How to Unlock the Highmountain Tauren Allied Race

highmountain tauren allied race zone

The Highmountain Tauren Allied Race was one of the first to be introduced in the Legion expansion, and unlocking it will require completing content from that era. Most of this content can be done on either faction as early as level 10, but you will need a level 45 Horde character for the final series of quests. Evokers can access Highmountain faster than other classes because they do not have to unlock their order hall first. Evokers will not get any experience from Legion content, however.

If you haven’t played through any of Legion, these are the steps you will need to complete before you can unlock the Highmountain Tauren Allied Race:

We will go over each step in the sections below.

Note that the final step does not need to be done on the same character as the others. You’re free to level a character through the Legion content and then swap to another character for the allied race quests.

The Broken Isles Introductory Quests

The first step is to start the Legion story and travel to the Broken Isles. To do this, you have a couple of options. If you haven’t reached level 50 on any character yet, you may need to complete the Battle for Azeroth introduction before these options become available. We have a separate guide for that here: BFA Intro Guide. Once you have completed the Battle for Azeroth introduction and earned the Welcome to Zandalar (Horde) / Come Sail Away (Alliance) achievement, you should be able to start the Legion quests.

This introductory quest chain will take you through a scenario and a few quests in your capital city before teleporting you to New Dalaran. Demon hunters get their own separate quest chain, which automatically follows their starting zone quests. For everyone else, you have two options to start the Legion story:

  • Hero’s Call Board (Alliance) / Warchief’s Command Board (Horde)
    • Head to the quest board in your capital city. For Alliance, the Hero’s Call Board is in the center of the Trade District in Stormwind. For Horde, the Warchief’s Command Board is next to Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar. Clicking on the board, you should see an option for “Broken Shore.” Selecting this option will start the quest chain below.
  • Chromie Time
    • Find Chromie near the Orgrimmar or Stormwind Embassy. Speak with her to select a timeline. Select “The Legion Invasion” to start the quest chain below.

Regardless of the route you choose, you will pick up the quest Legion: The Legion Returns. If you’ve done this quest chain before on another character, you can now skip to the end by talking to Recruiter Lee (Alliance) or Holgar Stormaxe (Horde). If you choose to continue the quests, they will lead you through the scenario The Battle for Broken Shore, and you will end up in the city of New Dalaran.

If you get stuck or just want to see the full quest chain, our Legion Intro Guide has more details.

Unlocking Your Class Order Hall

After you have turned in In the Blink of an Eye in Dalaran, an NPC will appear and follow you around with a class-specific quest. There is a short delay for this NPC to appear, so just give the game a few seconds.

Completing your class quest chain will get you your first artifact weapon. It will also unlock your order hall, which is required to start the Highmountain quests. If you run into trouble or just want to see the full list of quests, there’s a complete guide to unlocking your order hall in our Legion Intro Guide!

When you’ve reached the point of your class quests where you can access the Scouting Map in your order hall, choose the Highmountain zone to pick up The Lone Mountain. You don’t need to go any further with your order hall or class quests at this point.

evoker scouting map violet citadel
The Scouting Map for evokers is located in the Violet Citadel. Other classes can find theirs inside their order hall.

The Highmountain Campaign

Now that you have unlocked your order hall and picked up The Lone Mountain, the next step is to complete the entire storyline of the Highmountain zone and earn the Ain’t No Mountain High Enough achievement. You will encounter several side quests along the way that are not necessary for the achievement – only the quests that make up the chains below are required. These quests should naturally chain together in the order they are listed, but you can always check the list to see where you are and what you still need to do.

highmountain zone map
Map of the Highmountain zone

Completing the Allied Race Quests

The home stretch! Just one last chain of quests to complete. Head to the Orgrimmar Embassy and speak with Ji Firepaw to get started. This chain will send you to Thunder Bluff for a few quests before finishing up back in Highmountain. Keep in mind that this part requires a level 45 Horde character.

It’s worth noting that, currently, this questline can only be done once per account. This might be your only chance to play through it!

When you’ve finished this quest chain, you’ll earn the achievement Allied Races: Highmountain Tauren. Congratulations, you can now play a Highmountain Tauren character! You’ll also unlock the Highmountain Tabard and the Highmountain Thunderhoof mount for all your characters.


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