Judgement’s WoW Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 1-60

Judgement's Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 1 60

My name is Judgement and I am a Classic WoW enthusiast. I have been playing WoW since Vanilla and in the most recent years I have been spending a lot of time playing Vanilla WoW private servers. After Classic was announced I started to work on leveling routes and doing speedruns which ultimately became the foundation of this guide.

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About the guide

This guide is specialized for Human Paladins but any class can follow it for a smooth route to level 60. If you don’t play Human you can enter the guide in either the Loch Modan or Darkshore part between levels 9-11. If you find this guide in the middle of your way to 60 it’s possible to jump into, but please note that the guide heavily relies on “breadcrumb” quests that are picked up in one zone and done in another, usually involving long chains, so you might not have access to all the quest.

There are some Paladin specific parts for class quests and item upgrades, but they can be skipped and replaced by your own class specific stuff if you are not playing Paladin.

When questing it’s important that you kill mobs while running between one area to another and doing objectives, this xp will add up a lot in the long run and will save you some time grinding to make up for lost xp.

Because of the lack of quest in certain level ranges, doing a few dungeons and their respective quests are highly recommended. If you are trying to speed level, dungeons are mostly not recommend unless you got a prepared guild or friends group since they can be huge time-sinks if you are going with random people in a non-organized group.

There are also some inconsistencies when it comes to which quests that are available and which aren’t. Many quests were changed and added during vanillas lifecycle, some of the most noteworthy are places like Thorium Point and Silithus. Because of the level 40 cap on the classic beta it’s been very hard to confirm which quests that will exist in phase 1 and which will not, so I apologize in advance if I happen to include any quests that don’t yet exist or intentionally skip a quest that I thought wouldn’t exist.

Having a good weapon is crucial for leveling fast. Some of the weapon upgrades I get in this guide is limited supply from vendors and will not always be available. I will point out when there is a new weapon upgrade available during the guide with the <WEAPON UPGRADE> notice.

How to follow the guide

  • When text is colored with Blue it means to accept a new quest.
  • When text is colored with Green it means to turn in a quest.
  • When text is colored with Red it’s important information.
  • Questie
    Shows all available quests on the map for both accept and turn-ins. I will not be super detailed about where to pick up quests so if you aren’t familiar with them this is helpful. Also shows quest information on enemy mouseover for quest item drops.
  • QuestLogEx
    Gives you a bigger quest log so you can see your current quests in a much better view.
  • Classic Castbars
    Enables enemy cast bars, very valuable for knowing when and what to interrupt.
  • Onebag3
    I would strongly recommend having a bag addon to be able to sort your bags and bank easier and saving time when selling stuff to vendors etc.
  • OmniCC
    Add timers on your debuffs on targets. This feature doesn’t exist in standard Classic UI and is very good to know for judgements, repentance, hoj etc.
  • Auto Attack Bar
    Will give you a “cast bar” for your auto attacks, useful in order to be able to time your seals and judgements in order not to lose out on any damage.
  • Leatrix Plus
    Addon that can simplify and automate many functions like quest accepts and turn ins. Will save you a lot of clicks and time if you are trying to level fast. Also has many other functions like automatic ress accept, summon accept, automatic vendor sell/repair etc.

Bank Alt

Making a bank alt to use as a personal storage or buy stuff on AH and send to your main while out questing or grinding on the other side of Azeroth is almost a necessity in Classic. The mailbox works like a huge bank storage and lasts for 30 days until it’s automatically sent back if you don’t open it. You can also learn Enchanting on your bank alt at level 5 which makes it able to disenchant any BOE items since there are no skill requirements for disenchanting. When you start looting level 40+ greens you should send them to your bank for DE, it’s usually more profitable then vendoring them and you will need the mats for enchants at 60. You should always have a few gold on your bank to be able to buy stuff on AH you might need during leveling.

Paladin Talents 1-60

There are many different ways to spend your talents while leveling to 60. I recommend a combination of Ret and Prot talents for solo leveling and questing, here are some examples:


As I said earlier, dungeons are great for catching up on missing XP or a great alternative to grinding in certain level ranges. The dungeons I recommend you can see below, I also made dungeon guides for them with focus on completing all the dungeon quests and gaining as much XP as possible from one run.

2H Weapon Progression

Chapter 1

Levels 1-20

Expected /played time to 20: 7-10h

1-4 Northshire Abbey

  1. Accept A Threat Within and turn it in. Accept Kobold Camp Cleanup and Eagan Peltskinner. Turn in Eagan Peltskinner and accept Wolves Across the Border.
  2. Kill Wolves and Kobolds, the goal here is to reach level 2 asap. You don’t need to complete these quests, just kill stuff until you reach level 2.
  3. When you reach level 2, go back to Willem and accept Brotherhood of Thieves.
  4. Go east to the defias and start killing them. Also keep killing wolves to complete Wolves across the border.
  5. Alliance Leveling Guide Northshire AbbeyWhen done killing defias, go back and turn it in.
  6. Accept Milly Osworth & Bounty on Garrick Padfoot.
  7. Turn in Wolves Across the Border if completed.
  8. Turn in Milly Osworth and accept Milly’s Harvest.
  9. Go back to the defias and collect grapes. After you got them go and kill Garrick Padfoot.
  10. Turn in Milly’s Harvest, accept Grape Manifest.
  11. Turn in Grape Manifest in the top of the Abbey tower and turn in Bounty on Garrick Padfoot outside.
  12. Sell everything in your bags.
  13. Leave Northshire Abbey and run towards Goldshire, pick up Rest and Relaxation.
  14. If you are going to level Skinning you can train it in the house on the left side before you reach Goldshire.
  15. When you arrive in Goldshire, turn in Rest and Relaxation.
  16. Set HS.

