Dragonriding Tree and All Glyph Locations

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With the Dragonflight expansion for World of Warcraft came one of its best and most fun features — Dragonriding! As players follow the campaign storyline they will be introduced to Dragonriding and the talent tree that comes along with it.

Dragonriding Talent Tree and Glyphs

Players are able to put points into this talent tree by collecting Dragonriding Glyphs found around the Dragon Isles, Forbidden Reach, and Zaralek Cavern. The more Glyphs you find, the more talents you will be able to select.

Players will be able to fill out the entire talent tree by the time they collect all of the Glyphs, 64 in total. You will receive one Glyph at the start of the Dragonriding tutorial quest, but the rest are scattered around the continent. Glyphs are account bound unlocks, so you will only need to collect each once!

Accessing new nodes in the talent tree from collecting Glyphs and unlocking skills that are rewarded from advancing the story can prove to be useful in your journey, though you do not have to use every skill you unlock. The further you progress through the tree, the easier glyph hunting becomes!

updated dragon riding talent tree
Dragonriding Talent Tree (completed)

Most of your talent choices in the Dragonriding tree will be straightforward, since the tree itself is mostly linear, but when you do have a choice you should pick wisely — some talents are more useful than others! I would still recommend pathing towards the bottom of the tree first and avoiding the branching paths on the 5th row. You get the most value on the surface of the Dragon Isles from the last row talents.

  • 2nd Row Talents
  • 5th and 6th Row Choices
    • Aerial Halt and Airborne Recovery – These two talents are generally more useful on the surface of the Dragon Isles. When you’re flying around from zone to zone this will allow you to get full value from stopping at high speeds.
    • Ground Skimming and Land’s Blessing – These two passives are really useful for navigating the lower ceilings of Zaralek Cavern because they allow you to regenerate Vigor when flying at low speeds and close to the ground.
  • Last Row Talents
    • At Home Aloft – Recharges 1 vigor every 5 seconds while Thrill of the Skies is active! Great if you’re flying around a lot from quest to quest.
    • Yearning for the Sky – Recharges vigor even faster while grounded. Great for stopping to explore/gather, but allows you to get airborne faster once grounded.

These choices largely depend on what players see themselves doing. However, setting some time aside to gather all the glyphs greatly speeds up the way you move around the Dragon Isles.

glyph open world
Ex: Dragonriding Glyph in the open world

Dragonriding Glyph Locations

Below you will find map screenshots of each of the zones in the Dragon Isles, Forbidden Reach, and Zaralek Caverns. The map is marked with stars to show the approximate location of each of the Glyphs! Feel free to follow along with each map to collect all of the Glyphs in each zone quickly and efficiently, or to just track down the Glyphs you’re still missing.

Dragon Isles

Forbidden Reach

With the introduction of patch 10.0.7 a multitude of new content was added. Players returning to the Forbidden Reach are met with a variety of new world content, including the addition of eight new Dragonriding glyphs scattered throughout the zone for players to find. With eight new glyphs for players to collect, two new talents were added to the Dragonriding talent tree, [Aerial Halt] and [Airborne Recovery]. Both require four glyphs to talent into, and once you’ve collected all the glyphs in the zone you should be able to fill them in as you progess to a having a complete Dragonriding talent tree. Below you can find the two additional talents, their tooltips, and the locations of the glyphs in the Forbidden Reach.

forbidden reach dragonriding glyphs

Zaralek Cavern

Zaralek Cavern was added in patch 10.1, and just like the Forbidden Reach, eight more Dragonriding glyphs plus two talents we’re added alongside this brand new zone! The two talents added, [Ground Skimming] and [Land’s Blessing], allow players to navigate the caverns a bit easier. Both of these talents are passive talents, meaning no extra abilities need to be key bound! The zone has a ceiling to it that is far lower than the surface of the Dragon Isles and these two talents compliment that perfectly. Below you can find a description of both of the talents, their place in the talent tree, and the locations of the glyphs in Zaralek Cavern.

zaraleck cavern dragon riding glyphs

If you are having trouble tracking the Glyphs you have/don’t have, you can always check your progress in the Dragonriding talent tree. Hover over the Dragonriding glyph icon with your cursor, and a tooltip showing which glyphs you have in each zone will pop up!

dragonriding glyph tracker
Glyph Progress

When you collect a Glyph, you will gain progress towards the achievement for collecting all the Glyphs in each zone. This progress can be tracked. Once you collect each Glyph in one zone, you will get one of the six Glyph Hunter achievements.

These achievements are:

Good luck, and remember — keep flapping those wings!


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