How to Unlock the Battle for Azeroth War Campaign & Portal Room

how to unlock the battle for azeroth war campaign & portal room

There are two significant parts to completing the introduction in Battle for Azeroth (BFA). First would be opening up the portal room in the BFA capital city of your respective faction, and thus opening up access to your faction’s war campaign, plus the portal to Silithus (directly to Magni Bronzebeard). The second half would be attaining your Heart of Azeroth legendary neckpiece — covered in our How to Get the Heart of Azeroth guide.

Starting the Battle for Azeroth Introductory Scenario

So, there are two distinct introduction scenarios, one for each faction, that lead to said faction’s capital city. At the end of these quest chains you’ll get the opportunity to let your faction open up a portal room in the new capital that leads to the primary capital cities (and Silithus if you’re level 50 or above). Once the portal room is open you’ll also have the war campaign for your faction, available to start.

The intro scenarios can be started at level 35 or above, although it’s suggested to be level 50 just to make it cleaner by being able to pursue things like the Heart of Azeroth at the same time.

Alliance War Campaign

To begin the quest chain that leads into the scenario, see the guard next to the “Hero’s Call Board” in the Trade District of Stormwind who will offer you a quest.

stormwind tides of war quest start
Hero’s Herald, highlighted, is the questgiver

From there you’ll report to Stormwind Castle to have a meeting with several important figures about what’s happening with the war against the horde. At a certain point it will be brought up that the naval fleet of the Kul Tirans is thought to be necessary, of which Jaina Proudmoore has close ties to in the past.

She asks you to accompany her to Kul Tiras to ask for an Alliance, and you meet her at the Stormwind docks to begin the intro scenario that will get you to Boralus.

speak to jaina at the harbor sw map emphasized 1

If you have already completed this scenario on another character on your account you will get the option to skip the scenario by saying something to the likes of “I’ve heard this tale before” in the dialogue options when speaking to Jaina at the harbor.

The scenario itself is straightforward enough and will have you breaking out of jail in Boralus and getting acquainted with the city and the main players for the expansion’s story. Once you’ve reached the quest “Sanctum of the Sages” you’ll escort some alliance mages to open up the portal room in Boralus and, for the sake of having portals available and the war campaign opened, you’ll be done with the introduction for BFA!

boralus portal room

Right across from the portal room you’ll see a ship docked — the Wind’s Redemption — which is where you’ll need to go to start your alliance war campaign efforts. You’ll get your introductory quests asking you to get some resources and use the command table to pick your first foothold in Zuldazar. Once you’ve chosen a foothold to sail to it you’ll need to speak to Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth at the helm.

Horde War Campaign

To start the quest chain that will get you to Dazar’alor, speak to the guard next to the “Warchief’s Command Board” who will offer you the beginning quest.

orgrimmar warchiefs herald quest start
The Warchief’s Herald NPC right outside the Warchief’s hut in Orgrimmar

Good news is, there’s not a lot of traveling required. You’ll go directly into the warchief’s hut and get a cutscene where you speak to Sylvanas about helping the Horde’s war effort against the Alliance. After that, a small hut nearby will have Nathanos with a couple of other conspirators to get you started on your journey into the Horde intro scenario.

meeting the team
Make sure to get the silver flask on the table!

The scenario is sort of the opposite of the Alliance one and involves you breaking into a prison to break out some political prisoners. Again, the scenario is very straightforward and should be easy enough — just follow the directions and keep moving forward.

Once you get to Dazar’alor there will be a few introductory quests that involve you speaking to the king of the Zandalar Trolls and setting up the Horde embassy. Once you reach the quest “Speaker of the Horde,” you’ll open up the portal room and have the war campaign available.

summon the horde to make embassy
Plant the flag at the yellow outline to summon the Horde

To find the Banshee’s Wail ship to start the horde campaign, you’ll need to take the flight path right outside embassy you have just set up, and you’ll have a flightpath to the southern tip of the city unlocked by default.

Once on the ship you’ll be able to talk to Nathanos to get started on your war campaign and use the command table to choose a foothold in Kul Tiras. To sail there, make sure to talk to Dread-Admiral Tattersail at the helm once you’ve chosen a foothold.


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