4-9 Elwynn Forest

Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide Elwynn Forest

  1. Accept Kobold Candles, The Fargodeep Mine and Gold Dust Exchange.
  2. Learn Devotion Aura and Judgement from the Paladin trainer. If you are going with skinning you probably will have to skip buying Blessing of Might since skinning knife costs 87 copper and you won’t be able to afford it.
  3. If you want Herbalism or Mining from the get-go you can run to Stormwind and train them, then use your HS back to Goldshire.
  4. Clean your bags and buy Skinning Knife.
  5. Go to Fargodeep mine and kill kobolds until you reach level 5.
  6. Run west to Stonefield farm, kill boars you meet. Accept Lost Necklace.
  7. Continue killing boars and run east to Maclure’s farm, turn in Lost Necklace, accept Pie for Billy and then Young Lovers in the small house nearby.
  8. Run back to Stonefield Farm and continue west to the river. Turn in Young Lovers, accept Speak with Gramma. Go back to the farm and turn in Pie for Billy, accept Back to Billy. Also turn in Speak with Gramma and accept Note to William.
  9. Go Back to the other farm and turn in Back to Billy, Accept Goldtooth.
  10. Go into the mine via the lower entrance, be careful not to pull several kobolds at the same time.
  11. You should find Goldtooth straight up the slope after the first room. Continue killing kobolds until you complete Kobold Candles if there are kobolds around, if you have to stand around waiting for respawns you should leave.
  12. Turn in Goldtooth at Stonefield farm.
  13. Accept Princess Must Die! (lvl 6 requirement).
  14. Make sure you are level 6, otherwise grind on anything you can find before going back to Goldshire.
  15. Run back to Goldshire and turn in The Fargodeep Mine, Gold Dust Exchange, Note to William and Kobold Candles (if you completed them).
  16. Accept new quests; The Jasperlode Mine, Collecting Kelp.
  17. Train spells, clean your bags.
  18. Run east to Crystal Lake, kill murlocs to collect Kelp.
  19. When you got 4 Kelp grind your way northeast to the Jasperlode mine.
  20. Enter Jasperlode Mine, be very careful of Geomancers, their fireballs do a lot of damage. You can use the walls to line of sight their casts and forcing them to come to you to minimize risk of pulling more than one.
  21. Head straight into the mine and when you come up the slope you will get credit for exploring. Run out of there and if you need more candles or gold dust you can get them from Kobolds outside the mine. It’s important that you complete Kobold Candles, but Gold dust you can skip.
  22. Make sure you will ding 7 by turning in the quests before going back to Goldshire and turning in The Jasperlode Mine, Collecting Kelp, Kobold Candles and Gold Dust Exchange.
  23. Accept A Fishy Peril, turn it in and accept Further Concerns.
  24. Grind your way east through the forest to Guard Thomas.
  25. Turn in Further Concerns, accept Find the Lost Guards and Protect the Frontier.
  26. Run north along the river until you find the first guard’s remains, click it and turn in Find The Lost Guards. Accept Discover Rolf’s Fate.
  27. Cross the river east and enter Eastvale logging grounds. Accept A Bundle of Trouble.
  28. Start killing wolves and bears in the area while picking up bundles of wood.
  29. Find the second lost guard in the murloc camp. Click the remains and turn in Discover Rolf’s Fate. Accept Report to Thomas. Be careful of pulling many murlocs and kite them back, kill one at the time.
  30. When you got all wood for A Bundle of Trouble turn it in. If you need more wolves/bears you can find them south of the road as well.
  31. Go kill Princess at the pumpkin farm, you can kite her away and the adds will reset so you can kill her alone.
  32. Turn in Protect the Frontier and Report to Thomas. Accept Deliver Thomas’ Report.
  33. Run east to Redridge Mountains. Go die to a spider on your right and take ress sickness to same time. Take Flight path.
  34. HS to Goldshire.
  35. Accept The Escape and Shipment to Stormwind. Turn in Deliver Thomas’ Report.
  36. Train new spells, clean bags, but save meat, you need 10 for cooking soon.
  37. Run south to the farms, turn in The Escape and Princess Must Die.
  38. You should be level 9 now, go back to Goldshire and accept Elmore’s Task.
  39. Run to SW. Turn in Shipment to Stormwind in Trade district and continue to Dwarven district and turn in Elmore’s Task. Accept Stormpike’s Delivery.

9-11 Loch Modan

  1. Take Deeprun Tram to Ironforge.
  2. Get FP, train new skinning, train FA, buy food/water if needed.
  3. Set HS.
  4. Run out of IF, go east. Kill boars and bears you meet. Make sure you have a combined amount of 10 boar/wolf meat.
  5. <WEAPON UPGRADE> If there are people around, or if you feel confident being able to kite Vagash to the guard on the road without dying, do Protecting the Herd, but don’t waste time waiting around if you can’t do it.
  6. Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide Dun MoroghHead over to the Quarry, accept Those Blasted Troggs! And The Public Servant. Do them in the cave below, group up to complete faster, limited amount of mobs here.
  7. Turn in Those Blasted Troggs! And The Public Servant.
  8. Learn cooking from an npc next to the quest givers. Train cooking to 10 using boar/wolf meat. We need 10 cooking skill to take a quest in Darkshore later.
  9. <WEAPON UPGRADE> Take the north tunnel to Loch Modan and accept The Lost Pilot, Find the pilot corpse a bit to the west, turn it in and accept A Pilot’s Revenge.
  10. Kill the white bear Mangleclaw and then turn in A Pilot’s Revenge.
  11. Continue into the next tunnel to Loch Modan.
  12. Head south towards Thelsamar, kill all boars, bears and spiders you see on your way there. Accept Thelsamar Blood Sausages, Rat Catching and Mountaineer Stormpike’s Task in Thelsamar.
  13. Take FP.
  14. Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide Loch ModanHead back north to the tower. Continue killing all beasts until you got 3 bear meat, spider ichor and boar intestensies.
  15. At the tower, turn in Mountaineer Stormpike’s Task and Stormpike’s Delivery. Accept Filthy Paws and Stormpike’s Order.
  16. Go east to the mine and kill kobolds. Try to do Filthy Paws in the mine, but it can be hard to do if the respawns are long and there isn’t any other people around.
  17. Continue killing kobolds and beasts until you are done with Rat Catching and Thelsamar Blood Sausages.
  18. Turn in Filthy Paws in the tower and clean your bags.
  19. Make sure you have 74 silver at this point. If you don’t, grind on random stuff, pref beasts so you can skin and get extra silver for leather or sell everything in your bags.
  20. <WEAPON UPGRADE> When you got 74 silver head up to the west side of the Dam and buy Heavy Spiked Mace or the alternative Ironwood Maul if you can’t afford it or if it’s sold out from Nillen Andemar.
  21. Go back to Thelsamar and turn in Rat Catching. Turn in Thelsamar Blood Sausages in the Inn. You should be around 11,5 now.
  22. HS to Ironforge.
  23. Train spells, get new skinning / First aid if you need it.
  24. Leave Ironforge and head west in Dun Morogh. Head to this place marked with an X, run up the mountain to the top and then jump down and die on the other side. You will ress at the graveyard in Wetlands just outside Menethil Harbor. Take ress sickness and run into town. If you are unsure about the jump look for a video on youtube how to do it.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide Dun Morogh 2
  25. In Menethil Harbor, take FP and then take the boat to Darkshore. You can train your first aid, fix your UI, Addons etc while waiting on the boat.

