How to Unlock Shaman Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearances

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Shamans are masters of all four elements – earth, air, fire, and water – and their artifact weapons reflect this background. In this guide we’ll show you how to unlock the hidden appearances for all three shaman artifact weapons. To unlock the additional color tints for these appearances, see our main Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearances guide.


Weapon: The Fist of Ra-den (Main Hand) and The Highkeeper’s Ward (Off Hand)
Hidden Appearance: Prestige of the Amani
Hidden Effect: Certain water and air elementals in Stormheim become friendly with this artifact appearance equipped.
Unlocked By: Lost Codex of the Amani

How to Unlock Prestige of the Amani

To get Lost Codex of the Amani you will need to kill rare enemies or loot chests in The Underbelly in Dalaran until it drops. Rares spawn in The Underbelly while the Sewer Guards are active. Chests spawn when there are No Guards. You will know which event is active by the debuff you have when you enter the sewers. When there are No Guards, The Underbelly becomes a free-for-all PVP zone. The guards are controlled by their captain, Raethan, who can be bribed to change the debuff for 50 Sightless Eyes.

Underbelly Rares

Here are all of the rares that can drop the item:

Underbelly Chests

The chest to look for is called Underbelly Hoard. You can’t loot it if you have a bodyguard NPC with you. There are other types of chests in The Underbelly, but these are the only ones that have a chance to contain the item. Below is a picture of what it looks like and a map of the various spawn points. Click on the map if you’d like to get a closer look!


Weapon: Doomhammer (Main Hand) and Fury of the Stonemother (Off Hand)
Hidden Appearance: Zandalar Champion
Hidden Effect: Unknown
Unlocked By: The Warmace of Shirvallah

How to Unlock Zandalar Champion

The Warmace of Shirvallah drops from three different bosses:

We’ll cover each of them below. Helya will be easiest to farm, but the World Bosses have a much higher drop rate if they happen to be active.

How to Defeat Helya in Trial of Valor

Before you can fight Helya you must defeat Hymdall and Hyrja as well as the other two bosses, Odyn and Guarm.

After defeating Odyn, you will be sent to Haustvald, where you must head straight down the stairs to enter The Eternal Battlefield. You’ll need to kill any trash along the route in order to open the portal at the bottom of the stairs. Once inside, head for Guarm. When he’s dead, you’ll have to kill all of the trash in Helya‘s area before you can fight her. To defeat her, you must destroy all of her tentacles, including the ones on the upper platforms.

The item has a fairly low drop rate, so you may need to kill her quite a few times before you see it. Like most raid bosses, she can only be killed once per week on each difficulty.

How to Defeat World Bosses Flotsam and Lavantus

Flotsam and Levantus are two of 11 World Bosses in the Broken Isles, and only one is active during any given week. If they are active, then you will be able to see their World Quest icon on the map if you have unlocked World Quests for the Broken Isles. If you haven’t yet, you can do so by completing ! Uniting the Isles. This requires earning Friendly reputation with the four major Legion factions. The quickest way to earn reputation with each faction is by completing quests in their associated zones. Here are the factions and their zones:

When you have reached Friendly with all four factions, visit Archmage Khadgar in The Violet Citadel in Dalaran to complete the quest ! Uniting the Isles.

If Flotsam is active he will be found in Highmountain at Shipwreck Cove on the northern shore.

/way Highmounain 49.2 7.6 Flotsam

If Levantus is active he will be found in Azsuna in the water between Oceanus Cove and Isle of the Watchers.

/way Azsuna 43.0 67.6 Levantus


Weapon: Sharas’dal, Scepter of Tides (Main Hand) and Shield of the Sea Queen (Off Hand)
Hidden Appearance: Serpent’s Coil
Hidden Effect: Unknown
Unlocked By: Coil of the Drowned Queen

How to Unlock Serpent’s Coil

Coil of the Drowned Queen has a chance to drop from Lady Hatecoil and Warlord Parjesh, two bosses in the Eye of Azshara dungeon. In order to remove the shield and face Lady Hatecoil you will first have to defeat the two Hatecoil Arcanists nearby. They should all be easy to defeat on a high level character. The item has a fairly low drop rate, so you may need to kill them quite a few times before you see it.


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