How to Get to the Forbidden Reach

how to get to the forbidden reach

With Patch 10.0.7, The Forbidden Reach was opened up as a new level 70 zone for all races. This version of the zone is separate from the dracthyr evoker starting zone. It is an island at the north end of the Dragon Isles, accessible only by flying.

You can fly to the zone at any time using dragonriding, but there won’t be anything to do there until you have started its quest campaign. So we’ll walk you through how to do that as well as how to unlock World Quests in the zone. We’ll also cover how to get started with the Zskera Vaults, which is the main feature of the zone.

How to Start the A Creche Divided Story

To start the A Creche Divided campaign, you’ll need to be level 70. Head to Valdrakken and speak with Kurazidaia atop the Seat of the Aspects to start the first quest, ! Hidden Legacies. This will lead to the quest ! Return to the Reach, which will take you to the zone.

/way Valdrakken 61.0 26.6 Kurazidaia
kurazidaia seat of the aspects valdrakken
Kurazidaia in Valdrakken

How to Unlock World Quests in The Forbidden Reach

Once you arrive at The Forbidden Reach you’ll have three quests to complete to start unlocking World Quests within the zone:

  • ! Wings of Mercy
  • ! Stemming the Irontide
  • ! An Eclectic Accord

When these are completed, you’ll be able to pick up ! Emberthal Awaits. This quest leads to ! Helping Hand and Claw, which begins the Zskera Vaults chain. It also unlocks Envoy dailies, World Quests, and weekly quests within the zone.

How to Unlock Zskera Vaults

The feature of The Forbidden Reach that will draw most players to spend time there is the Zskera Vaults. This feature is unlocked through the quest line above, but there is a lot more to it than just getting in the door.

Once unlocked, the vaults can be entered at any time by speaking with Pathfinder Jeb at the entrance.

way The Forbidden Reach 29.2 53.0 Pathfinder Jeb
pathfinder jeb zskera vaults the forbidden reach
Pathfinder Jeb at the Zskera Vaults entrance

Inside the vaults, you’ll find a four-story room with locked doors lining the walls at each level. There are five doors on the bottom level and eight doors on each of the others for a total of 29 doors. You are given a key to open the first vault. You will need to find 28 more if you want to open all of the doors.

Zskera Vault Keys can be obtained by completing activities in The Forbidden Reach. These keys are account bound, meaning you can send them to your alts. Keep in mind, however, that each character has their own vault and the doors must be unlocked separately. Here are the activities that reward keys:

  • Forbidden Hoard events provide a guaranteed key.
  • Enemies in The Forbidden Reach have a chance to drop a key when killed. Rares have about a 50% drop rate while elites are in the single digits. Regular enemies have a sub-1% chance.
  • Sack of Oddities can be bought from Cataloger Daela in Morqut Village for 2000 Elemental Overflow. It has about a 33% chance to contain a key.


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