11-15 Darkshore

  1. When you arrive in Darkshore, jump off the boat and swim ashore to save some time.
  2. Accept quests in Darkshore, which includes Washed Ashore, Buzzbox 827, For Love Eternal, How Big a Threat? and Plagued Lands.
  3. Take the beach south, kill crawlers for Buzzbox 827 and make your way to the Washed up cadaver. Pick up the Sea Creature Bones and head inland.
  4. Capture a Rabid Thistle Bear with your trap close to the Furbolg village.
  5. Go close to the Furbolg village to complete How big a Threat?.
  6. Return to the beach and finish up crawlers if you need it.
  7. Turn in Buzzbox 827 and Washed Ashore, accept Buzzbox 411 and Washed Ashore.
  8. Swim out to the sea turtle and loot it for Washed Ashore.
  9. Swim back to town and turn in Washed Ashore.
  10. Accept The Red Crystal, turn in Plagued Lands and How Big a Threat? Accept Cleansing of the Infected, How Big a Threat? And Thundris Windweaver, go turn in Thundris Windweaver and accept The Cliffspring River, Bashal’Aran, Tools of the Highborne and Easy Strider Living (cooking quest, required 10 cooking).
  11. Buy 6 slot bags if you don’t have filled all bag slots yet.
  12. Jump out of the balcony into the north beach and kill Threshers in the water for Buzzbox 411.
  13. Continue north, clear the murlocs around the sea creature and pick up the quest from it. Turn in Buzzbox 411 just north of the murlocs and accept Buzzbox 323.
  14. From now on kill any moonstalkers you see for fangs, drop rate is semi low so it’s important to kill all to be able to complete this quest.
  15. Go east to Bashal’aran and turn in. Accept next. Kill Grells for earrings.
  16. Wow Classic Leveling Guide AuberdineThis is a really good spot for grinding if you feel catching up on some xp if there isn’t too many people around. The grells have low hp and don’t do a lot of damage.
  17. Turn in Bashal’aran accept next.
  18. Find a Satyr in Bashal’aran and kill it for the quest item.
  19. Turn in Bashal’aran again, accept next.
  20. Run back to Auberdine, look for moonstalkers to kill in the woods north of town before you go back.
  21. Turn in Easy Strider Living and Beached Sea Creature.
  22. Run south to the furbolg village and kill furbolgs for How big a Threat?, you don’t have to complete this quest now.
  23. Continue south, kill bears and moonstalkers in the woods.
  24. There’s another Beached sea Turtle washed ashore on the beach here, kill the murlocs and accept the quest.
  25. Go east to the road and pick up The Fall of Ameth’Aran from a night elf on the side of the road.
  26. In the ruins of Ameth’Aran, kill ghosts, read the stones and look for a neutral female night elf called Anaya Dawnrunner that walks around the area, you need to kill her for A Love Eternal.
  27. Click the Ancient Flame and destroy the Moonstone Seal for Bashal’Aran quest.
  28. When you are done with all quests in Ameth’Aran, Turn in The fall of Ameth’Aran and go back into the woods and continue killing bears and moonstalkers.
  29. When you are done with bears, finish up killing furbolgs and then head northeast to the Red crystal in the mountain-side, just go close to it to get credit for quest.
  30. Return to Auberdine and turn in Cleansing of the Infected and How Big a Threat? Accept The Tower of Althalaxx. Turn in The Red Crystal, accept As Water Cascades. Fill the tube in the Moonwell.
  31. Accept Cave Mushrooms, turn in Beached Sea Turtle and For Love Eternal.
  32. Accept Deep Ocean Vast Sea, turn in Tools of the Highborne.
  33. Run east to the Red Crystal, Click on the Crystal to turn in As Water Cascades. Accept The Fragments Within.
  34. Continue north to Bashal’aran and turn in.
  35. Go west to the beach and do Deep Ocean, Vast Sea, you can swim into the windows on the ship and only aggro one or two murlocs total per boat, the chests are in the bottom floor.
  36. Continue north on the beach, kill moonstalkers in the woods close by. There is two more washed ashore quest here on the beach marked with Xs.
  37. Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide DarkshoreTake a sample of water from the waterfall under the bridge.
  38. There are quite a few moonstalkers here north of the river, so you should be able to finish getting the fangs if you haven’t gotten them already.
  39. Turn in Buzzbox 323 at the small bridge, accept Buzzbox 525.
  40. Turn in The Tower of Althalaxx, accept next. Kill cultists to get the parchments.
  41. Turn in The Tower of Althalaxx, accept next.
  42. Run southeast to the cave located on a slope at the river.
  43. Be careful in the cave of the melee mobs, they do a knockback. Always have your back against the wall when fighting them. Also the casters heal so save your Hoj for interrupting that.
  44. Collect mushrooms in the cave, take the first right when you enter and you will find death cap there at the end, no need to go down further.
  45. Die on purpose and take ress sickness to end up at Auberdine, turn in The Cliffspring River, Deep Ocean, Vast Sea, The Fragments Within, Cave Mushrooms and Beached Sea Turtle x2. You don’t need to accept any new quests right now.
  46. You should be around 15,5.
  47. HS to Ironforge.

