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While we have a bounty of serpentine mounts now, the Riddler’s Mind-Worm was (and still is) a nice alternative to the cloud serpents for people who wanted something smooth, but less dignified when it was released. Sharing its model with the rare drop off Mistress Sassz’ine in Tomb of Sargeras, the two worms resemble monstrous eels. Given the amount of Naga or otherwise aquatically themed transmog sets, the Mind-Worm is an easy mount to obtain to give you the mount and transmog synergy you may have been looking for, and for anyone else can be just another point towards your next mount achievement.

How to Obtain

The Riddler’s Mind-Worm is a secret mount obtainable through ‘collection’ of various pages throughout Azeroth, following clues and riddles (in the form of pages) from the previous to find the next. For those who want to simplify the hunt, you can just right-click the various items in order and receive your mount without needing to do any thinking. For those who wish to try to solve the riddle on their own: Start in the Legerdemain Lounge in Legion Dalaran, there you will find a scroll on northern bookshelf.

Page Locations

Starting off in Legion’s Dalaran, go to the Legerdemain Lounge, towards the north end of the ground floor is a scroll on a bookshelf, the first of the 8 pages you will have to read before obtaining your very own worm.

The second page will require you to go to Duskwood, where the giant tree and Emerald Dream portal is (Druids you can take your Dreamway there), and go to the Moonwell just east of the tree, on the bench beside it will be the second page. If you’re using a waypoint addon you can also use ‘/way Duskwood 49 33’ to find your way as well.

The third is inside the Firelands Raid, tucked towards the left side of Ragnaros’s pool, next to the furthest back brazier. To get to him you will need to kill all the previous bosses, but once you do you can easily kill Ragnaros and grab your third page.

The fourth is in Uldum, the old version of the Zone, so if there is an Old God Assault active you will need to speak with the Bronze Dragon Zidormi to visit the other version. Once there, travel south to the ‘Lost City of the Tol’vir’ and go all the way to the coast, the mainland portion’s peninsula has a large amount of trees, but between two of them closest to the coast will be the fourth page. To make it easier, you can look at the bottom of the ‘of’ in ‘Lost City of the Tol’vir’ and go directly east. You can also use ‘/way Uldum 70 78’ to find it easier.

The fifth page is located within the Siege of Orgrimmar raid, within the Sha of Pride boss room. The page sits on the floor in a little divot just above the bottom left corner when looking at the map.

The sixth page requires you to go to the Well of Eternity dungeon inside the Caverns of Time, where you will have to get past the first two bosses. In the forested section with Mannoroth, you will find it along the edge of the well of eternity, at the bottom of the steps. If you look at the map, it just over halfway between the 1st and 2nd stone circles when going from the bottom to the top.

The seventh can be found in Kun-Lai Summit, near the Shado-pan Monastery. If you were approaching the monastery from the ground, you will see two large tiger statues, and between the left one’s paws is the seventh page. To make it easier, you can use ‘/way Kun-Lai Summit 35 51’ to find the tiger statues.

The eight and final page is located in old Uldum once again, this time to the east of the Halls of Origination, in the Steps of Fate, where you will find four tall statues overlooking the path up to the halls. The page is located at the base of the second large statue when counting from south to north. You can use ‘/way Uldum 76 54’ to find the statue easier.

Once you’ve found and clicked all eight pages, you’re ready to go get your mount, but remember as you go through the pages you will have needed to gotten them all in sequential order. If you have trouble finding one make sure you clicked on the previous, as that is the only way it will appear.

To get your mount, you will need to go to Westfall, where the Gift of the Mind Seekers sits on the northwestern coast. The easiest way to find it is to look at the map, and where the little outcropping of islands is, go to the beach and look for the shipwrecks. Tucked into one of the beached rowboats is the chest you are looking for. You can also use ‘/way Westfall 31 28’ to find it even easier.

And that’s it, feel free to drag a friend along with you, or show them the way afterwards if they decide they want it as well.


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