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dragonflight seeds of renewal follower dungeons

Among the content added with Patch 10.2.5 Seeds of Renewal is a new feature: the ability to complete dungeons with NPC followers filling out your party. This is a new way to complete Normal dungeons either by yourself or with just one, two, or three friends instead of needing a full group of players. This new feature can allow more casual players to see the content at their own pace so they can learn the mechanics or just enjoy the story. It can also help you quickly get into Normal dungeons if there is currently a long wait for tanks or healers. Perhaps most significantly, it gives players a way to practice or test out their abilities in a simulated group setting, which can be particularly beneficial for tanks and healers who are just learning the ropes.

How to Queue for Follower Dungeons

You can queue for Follower Dungeons using the Group Finder like any other type of dungeon. In the dropdown menu on the Dungeon Finder page, you’ll find a new Follower Dungeons option. This option is currently only available for Normal Dragonflight dungeons. You can’t complete lower-level dungeons with followers. You also won’t find Dawn of the Infinite or other Mythic-level dungeons.

Here are the Follower Dungeons that are currently available:

You can queue for Follower Dungeons with up to 3 other players. The game will fill any open roles in your party with NPCs. Since you don’t need to wait for other players, you won’t be sitting in a queue – you’ll be able to enter the dungeon as soon as you click on the “Find Group” button.

Dungeon Assistance

When you’re in a Follower Dungeon, you’ll have a special action button available called Dungeon Assistance. Activating this ability will signal one of your followers to lead the way through the dungeon. The leader will always be Captain Garrick, the tank NPC, if she is present.

With Dungeon Assistance toggled on, the NPC leader will follow a set path through the dungeon. They will never run more than about 30 yards ahead of you, so you don’t have to worry about falling behind. They won’t make any effort to skip mobs and will stay put until they clear the current pack, so if you want to keep pulling you’ll have to run ahead and do so yourself. If you are close enough to a boss, they will pull it like any other mob, so stay back or toggle off Dungeon Assistance if you want them to wait.

Follower NPCs will not complete non-combat tasks such as freeing captives – you will have to do that yourself. They don’t generally use any crowd control and are not very good at interrupting spells. They are pretty good at knowing what targets to focus and will intelligently use some of their abilities – more on those in each follower’s section below!

At any time you can toggle this feature off if you would like to set the pace yourself, and your NPC followers will simply fall in step behind you and assist with anything you find yourself fighting. They will not run ahead or pull mobs on their own if it is toggled off.

follower dungeons dungeon assistance


You will be able to loot enemies throughout the dungeon just as you would in any other instance. Bosses have a chance to drop a piece of loot from their Normal loot list. The chances of seeing a piece of loot drop seem to be about 1 in 4 or 5, simulating your chances of getting an item with a regular group.

Follower NPCs

For the moment, there are exactly five possible NPC followers who can fill out your group. You will always get the same tank or healer. If you only need one or two DPS, the game will select from the three available DPS characters.

These characters were all introduced in Exile’s Reach, the new optional alternate starting zone that was added to the game in Shadowlands. They are all members of the Dragonscale Expedition and appear with the tag “Expedition Escort.” There are both Alliance and Horde races represented.

We’ll take a look at each of the NPC followers and their abilities in the sections below.

Captain Garrick

Captain Garrick is the only tank follower that is currently available. She is a Human Protection Paladin.

If Captain Garrick is in your party, she’ll be the one to lead the way through the dungeon if you have Dungeon Assistance toggled on.

Crenna Earth-Daughter

Crenna Earth-Daughter is the only healer follower that is currently available. She is a Tauren Restoration Druid.

She is able to move while casting and can usually be seen moving around within the group.

Meredy Huntswell

Meredy Huntswell is one of three potential DPS followers who can join your party. She is a Dark Iron Dwarf Fire Mage.

If Meredy is in your party, she will place a Refreshment Table at the start of the dungeon so you can fill up on mage food.

Shuja Grimaxe

Shuja Grimaxe is the third potential DPS follower who can join your party. She is an Orc Elemental Shaman.

Austin Huxworth

Austin Huxworth is another potential DPS follower who can join your party. He is a Worgen Beast Mastery Hunter. He comes with two wolf pets, Ash and Nyx.

Austin’s abilities include:

follower dungeons austin huxworth

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