15-16 Westfall

  1. Buy new spells, train Skinning and First Aid. Save 10 linen cloth for later!
  2. Train Axes in the Military Ward.
  3. Get quest Find Bingles and Speak with Shoni in Tinker Town.
  4. Take tram to Stormwind, Do Deeprun Rat Roundup in the tram and accept follow up if you have time while waiting for the tram to arrive.
  5. Turn in Stormpike’s Order and Speak with Shoni in Dwarven District.
  6. Go to Cathedral District and accept Humble Beginnings.
  7. Go into the Cathedral and pick up your class quest Tome of Divinity for the Resurrection spell, talk to the npc a couple of times until you get the next part.
  8. Go to Trade district and turn in Tome of Divinity, give the lady 10 linen cloth and accept next part.
  9. Learn 2h Swords.
  10. Go back to the Cathedral and turn it in, accept next part. Turn in again and accept next.
  11. Fly to Lakeshire in Redridge Mountains.
  12. Accept The Price of Shoes, Messenger to Stormwind, A free Lunch and Redridge Goulash in Lakeshire.
  13. Set your HS in Lakeshire.
  14. Accept Hilary’s Necklace on the wharf and take a quick look if you can find the necklace in the water under the wharf.
  15. Run southwest towards Elwynn forest, turn in A free Lunch, accept Visit the Herbalist and Encroaching Gnolls from Guard Parker at the crossroads and then continue to Elwynn.
  16. Run to the small island northwest and resurrect the Henze Faulk with the Symbol of Life for The Tome of Divinity.
  17. Turn in The Tome of Divinity and accept next part.
  18. Kill a few defias for the Defias Script.
  19. Run to Goldshire and turn in The Price of Shoes, accept Return to Verner.
  20. Continue running west to Westfall, after crossing the border accept The forgotten Heirloom, Poor Old Blanchy and Westfall Stew.
  21. Run to Saldean’s farm and accept The Killing Fields.
  22. Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide WestfallTurn in Westfall Stew, skip next.
  23. Kill some harvest watchers and pick up oats, run to Sentinel Hill
  24. Accept Patrolling Westfall, The Defias Brotherhood and A Swift Message,
  25. Take FP, turn in A Swift Message and accept Continue to Stormwind.
  26. Clean your bags and buy food water, but save any Flask of Oils you looted.
  27. Run west to Alexston Farmstead. Kill Harvest Watchers and pick oats.
  28. Make sure you have 5 flask of oil, otherwise keep killing watchers until you do.
  29. Get the Compass for Humble Beginnings from the chest in the broken house.
  30. Run southwest towards the lighthouse.
  31. Kill gnolls for Patrolling Westfall.
  32. Go to Lighthouse, accept Keeper of the Flame and The Coastal Menace.
  33. Turn in Keeper of the Flame.
  34. Go to the beach and kill Old Murk-eye, he’s lvl 20 but you should be able to solo him.
  35. Turn in The Coastal Menace.
  36. Run northeast, finish killing gnolls and Harvest watchers on your way to the pumpkin farm east of the mine.
  37. Get the Forgotten Heirloom from a closet inside the small house.
  38. Turn in The Forgotten Heirloom and Poor old Blanchy.
  39. Turn in The Killing Fields.
  40. Run to Sentinel Hill and turn in Patrolling Westfall.
  41. Fly to Stormwind.
  42. Turn in Messenger to Stormwind at the gates accept follow up, turn in Continue to Stormwind in Old town, accept Dungar Longdrink.
  43. Turn in The Tome of Divinity x2 and Humble Beginnings at the Cathedral.
  44. Run to FP and turn in Dungar Longdrink, accept Return to Lewis.
  45. Fly to Redridge Mountains.

16-18 Redridge Mountains

Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide Redridge Mountains

  1. Turn in Encroaching Gnolls, accept Assessing the Threat.
  2. Accept The Lost Tools, turn in Return to Verner and accept Underbelly Scales and A Baying of Gnolls.
  3. Turn in Messenger to Stormwind, accept Messenger to Westfall.
  4. Accept Selling Fish and turn in Visit the Herbalist. Accept Delivering Daffodils.
  5. Turn in Delivering Daffodils and The Defias Brotherhood in the Inn. Accept next.
  6. Jump into the lake and look for Hilary’s Necklace, it’s found inside a glinting mud pile that can spawn around the west side of the lake or just over the bridge to the east.
  7. Get the Lost Tools from the bottom of the lake a bit more east in the lake, it’s inside a chest at a sunken boat.
  8. Head south and kill Black Dragon Whelps, Boars, Spiders, Birds and Gnolls.
  9. Redridge goulash is optional to complete and will be a bonus if we can complete it since it can be hard to get the condor meat.
  10. Continue east and kill more gnolls and drakes until you reach the murlocs
  11. There are two camps here with murlocs. Kill them until you got 10 fish. There are also several condor spawns south and southeast of the murlocs.
  12. HS to Lakeshire when you are done with everything except the Goulash.
  13. Turn in Selling Fish, Underbelly Scales, The Lost Tools, Hilary’s Necklace and Encroaching Gnolls. Accept The Everstill Bridge.
  14. Go north and kill gnolls for A Baying of Gnolls and The Everstill Bridge. There are also more Condors north along the road.
  15. Return to Lakeshire and turn in The Everstill Bridge, A Baying of Gnolls and Redridge Goulash.
  16. You should be 18 now.
  17. Fly to Westfall
  18. Turn in Return to Lewis, Messenger to Westfall and The Defias Brotherhood accept Messenger to Darkshire.
  19. Fly to SW, accept The Corruption Abroad in the Park and learn new spells.
  20. Fly to Loch Modan.

