How to Unlock the Void Elf Allied Race

how to unlock the void elf allied race

The allied races Lightforged Draenei and Void Elves require the same prerequisites to unlock their respective scenarios to get them to join the Alliance and become playable. This guide will go over the process of how to unlock the Void Elves, but refer to the Lightforged Draenei guide for details specific to that unlock. This guide will attempt to provide the steps to unlock this allied race that is friendly to new players with no playtime in any of the relevant content.

First, the unlock requirements are as follows:

The hard part is going to be getting to where you need to be and starting the quest chain, due to the content not being current. The quests themselves will be a breeze for any character at or above level 50.

So, let’s take the mystery out of this process and get right into it!

Getting to New Dalaran

If you already have a Dalaran Hearthstone from playing the Legion expansion or leveling through Chromie time in this expansion, then you’re set and can just use that to get to the Broken Isles Dalaran.

If you’ve either misplaced your Dalaran Hearthstone (Did you check the lost & found?) or never played through the content to have been given one, then it’s easy enough to remedy.

  1. Find your capital city’s respective portal room — there should be one for “Aszuna” that will take you to the Broken Isles (Or, as of Dragonflight, a portal straight to new Dalaran from the new capital: Valdrakken).
    • All characters can now fly in the Broken Isles with no pre-reqs, so if you open your map you’ll find yourself next to the floating city in the sky, Dalaran (Look up!).
  2. Fly on over and first thing head to the Legerdemain Lounge, an inn, which will have an NPC called Amisi Azuregaze that functions as the innkeeper. If you do not have a Dalaran Hearthstone for whatever reason speaking to this NPC will have a unique dialogue option that will get you one for free!

So you’ve gotten to Dalaran and have a hearthstone for easy travel in case you need to get back, what’s next?

Uniting the Isles

You’re going to need to find Archmage Khadgar, who’s in the Violet Citadel to start, and accept the quest “Uniting the Isles”. To complete this quest you must gain a “Friendly” (Upon your first interaction with these factions you’ll start at “Neutral” standing with them. Friendly is one level up) reputation with all the major Legion factions. This is an account bound requirement, so any character on your account having completed this will allow you to continue.

uniting the isles quest location cropped void elf

You’ll notice if you open up your map of The Broken Isles and click on each of the zones there will be a yellow exclamation mark in a town in each area. These will be your starting points to get your rep grind started, so go ahead and fly on over to start the quests within a zone! It is no longer required to have your class hall unlocked to get started on these questlines as well.

Keep in mind that on higher level characters the “new quest” exclamation mark might not appear over the head of the NPC unless you enable tracking of lower level quests on the minimap, but this won’t stop you from just speaking to the NPC and picking up the quest anyways.

starting zone quests cropped void elf

For Suramar it’s suggested to start with the opening quest Khadgar gives in Dalaran called “Khadgar’s Discovery”.

Below is a list of which zone corresponds to which faction:

The Broken Shore

When “Uniting the Isles” is completed and turned in Khadgar will give you a new quest: “Armies of Legionfall”. This leads to “Assault on Broken Shore” and will take you through a scenario to unlock the Broken Shore zone. Note that Khadgar’s position might change to Krasus’ Landing rather than the Violet Citadel after completing “Uniting the Isles”.

This was a prelude to the events that led to Argus appearing in the sky above Azeroth and thus must be completed first to go there. It is recommended to do the scenario all in one shot otherwise you might lose progress and need to start the encounter from the beginning. Don’t flip when you see the final boss’ health total, you only need to bring them down to 90% to complete the encounter!

vengeance point broken shore void elf
Deliverance Point, Broken Shore

When teleported to The Broken Shore and the relevant introductory quest is turned in you may return to Dalaran as it is not required to complete all the story quests in Broken Shore to get to Argus.

From this point Khadgar should offer the quest “The Hand of Fate” which is what will get you started on your Argus journey! Things start to become a lot simpler at this point and the quests should lead directly into one another. Once you’ve taken care of the quests in that chain you’ll find yourself on Argus aboard the The Vindicaar. This will open up the Argus storyline from there and it’s suggested to follow the questline until you’ve unlocked the teleportation pads so that you can easily get back from Dalaran using the pad that is setup on Krasus’ Landing.

