How to Unlock Rogue Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearances

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Rogues are masters of stealth and deception. They are assassins, ninjas, and spies, and their artifact weapons reflect this background. By unlocking the hidden appearances for your artifacts, you can dual wield some truly epic weapons – including Thunderfury! In this guide we’ll show you how to unlock the hidden appearances for all three rogue artifact weapons. To unlock the additional color tints for these appearances, see our main Hidden Artifact Weapon Appearances guide.


Weapon: The Kingslayers – Anguish (Main Hand) and Sorrow (Off Hand)
Hidden Appearance: Bonebreaker
Hidden Effect: Unknown
Unlocked By: The Cypher of Broken Bone

How to Unlock Bonebreaker

To get The Cypher of Broken Bone you will need to kill rare enemies or loot chests in The Underbelly in Dalaran until it drops. Rares spawn in The Underbelly while the Sewer Guards are active. Chests spawn when there are No Guards. You will know which event is active by the debuff you have when you enter the sewers. When there are No Guards, The Underbelly becomes a free-for-all PVP zone. The guards are controlled by their captain, Raethan, who can be bribed to change the debuff for 50 Sightless Eyes.

Underbelly Rares

Here are all of the rares that can drop the item:

Underbelly Chests

The chest to look for is called Underbelly Hoard. You can’t loot it if you have a bodyguard NPC with you. There are other types of chests in The Underbelly, but these are the only ones that have a chance to contain the item. Below is a picture of what it looks like and a map of the various spawn points. Click on the map if you’d like to get a closer look!


Weapon: The Dreadblades – Fate (Main Hand) and Fortune (Off Hand)
Hidden Appearance: Thunderfury, Hallowed Blade of the Windlord
Hidden Effect: Taste of Blood
Unlocked By: Emanation of the Winds

How to Unlock Thunderfury, Hallowed Blade of the Windlord

To get Emanation of the Winds, you must assemble a few different items very similar to those required to create the original Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker legendary weapon. We’ll go over how to get each in the sections below. The items required are:

How to Get the Left Half

The left half of Bindings of the Windlord is a drop from Dargrul the Underking, the last boss in the Neltharion’s Lair dungeon. As a rogue you’ll be able to sneak past most of the trash in this dungeon, but you will need to kill the other bosses in order to reach Dargrul. After Rokmora, ride the barrel down the river. When you kill Naraxas, you’ll be able to slide down the hole she emerged from. The item has a fairy low drop rate, so you may need to clear the dungeon quite a few times. You can quickly exit the dungeon by following the path near Dargrul to reset and try again.

dagrul the underking neltharions lair
Dagrul the Underking in Neltherion’s Lair
How to Get the Right Half

The right half of Bindings of the Windlord is a drop from Ash’Golm, the third boss in the Vault of the Wardens dungeon. You’ll once again be able to sneak past most of the trash, but you must kill Glayvianna Soulrender, Foul Mother, and Dreadlord Mendacius as well as the first two bosses, Tirathon Saltheril and Inquisitor Tormentorum, to open doors and progress through the dungeon. You do not need to kill the other two bosses. The item has a fairy low drop rate, so you may need to run the dungeon quite a few times. There is no shortcut to the entrance, unfortunately; you’ll just have to ride the elevator back up and exit the way you came in.

ashgolm vault of the wardens
Ash’Golm in Vault of the Wardens

How to Get Infernal Brimstone

Infernal Brimstone can be mined from Brimstone Destroyer Cores, which drop after killing Brimstone Destroyers in the Broken Isles. But even if you have Mining, it will probably be easiest to simply buy them from the auction house. They’re usually not very expensive, and finding the mobs can be tricky because they don’t spawn very often.

How to Get Emancipation of Winds

When you have acquired both Bindings of the Windlord and all 10 Infernal Brimstone, head to Stormheim and locate Thrymjaris at Thorim’s Peak in the mountains to the southwest.

/way Stormheim 40.8 80.8 Thrymjaris

Thrymjaris will only be there if you have freed her as part of the Stormheim campaign quests. Here is an overview of the quests you’ll need to complete in order to free her. You can start these quests by selecting Stormheim as a strike point on the Scouting Map in your class order hall or by flying to the zone and speaking with Archmage Landon near the Highmountain border.