18-18 Loch Modan

Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide Loch Modan

  1. Set HS in Thelsamar.
  2. Accept Ironband’s Excavation.
  3. Run north to the dam, accept A Dark Threat Looms.
  4. Go east of the Dam and turn it in at a barrel of explosives.
  5. Go back and turn in A Dark Threat Looms, accept follow up.
  6. Grind your way southeast to the Hunters Lodge, accept A Hunter’s Boast.
  7. Jump off the balcony and kill buzzards in the corner of the zone.
  8. Go back turn in A Hunter’s Boast, accept next.
  9. Go northwest towards the Loch, kill 5 boars on your way there.
  10. If you got any spare time go and turn in Find Bingles, then turn in Ironband’s Excavation. Accept Gathering Idols and Excavation Progress Report.
  11. Return to Hunters lodge in time to turn in A Hunter’s Challenge.
  12. Accept Vyrin’s Revenge.
  13. Jump down into the Quarry and kill troggs for Idols, avoid Berserk troggs since they are higher level and do more damage then the other ones.
  14. Turn in Gathering Idols.
  15. You need to be 18,5 now.
  16. HS to Thelsamar.
  17. Turn in Excavation Progress Report, accept Report to Ironforge.
  18. Fly to IF, turn in Report to Ironforge, accept follow up Powder to Ironband.
  19. Fly to Menethil Harbor.

18-20 Darkshore

  1. <WEAPON UPGRADE> In Menethil Harbor, buy Executioner’s Sword from Brak Durnad in the smithy next to the inn. It’s a limited supply so if it’s not available you can take the boat to Theramore and buy one there, otherwise just buy a Blessed Claymore instead. Also look to buy a Bronze tube from Neal Allen in the keep. 
  2. Take boat to Darkshore.
  3. Set HS in Auberdine.
  4. Turn in The Corruption Abroad and accept Tharnariun’s Hope, A Lost Master, The Blackwood Corrupted, The Absent Minded Prospector, Onu and WANTED: Murkdeep!
  5. Fill the Empty Cleansing Bowl in the Moonwell.
  6. Run south to Onu, turn in Onu, accept The Master’s Glaive.
  7. Head west, kill bears for Buzzbox 525 and Moonstalkers for A Lost Master.
  8. Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide DarkshoreOn the beach, find the camp with murlocs and kill them to trigger Murkdeep to spawn.
  9. Continue south on the beach and you can find four beached sea creatures, kill the murlocs around and take them.
  10. Turn in The Absent Minded Prospector just east of the shore. The follow up is a semi-hard escort quest, get a group if you can. It’s very important to do this quest since it’s a long chain that gives a lot of easy xp later.
  11. After escort go east to Master’s Glaive, when you got the explore credit use the Phial to turn in and accept the next part The Twilight Camp.
  12. Click on the book in the center of the camp to turn in The Twilight Camp and accept the last part Return to Onu.
  13. There is an escort quest here behind the statue, Therylune’s Escape, do it if it’s up.
  14. Return to Onu and turn in, skip Mathystra Relics unless you didn’t get a new weapon and need an upgrade.
  15. Complete and turn in Buzzbox 525 and finish A Lost Master.
  16. HS to Auberdine.
  17. Accept Fruit of the Sea from the fishing dwarf below the FP.
  18. Turn in the four Sea creature quests, WANTED: Murkdeep, A lost Master. Accept next.
  19. Turn in and accept The Absent minded Prospector.
  20. Run north along the shore, kill crabs for Fruit of the Sea.
  21. Go back southeast to the furbolg camp and collect fruit, nuts and grain from the barrels and summon Xabraxxis at the bonfire, kill him for The Blackwood Corrupted.
  22. Kill the Den Mother in the cave just east of the furbolg camp.
  23. Return to Auberdine and turn in The Blackwood Corrupted, Tharnariun’s Hope and Fruit of the Sea.
  24. Run south and go to the Furbolg cave south of Onu and turn in A lost Master if the npc is up, otherwise skip. Accept Escape Through Stealth if you are solo since Escape Through Force can be hard depending on your class. If you have help choose Force, it gives more XP.
  25. Return to Onu and accept The Sleeper has Awakened from the sleeping bear nearby.
  26. Take the flute from the chest, you need it for when he falls asleep during escort.
  27. Run south towards Ashenvale, but make a quick stop south of the furbolg camps and do One Shot, One Kill, you need to protect the night elf from three waves of furbolgs, should be easy.
  28. Continue south to Maestra’s Post in Ashenvale.
  29. When you arrive in Maestra’s Post, turn in One shot, One kill, The Tower of Althalaxx and The Sleeper has Awakened.
  30. You should be 20 now, If you aren’t 20, grind on something close by in Ashenvale till you are.

Chapter 2

Levels 20-30

Expected /played time to 30: 20-30h

20-21 Ashenvale

Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide Ashenvale

  1. Accept Bathran’s Hair and The Tower of Althalaxx.
  2. Run towards Astranaar, turn in Therylune’s Escape on the way there at the Shrine of Aessina if you did it.
  3. Set HS in Astranaar.
  4. Accept The Zoram Strand and Raene’s Cleansing.
  5. Run back to Maestra’s post and do The Tower of Althalaxx and Bathran’s Hair to the north.
  6. Run back and turn them in, Accept Orendil’s Cure.
  7. Go west to the small lake, turn in Raene’s Cleansing at the dead night elf in the center, accept follow up.
  8. Kill murlocs for the Glowing gem. Save Murloc fins if you don’t already have 8 for later.
  9. Run west to Zoram strand, talk to Talen and accept The Ancient Statuette.
  10. Kill naga for heads and go get the statue a bit north next to a small boat.
  11. Go back turn in The Ancient Statuette, accept the follow up Ruuzel.
  12. Go kill Ruuzel on small island northwest, make sure you are done with naga heads when you come back to Talen to turn in Ruuzel.
  13. HS to Astranaar.
  14. Turn in The Zoram Strand, Orendil’s Cure and Raene’s Cleansing.
  15. Fly to Auberdine, turn in Escape through Stealth / Force. Accept Trek to Ashenvale from the Night elf that comes running.
  16. Fly to Darnassus, turn in The Absent Minded Prospector, accept next.
  17. Fly back to Auberdine and take the boat to Menethil Harbor, Wetlands.