*If you leave the area before completing the questline up to “Rendezvous” and thus don’t have the portal in Krasus’ Landing you’ll need to go to your respective capital city to be teleported into a phase. Speak to Vereesa Windrunner (Alliance) / Lady Liadrin (Horde) for the dialogue option to be sent back into the introductory questline. Note that you might lose some progress doing it this way.

krasus landing teleport pad void elf
The teleport pad at Krasus’ Landing in Dalaran, Broken Isles

The Argus Campaign

Next stop is the full campaign in Argus to be completed – which will make up the meat of the time needed to grind this out. There will be a variety of side quests and events you’ll notice, but only the main story quests are required to get the achievement to unlock the Void Elves. The quests should chain together neatly, but if you’re worried about which are required or the order of them I’ll include an ordered list below broken into the three sections of the campaign starting with “The Assault Begins”.

  1. ! The Hand of Fate (A) / ! The Hand of Fate (H)
  2. ! Two If By Sea (A) / ! Two If By Sea (H)
  3. ! Light’s Exodus
  4. ! The Vindicaar
  5. ! Into the Night
  6. ! Alone in the Abyss
  7. ! Righteous Fury + ! Overwhelming Power + ! A Stranger’s Plea
  8. ! Vengeance
  9. ! Sign of Resistance
  10. ! The Prophet’s Gambit
  11. ! Rendezvous
    • This is the quest that must be completed so you get teleportation pads from New Dalaran to Argus
  12. ! From Darkness
  13. ! Prisoners No More + ! Threat Reduction
  14. ! A Strike at the Heart
  15. ! Return to the Vindicaar
  16. ! A Moment of Respite
  17. ! Gathering Light
  18. ! Crystals Not Included + ! A Grim Equation + ! The Best Prevention
  19. ! Fire at Will
  20. ! Locating the Longshot
  21. ! Bringing the Big Guns
  22. ! Lightly Roasted
  23. ! The Light Mother
  24. ! Light’s Return
  25. ! The Child of Light and Shadow
  26. ! Essence of the Light Mother + ! The Vindicaar Matrix Core
  27. ! An Offering of Light
  28. ! The Burning Heart
  29. ! Securing a Foothold
  30. ! Reinforce Light’s Purchase / ! Reinforce the Veiled Den
    • You will get one or the other of these quests. This is simply based on a timed event that happens in Argus that leads to one of these two quests being unavailable because the turn-in location is inaccessible. While there are slight differences in the quests, only one is required to continue the story. If you’re somehow stuck with one where the turn-in is a destroyed camp with no NPC the camp will rotate to being available again after a period of time.
  31. ! Sizing Up the Opposition

Completing the Allied Race Scenario

And now that you’ve made it this far you’ll be glad to know you’re just about there and the next scenario is quick and fun! Once you’ve gotten the “You Are Now Prepared!” achievement the embassy in Stormwind will have a quest available for a level 50 or above Alliance character to recruit the Void Elves to the Alliance’s cause.

The Telogrus Rift Scenario

Anduin will give a small speech, and you’ll be able to pick which allied race you’d like to pursue first at this point. No matter which you pick, the other will be available afterwards so there’s no worries. Focusing on the Void Elves you’ll find it starts with the “The Ghostlands” quest once you have chosen to pursue them and spoken to Alleria.

For this scenario it mainly focuses on who the Void Elves are, their past, their present, and how they would fit into the alliance. Below are a quick few tips to help you in your final journey:

  • On Phase 4, if you’re not playing an overleveled character, I’d suggest being careful with how much you pull — the mobs are plentiful and can pack a punch!
  • In Phase 7 when fighting the boss make sure to interrupt Void Storm, as it’s a channeled spell that can pose a problem.
  • In the “Final Stage”, when fighting Nether-Prince Durzaan, make sure to dodge his Void Slip ability — he uses it to spawn copies of himself who attack in an area around themselves. Alleria will make sure to help you with the elite enemy, so hang in there!

You’ll earn the Allied Races: Void Elf achievement once this scenario is completed. From there you’ll have the race available to play for new characters (or race changes, if you’re willing to spend money).


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