X-995 Mechanocat Mount Guide


Being an endgame island, Mechagon has plenty of interesting mounts obtainable through rare drop or achievement, and one of the more unique of those is the X-995 Mechanocat. Craftable through Pascal-K1N6 after obtaining the Blueprint: Mechanocat Laser Pointer for 500g from Cork Stuttguard, the Mechanocat is then able to be recolored after finding and obtaining various paint buckets from around Mechagon, coming in 9 different colors total when including its base grey.

Making the Mechanocat

Like all things from Pascal, you will need several different items from around Mechagon to craft the mount. Making the Mechanocat Laser Pointer requires 8x S.P.A.R.E Crates, 4x Chain Ignitercoils, and 5x Energy Cells. The crates are made from 250 Spare Parts each, the Ignitercoils are found from rare drops and chests, and the Energy Cells have to be found or filled up at the Charging Station by Pristy Quickcharge.

Color Locations

Most of these colors are drops from various rares around Mechagon, but others require an activity completion of some sort to acquire.

Fel Mint Green drops from Crazed Trogg, a rare spawned in a cave at Sparkweaver’s Point. He will not be attackable until you cover yourself in a specific colored paint from paint sprayer’s in Bondo’s Yard.

Overload Orange drops from Fungarian Furor or Crazed Trogg. Fungarian Furor is only accessible when the Aid From Nordrassil daily is up. While the Daily is present, you will find Mushroom’s all over the west side of Mechagon, and interacting with them has a chance to turn it into the Fungarian Furor.

Fireball Red drops from Mechanized Chests or Crazed Trogg.

Lemonade Steel drops from the Oxidized Leachbeast, a rare spawned only in rain after killing several Oxidized Leachates at the Junkwatt Depot. You can force it to rain here through the rare drop, Exothermic Evaporator Coil.

Big-ol Bronze drops from Rumblerocks, a rare in a cave on the western side of Mechagon, in the Toothy Shallows.

Mechagon Gold drops from the Armored Vaultbot, a rare that roams the forest near Bondo’s Yard.

Copper Trim is obtained from Recycling Requisition chests, which are rewards for participating in the Reclamation Drill daily event and the Recycling Daily quests from the Recyclerizer DX-82 in the Junkwatt Depot.

Lastly, the Battletorn Blue dye is available from the Available in Eight Colors achievement completed by obtaining the other seven colors.


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