21-22 Wetlands

Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 21 22 Wetlands

  1. When you arrive in Menethil Harbor, take the following quests Claws from the Deep, Digging Through the Ooze and The Greenwarden.
  2. Buy a Bronze Tube in the keep from Neal Allen if u haven’t got one already.
  3. Turn in The Absent Minded Prospector in the inn 2nd floor, accept next part.
  4. Go kill murlocs and Gobbler to the north of Menethil.
  5. Run east along the road to the crossroads and pick up Daily Delivery.
  6. Continue east and turn in The Greenwarden.
  7. (Optional) Accept Tramping Paws go south and kill gnolls, only do this if you are ahead of the pack and there isn’t many other people in the zone contesting the gnolls.
  8. (Optional) turn in Tramping Paws, accept Fire Taboo.
  9. Run north and turn in A Dark Threat Looms, accept follow up.
  10. Grind your way back to Menethil. Stop by at Sundown Marsh and buy Elite Shoulders from Wenna Silkbeard if they are available, really good shoulders for 25+.
  11. Back at Menethil, Turn in Daily Delivery, accept Young Crocolisk Skins.
  12. Turn in Claws from the Deep, accept Reclaiming Goods.
  13. Go back north of Menethil and kill young crocolisks to the east.
  14. Then go to the murloc camps, click on the damaged crate to turn in Reclaiming Goods.
  15. Accept the follow up and go north to the next camp and turn it in, repeat again until you accept Return the Statue.
  16. Grind to 22 on murlocs/crocs then go back to Menethil and turn in Return the Statue and Young Crocolisk skins.

22-22 Loch Modan

(Optional, skip if you are 22,5 or more)

Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 22 22 Loch Modan

  1. Fly to Thelsamar, Loch Modan.
  2. Turn in Powder to Ironband. Skip follow up.
  3. Kill Ol’Sooty south of town, if you can’t solo or find a group, kite him to Thelsamar and let guards kill him. You need to do 60% of his HP to get credit for the kill.
  4. Go north to the dam, turn in A Dark Threat Looms, accept follow up.
  5. Kill Ogres(should be able to solo these), spiders and crocs for the stuff you need
  6. Run to hunter’s lodge and turn in Vyrin’s Revenge accept next and turn in again.
  7. Return to the dam and turn in A Dark Threat Looms, accept next.
  8. Swim down and click barrel at the wall to turn in A Dark Threat Looms, accept next.
  9. Go back to the dam and turn in A Dark Threat Looms.
  10. Run back to Thelsamar
  11. Fly to Ironforge.

22-23 Redridge Mountains

Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 22 23 Elwynn Forest

  1. Learn spells and upgrade professions in Ironforge.
  2. Fly to Stormwind.
  3. Buy Stormwind Seasoning Herbs from Felicia Gump.
  4. Accept Speaking of Fortitude in the Cathedral District. Turn it in at the Keep and accept Brother Paxton.
  5. Run to Northshire Abbey and turn in Brother Paxton. Accept Ink Supplies.
  6. Run east to Redridge. Stop by the Azora Tower and accept A Watchful Eye.
  7. In Lakeshire turn in Messenger to Westfall and Ink Supplies, accept Rethban Ore, Wanted: Lieutenant Fangore, Howling in the Hills, Messenger to Darkshire, Solomon’s Law, Blackrock Menace, Murloc Poachers, An Unwelcome Guest.
  8. You should have saved up Murloc fins, turn in Murloc Poachers.
  9. Go west of town and kill Bellygrub.
  10. Continue up the slope to the gnoll camps and go into the cave and kill Drudgers for Rethban Ore.
  11. Leave the cave and continue through the gnoll camps to Yowler. If you are alone you can kite him away from the camp and kill him solo.
  12. Continue east, kill Blackrock Orcs, Shadowhide Gnolls and Lieutenant Fangore.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 22 23 Redridge Mountains
  13. Turn in A Watchful Eye at the Lion statue, accept Looking Further.
  14. (Optional) Run up the tower and find An Empty Jar to turn in Looking Further at the top. It’s guarded by elites so there’s two ways to do this. 1, run up and die, then LoS mobs in the tower by standing on the edge of the wall and click the jar before they see you. Or 2, have a friend aggro all the orcs while you run up and click the jar.
  15. Return to Lakeshire, turn in An Unwelcome Guest, Howling in the Hills, Blackrock Menace, Solomon’s Law and Wanted: Lieutenant Fangore.
  16. <WEAPON UPGRADE> (Optional, Elite) Accept and try to do Tharil’Zun and Shadow Magic. These are two easy elite quests up at the keep. Tharil’zun rewards you with a 2h mace Orc Crusher. There is another elite quest in the same area, Wanted: Gath’ilzogg, but it’s much harder and I suggest skipping it unless you got a good 5 man group.

