Swift Gloomhoof Mount Guide

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Whether you’re looking to bolster your mount, unicorn, or unicorn mount collection, the swift gloomhoof Swift Gloomhoof is sure to be a fine addition to it. The only requirement to obtain this mount is to be level 60, as you won’t be able to progress past the very first step if you’re not at the required level.

Acquiring the Broken Soulweb

To start unlocking this mount, you will need to head to the Tirna Scithe area located south-west of Ardenweald, and find the Cracked Soulweb on top of one the platforms. If you have flying unlocked, you can just fly up and grab the item.

cracked soulweb location map
Coordinates: 19.75, 63.52

Interacting with the Cracked Soulweb that’s located next to the broken down cart, will grant you the broken soulweb Broken Soulweb required for the next step.

cracked soulweb location

If you don’t have flying unlocked, you will need to climb one of the trees nearby to access this platform.

First, you will need to locate the tree that you have to climb in order to access the upper area.

cracked soulweb tree map
Coordinates: 18.13, 61.96
cracked soulweb tree

From here, you will need to jump on the nearby tree, and climb all the way up. While you can use door of shadows Door of Shadows if you’re Venthyr, or spells like demonic gateway Demonic Gateway, you can also just jump over with a mount.
Once you jumped over, follow this path to reach the cart:

no flying cracked soulweb gif

Repairing the Broken Soulweb

Now that you acquired the broken soulweb Broken Soulweb, you need to find a way to repair it. To do so, travel to Glitterfall Basin and speak to Elder Gwenna to repair your Soulweb for 10 lightless silk Lightless Silk. Do note that you need to be dismounted to be able to repair the Soulweb when you speak to Elder Gwenna.

elder gwenna map location
Coordinates: 50.45, 33.07
elder gwenna

If the NPC is missing, you need to complete two quest chains that will lead to her appearing in this outpost: Trouble at the Gormling Corral and Tricky Spriggans. If this isn’t your first time questing in Ardenweald, you might have completed some of the required quests, so make sure to check your progress on the sojourner of ardenweald achievement Sojourner of Ardenweald achievement, since these two quest chains are part of it.
Otherwise, start by speaking to Lady of the Falls and accepting the quest Trouble in the Banks, which is the first part of Trouble at the Gormling Corral.

lady of the falls map location
Coordinates: 51.17, 33.82
lady of the falls

You will need to complete the Trouble at the Gormling Corral quest chain in order to unlock the second quest chain, and both begin with the Lady of the Falls.

If you’re having trouble completing the quest The Games We Play, you have to use the right emotes based on what the spriggan is saying. All you need, is these 6 emotes:

  • /introduce
  • /flex
  • /cheer
  • /praise
  • /thanks
  • /dance

Once both quest chains are completed, you can finally speak to Elder Gwenna and repair your broken soulweb Broken Soulweb.

Enchanting the Repaired Soulweb

For this step, head to the Heart of the Forest and speak to Ysera to enchant your Soulweb. If you are Night Fae, just head inside and speak to her. However if you’re not, speak to one of the Elite Queensguard instead to have them bring out Ysera for you.

elite queensguard

As with the previous step, remember to dismount when asking her to enchant your repaired soulweb Repaired Soulweb. Once you you spoke to Ysera, you’ll obtain the Dream Catcher, and you’ll be ready to get your hands on the mount.

Defeating Night Mare

For this last step, head to the Hibernal Hollow outpost situated south-east of Ardenweald. From there, leave the outpost, and use your dream catcher Dream Catcher to be phased in a shadowy realm, which will enable you to see the rare Night Mare. The buff will last for 5 minutes, however you can use the dream catcher Dream Catcher as many times as you like, and you can re-use it whenever you like to reset the buff’s duration to 5 minutes. One thing to note is that if you leave the path where Night Mare patrols, you will phase out of the shadowy realm and you’ll need to re-apply the buff once you’re back in the area.
Night Mare patrols following this path:

night mare patrol path map

You may need to wait some time for her to spawn if she has been killed recently. This being a rare, the encounter can be quite challenging depending on your gear, and only people with a dream catcher Dream Catcher will be able to help you there. However you can retry as many times as you like since the dream catcher Dream Catcher has no cooldown, and unlimited uses.

Once you defeat Night Mare, anyone that participated will receive their swift gloomhoof Swift Gloomhoof, and you even get to keep the dream catcher Dream Catcher if you ever want to help your friends get their own purple unicorn.


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