bagnon addon guide

Bagnon Addon Guide

May 10, 2023  • Luxrah

Bagnon is an addon for World of Warcraft that replaces the default inventory frames. It consolidates the contents of your equipped bags into a single window, with matching windows…

auctionator addon guide

Auctionator Addon Guide

May 8, 2023  • Luxrah

Auctionator is an addon designed to help you make the best use of the auction house in World of Warcraft. There have been a few different auction addons over the years, and while s…

rarescanner addon guide

RareScanner Addon Guide

May 3, 2023  • Luxrah

The RareScanner addon allows you to track rare NPCs, treasures, and events using your map, a special explorer window, and alerts that pop up when a tracked NPC or event is detected…

raiderio addon guide

Raider.IO Addon Guide

May 1, 2023  • Luxrah

Raider.IO is a rankings website for raids and Mythic+ dungeons. The Raider.IO addon is a companion tool for the site that makes its information available in-game. You will be able…

details damage meter addon guide

Details! Damage Meter Addon Guide

April 28, 2023  • Luxrah

Details! Damage Meter is a powerful addon for tracking damage, healing, threat, and much more in World of Warcraft. The addon combs through your combat log and parses information i…

healbot continued addon guide

HealBot Continued Addon Guide

April 26, 2023  • Luxrah

Players often refer to mouseover healing tools as “HealBot.” That’s because the original HealBot addon was the first of its kind: an addon that made it easy to bind your spells to…

vuhdo addon guide

VuhDo Addon Guide

April 16, 2023  • Luxrah

VuhDo replaces your group unit frames with highly customizable ones. It also makes it easy to bind your spells to mouse clicks, similar to using mouseover macros. VuhDo and addons…

elvui addon guide

ElvUI Addon Guide

April 12, 2023  • Luxrah

ElvUI is a complete user interface designed to replace the default Blizzard UI. It’s highly customizable and has a large community for support, compatibility, profile sharing, and…

how to install and manage addons

How to Install and Manage Addons

April 6, 2023  • Luxrah

Third-party addons are widely used in World of Warcraft to modify the interface and add functionality beyond what the default UI provides. While they are not required to play the g…

my ui edit mode

How to Setup a Minimalist Raid-Ready UI for World of Warcraft

December 16, 2022  • Shadostruct

Whether you’re a new player or an older one looking to change it up from the default UI experience, there’s a lot to consider when building a UI. Thankfully, things are a bit simpl…

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