23-24 Duskwood

Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 23 24 Duskwood

  1. Run to south to Darkshire.
  2. Turn in Messenger to Darkshire accept follow up.
  3. Accept quests Deliveries to Sven, Raven Hill, The Hermit, The Totem of Infliction, The Night Watch, Seasoned Wolf Kabobs, The Legend of Stalvan and Worgen in the Woods. (Seasoned Wolf Kabobs requires 50 cooking to be accepted).
  4. Turn in The Legend of Stalvan and accept follow up.
  5. Take FP and Accept Look to the Stars and then turn in Bronze Tube. Accept next.
  6. Run west to the crossroads, accept Eight-legged Menaces.
  7. Continue west and turn in Raven Hill, accept Jitters Growling Gut.
  8. Start killing pygmy spiders along the river northwest towards Sven’s Camp.
  9. Turn in Deliveries to Sven, Accept Wolves at our Heels and Sven’s Revenge.
  10. Kill spiders and wolves to the east.
  11. Turn in The Hermit, Accept Supplies from Darkshire.
  12. Finish killing wolves and spiders, then back to Lars at Sven’s Camp and turn in Wolves at our Heels.
  13. Save gooey spider legs for future quest!
  14. Run to Westfall, turn in The Legend of Stalvan in Moonbrook, accept follow up.
  15. Fly back to Darkshire, turn in Seasoned Wolf Kabobs, Supplies from Darkshire, The Legend of Stalvan and Jitters Growling Gut.
  16. Accept Dusky Crab Cakes, Ghost Hair Thread and The Legend of Stalvan.
  17. Go to south to Blind Mary. Turn in Look to the Stars and Ghost Hair Thread. Accept Look to the Stars and Return the Comb.
  18. Kill skeletons and the Insane ghoul at the graveyard to the south.
  19. Kill spiders north at the small cave until you got the gooey spider legs you need for Dusky Crab Cakes.
  20. Return to Darkshire, turn in Look to The Stars, Return the Comb, Dusky Crab Cakes and The Night Watch. Accept Deliver the Thread and Return to Jitters.
  21. Run west to the Yorgen Farmstead and turn in Sven’s Revenge at the dirt pile between the houses. Accept Sven’s Camp.
  22. Go to the crossroads and turn in Eight-legged Menaces.
  23. Continue west to Raven Hill and turn in Return to Jitters. Then go to Sven, turn in Sven’s Camp. Accept The Shadowy Figure.
  24. Go to the hermit, turn in Deliver the Thread, accept Zombie Juice.
  25. Run north to Goldshire, turn in The Legend of Stalvan, accept next and loot the item from a chest on the second floor.
  26. Turn in Rethban Ore at Northshire Abbey accept Return to Kristoff.
  27. Go to Stormwind. Accept Retrieval for Mauren in the Mage Quarter.
  28. Turn in The Legend of Stalvan, accept follow up. Click the Sealed Crate and turn in, accept next.
  29. Turn in Return to Kristoff in the Cathedral Square.
  30. Train new spells, FA etc.

24-25 Ashenvale

Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 24 25 Ashenvale

  1. HS to Astranaar.
  2. Turn in Trek to Ashenvale and accept quests Culling the Threat, Raene’s Cleansing, An Aggressive Defense and Elune’s Tear.
  3. Run out west and take first north through the furbolg village to kill Dal Bloodclaw for Culling the Threat.
  4. Continue east to Iris Lake and pick up an Elune’s Tear.
  5. Return to Astranaar and turn in Elune’s Tear, accept The Ruins of Stardust.
  6. Go further east to the Moonwell and turn in Raene’s Cleansing, accept follow up.
  7. Go south and kill Furbolgs for An Aggressive Defense.
  8. Accept Elemental Bracers and kill water elementals until you got 5 intact bracers.
  9. Use the scroll and then turn in Elemental Bracers, skip Mage Summoner.
  10. Go to the Ruins of Stardust to the west and collect 5 Handful of Stardust.
  11. Return to Astranaar and turn in An Aggressive Defense, Culling the Threat and The Ruins of Stardust.
  12. If you are not 25, grind on furbolgs west of Astranaar.
  13. Fly to Auberdine and take the boat to Wetlands.

25-26 Wetlands

Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 25 26 Wetlands

    1. Set HS in Menethil.
    2. Accept quests Fall of Dun Modr and Report to Captain Stoutfist. Go into the keep and turn in and accept War Banners.
    3. Accept In Search of the Excavation Team on the bridge leading out of Menethil.
    4. Go to the Excavation site and turn in In search of the Excavation team. Accept follow up, Ormer’s Revenge and Uncovering the Past.
    5. Pick up the Flagongut’s Fossil in the cave for The Absent Minded Prospector.
    6. Kill raptors and oozes west of the Excavation site for Ormer’s Revenge. You should also loot Stone of Relu here from the raptors.
    7. Return to the Excavation and turn in Ormer’s Revenge, accept next.
    8. Kill raptors in the Excavation site for Ormer’s Revenge and loot the items for Uncovering the Past in the area.
    9. Turn in Ormer’s Revenge and Uncovering the Past, accept next.
    10. Get to the top of the other side of the Excavation site and kill Sarltooth.
    11. Turn in Ormer’s Revenge.
    12. Go east and kill Dragonmaw Orcs for War Banners.
    13. Kill gnolls for Crude Flints in the swamp north.
    14. Turn in Fire Taboo, Accept Blisters on the Land.
    15. Kill the Fen Creepers in the swamp while grinding for Sida’s bag at Ironbeard’s Tomb.
    16. When you got Sida’s bag, turn in Blisters on the Land, then go north to Dun Modr and turn in Fall of Dun Modr.
    17. Go to the Thandol Span Bridge and jump down into the water on the left side, get the waterlogged letter from under the dead dwarf, then HS to Menethil.
      Thandol Span Waterlogged Letter
    18. Turn in The Absent Minded Prospector, Digging through the Ooze, War Banners and In Search of the Excavation Team.
    19. Fly to Ironforge, click on the Waterlogged letter and accept Sully Balloo’s Letter. Turn in at the Military Ward and accept next.
    20. Turn in at King Magni and accept A King’s Tribute. Turn this in at The Commons and accept next.
    21. Learn new spells etc.

