stormwind
The portal to Boralus from Stormwind

How to Unlock “A Dying World” Quest

So, you’ve made it to your faction’s capital city for BFA, but how do you get the quest to get to Magni Bronzebeard? Simple: at level 50, an NPC will appear in each city, called Earthen Guardian, that looks kind of like a construct from the Iron Dwarves. Turn on low-level quest tracking on your minimap to make finding them a bit easier, if you’re having trouble.

It should be noted that if you’re playing on a level-boosted character it is reported that you instead need to start the “A Dying World” questline straight from Magni Bronzebeard in Silithus and should go directly there. If that’s the case, then jump ahead to the next section on How to Get to Silithus.

This NPC will offer you “A Dying World” quest, which will send you to Magni Bronzebeard in Silithus and start the small quest chain that leads to you getting your legendary neck-piece.

How to Get to Silithus

If you’ve completed the BFA intro, the portal room in either Dazar’alor or Boralus will have a portal in the corner that goes directly to Silithus and transports you right next to where Magni is.

Don’t fret if you don’t want to do the intro scenario, though — there is actually a fairly simple way to get to Silithus that just requires a bit of a flight that’s open to all characters by default. The portal to Uldum, a zone introduced in Cataclysm, is available in both Orgrimmar and Stormwind and transports you right next to where Silithus is.

After taking that portal you’ll find yourself in Uldum, and with a somewhat short flight you can make your way right to Silithus. I’ll include a map showing where you spawn in at Uldum and where you’re supposed to be going to find Magni:

After arriving and talking to Magni he’ll have you teleport into the inner sanctum of Azeroth where you’ll be given the Heart of Azeroth. Then, you will be given a couple of quick tasks to help ease Azeroth’s suffering and get the titan controls for the room in working order!

Take note that when Magni asks you to absorb the Azerite chunks throughout the room they’re a bit inconspicuous — you don’t directly click them. Rather, you go near them and use the extra action bar button to absorb them. If you’re having trouble figuring out what you’re supposed to be absorbing, here’s a screenshot:

azerite granola chunks
Azerite Granola Chunks

Once you’ve completed absorbing all of the chunks around the room an event will trigger. For this one you’ll just need to stand in the center of the room and click the extra action bar button once more to start unleashing the power you’ve absorbed in an attempt at stabilizing the room.

da woonz

And with that you’ve successfully achieved getting your Heart of Azeroth! It automatically equips in your neck slot on your character, so if you’re frantically checking your bags or notice that your ilvl has dipped quite a bit, that would be the place to look.

It is not required to do the BFA intro scenario/quests to be able to get your HoA (Heart of Azeroth). Instead, upon getting your neck-piece and completing the quests with Magni you’ll get an automatic quest pop-up that, if accepted, starts the quest chain for the BFA intro for your faction.


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