Once you have located Thrymjaris, speak with her and select the second dialogue option. You must be in the Outlaw specialization for this step. Continue the conversation until she offers the quest ! Bindings of the Windlord. Complete it and you can pick up ! Audience with the Windlord. Thunderaan will then appear and you will be able to give him the items in exchange for your Emanation of the Winds.

thunderaan thrymjaris stormheim
Thunderaan and Thrymjaris in Stormheim


Weapon: Fangs of the Devourer – Gorefang (Main Hand) and Akaari’s Will (Off Hand)
Hidden Appearance: Venombite
Hidden Effect: Unknown
Unlocked By: Tome of Otherworldly Venoms

How to Unlock Venombite

The Tome of Otherworldly Venoms can be obtained through the Troves of the Thunder King scenario. Each time you wish to access this scenario, you will need to first obtain a Key to the Palace of Lei Shen. These keys drop from enemies and chests on the Isle of Thunder, but as a rogue you have a better way of getting them through your class order hall.

How to Unlock the Vault

The best way to get Key to the Palace of Lei Shen is through The Vault order hall advancement.

To research The Vault trait, speak with Winstone Wolfe in The Chamber of Shadows, the lowest level of your class order hall, The Hall of Shadows. He will only be there if you have completed your order hall campaign up to ! The Big Bad Wolfe. You will first need to research a tier 1 trait at a cost of 50 Order Resources, waiting 2 hours for it to finish. Then you can research The Vault trait for 100 Order Resources. Another 4 hours later you will be able to access The Vault.

winstone wolfe the hall of shadows
Winstone Wolfe in The Hall of Shadows

How to Access the Vault

Once you have unlocked The Vault, there are two ways to access it. You can sometimes get a Vault Ticket from order hall missions. They can only be turned in once per week, so this is not a very efficient way of accessing it. The other method is by using Pick Pocket on enemies in the Broken Isles until you get a Marin Noggenfogger’s Lucky Coin. This item is unique, so you can only have one at a time.

Here is a handy macro to automatically target the closest enemy and pick its pocket. Spam this in dense crowds for some really efficient looting. You can bind it to your scroll wheel for even faster picking!

/cast Pick Pocket

A good place to pick pockets is around The Drowned Gardens in Azsuna, directly north of The Crumbled Palace, where the portals from your capital city lead. There are many naga in the area, mainly Hatecoil Slavers, and you have a decent chance of getting the coin within a few minutes.

/way Azsuna 47 36 Drowned Gardens
hatecoil slaver azsuna
Hatecoil Slavers in Azsuna

When you have Marin Noggenfogger’s Lucky Coin, you can turn it in to Marin Noggenfogger in The Hall of Shadows, your class order hall. He can be found sitting in a pile of gold inside the Uncrowned Vault.

/way The Hall of Shadows 31.2 68.4 Marin Noggenfogger

Inside the Uncrowned Vault you’ll find a Sparkling Set of Keys that contains Key to the Palace of Lei Shen. There will usually be more than one key inside.

Troves of the Thunder King Scenario

With they key in your inventory, locate Taoshi in your class order hall. She is downstairs seated at the table in the Chamber of Shadows. Speak with her to begin the Troves of the Thunder King scenario.

Your goal in this scenario will be to collect as many Burial Trove Keys as possible in order to open Lei Shen’s Burial Troves when the scenario is completed.

Here are the ways you can get Burial Trove Keys:

golden treasure chest troves of the thunder king
Golden Treasure Chests are larger and darker than Mogu Treasure Chests

Tips for getting Burial Trove Keys

Don’t waste time with Mogu Treasure Chests. They are everywhere and have a lower chance of containing a key. You can go for any Golden Treasure Chests that are near your path, but your best bet is to make good time so you can get the two guaranteed keys at the end. If you spawn a Skumblade Pillager when looting a chest, use a crowd control ability such as Kidney Shot or Blind to prevent its escape.

To make good time through the scenario, you’ll need to avoid traps as much as possible. Trap tiles and AOE effects are clearly marked: avoid anything that looks out of place except for the green rune circles, which will give you a speed boost. Use Sprint early so you can use it more than once, and stay in Stealth as much as possible to avoid unnecessary combat. Each door needs to be opened with a lever, so don’t try to run directly to the door – head for the lever first. Keep in mind that obstacles like chests, crates, and broken railings can be jumped over.

When the scenario is over, open as many Lei Shen’s Burial Troves as you have keys for. Eventually one of them should contain your Tome of Otherworldly Venoms.

lei shens burial troves of the thunder king
Lei Shen’s Burial Troves


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