26-27 Duskwood

Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 26 27 Duskwood

  1. Now would be a good time to do a Stockades run, pick up the quests in Darkshire, Lakeshire and Stormwind and try to find a group, this will save you from a grinding session later on.
  2. Fly to Lakeshire, Redridge. Turn in Messenger to Darkshire.
  3. If you didn’t do the elite quests last time you can try to do them now if you want.
  4. Run to Lumber camp house in Elwynn and turn in The Legend of Stalvan, Accept next part and go into the 2nd floor of the house and loot the chest. Turn in again and accept next.
  5. Run south towards Darkshire.
  6. Kill Nightbane Shadow Weavers in the woods west of Darkshire.
  7. Turn in Worgen in the Woods, Zombie Juice, The Shadowy Figure and The Legend of Stalvan.
  8. You will have to do a bit of running back and forth between people in Darkshire for Stalvan and Shadowy Figure until you get the next parts.
  9. Accept Gather Rot Blossoms, The Night Watch, Look to the Stars and the follow ups on Legend of Stalvan and Shadowy Figure.
  10. Fly to Westfall and to run to Jitters in Raven Hill, turn in Finding the Shadowy Figure. Accept Return to Sven.
  11. Go to Sven’s Camp, turn in Return to Sven, accept Proving your Worth.
  12. Kill Skeletal Horrors and Fiends for The Night Watch and Gather Rot Blossoms from them.
  13. Kill Skeletal Warriors, Healers and Warders at the small crypt.
  14. Turn Proving your Worth at Sven, accept Seeking Wisdom.
  15. Go Westfall and fly to Darkshire.
  16. Turn in The Night Watch and Gather Rot Blossoms, accept The Night Watch and Juice Delivery.
  17. Fly to Stormwind, turn in Seeking Wisdom, accept The Doomed Fleet.

27-27 Wetlands

  1. Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 27 27 WetlandsHS to Menethil Harbor.
  2. Turn in The Doomed Fleet, accept Lightforge Iron.
  3. Accept The Third Fleet, buy a Flagon of mead from the Innkeeper and turn it in. Accept The Cursed Crew.
  4. Go to the boat wreckage in the water behind the Inn. Click on the box to turn in Lightforge Iron. Accept The Lost Ingots. Kill murlocs in the area to loot the ingots.
  5. Return to Menethil, turn in The lost Ingots, accept Blessed Arm.
  6. Accept Apprentice’s Duties. Run north along the coast and kill the cursed crew ghosts and Giant Crocolisks.
  7. Return to Menethil and turn in The Cursed Crew and Apprentice’s Duties.
  8. Take boat to Auberdine, fly to Astranaar.

27-28 Ashenvale

Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 27 28 Ashenvale

  1. Make sure you have accepted the following quests: Fallen Sky Lake, Raene’s Cleansing, Kayneth Stillwind.
  2. Run southwest to the Shrine of Aessina and accept The Howling Vale and Vile Satyr! Dryads in Danger!
  3. Run east and take the road north towards Felwood and kill Ancient trees walking around for the Wooden key. Open the box and loot the Iron shaft.
  4. Go up the ramp and through the small cave into the worgen area and click on the book at the altar.
  5. Return to Shael’dryn at the moonwell and turn in Raene’s Cleansing. Accept next part.
  6. Run southeast to Fallen Sky Lake and kill the Shadethicket Oracle.
  7. Continue east to Forest Song and turn in Kayneth Stillwind. Accept Forsaken Diseases.
  8. Go southwest and get a Bottle of Disease in the undead camp.
  9. Kill oozes and loot the Iron Pommel from the chests they drop when they die.
  10. Return to Kayneth and turn in Forsaken Diseases. Skip Insane Druids.
  11. Go west to the Satyr camp and find Anilia. Turn in Vile Satyr… and accept The Branch of Cenarius.
  12. Kill Geltharis and loot the branch.
  13. Run back east and follow the road into Azshara.
  14. Take the FP and fly back to Astranaar.
  15. Turn in Fallen Sky Lake.
  16. Go east to Shael’dryn at the moonwell and turn in Raene’s Cleansing. Accept next part.
  17. Find your way up the mountain to the shrine and turn in Raene’s Cleansing, accept next part. Return to Shael’Dryn and turn in, accept next.
  18. Die on purpose and spirit ress at Astranaar to save some time.
  19. Turn in Raene’s Cleansing, Accept next but then abandon it, you should be allowed to keep the Rod to be able to transform yourself into a furbolg. This is a nice little item with several practical uses.
  20. Then run west to the Shrine of Aessina and turn in The Howling Vale and The Branch of Cenarius. Accept Velinde Starsong.
  21. Run back to Astranaar and fly to Darnassus, turn in Velinde Starsong, accept Velinde’s Effects.
  22. Go to a house south and on the 2nd floor get the Journal from a box.
  23. Go back and turn in Velinde’s Effects. Accept The Barrens Port.
  24. HS to Menethil Harbor.
  25. Fly Stormwind, get new spells etc.
  26. Accept The Missing Diplomat in the Cathedral.
  27. Turn in Blessed Arm in the Dwarven District, accept Armed and Ready.
  28. If you looted An Old History Book in Duskwood, accept the quest and turn in at the Keep Library. Accept Southshore.
  29. Run around in Stormwind and turn in and accept the follow ups of The Missing Diplomat until you got the part to go to Duskwood.

28-30 Duskwood

Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 28 30 Duskwood

  1. Fly to Darkshire, Duskwood.
  2. Set HS in Darkshire.
  3. Turn in The Missing Diplomat at Watcher Backus at northern road of Darkshire, accept next. Also accept Worgen in the Woods in Darkshire.
  4. Go West and kill Nightbane Dark Runners at the Rotting Orchard.
  5. Continue west to Raven Hill.
  6. Turn in Juice Delivery, accept Ghoulish Effigy.
  7. Go to Sven, turn in Armed and Ready, accept Morbent Fel.
  8. Kill Plague Spreaders and other ghouls for The Night Watch, Ghoulish Effigy and Totem of Infliction.
  9. Accept The Weathered Grave from a gravestone just north of the house.
  10. Turn in Ghoulish Effigy at the hermit, accept Ogre Thieves.
  11. Go south to Addle’s Stead and loot the chest in the small house for The Missing Diplomat.
  12. Go to the Ogre mound and get Abercrombie’s Crate just outside the cave from a box.
  13. Go into the cave and kill Zzarc’Vul for Look to the Stars.
  14. Return to Abercrombie and turn in Ogre Thieves. Accept Note to the Mayor.
  15. HS to Darkshire.
  16. Turn in The Missing Diplomat, Note to the Mayor, Look to the Stars, The Weathered Grave, The Totem of Infliction and Worgen in the Woods.
  17. Accept follow ups, you need to talk back and forth a few times between several NPCs in Darkshire. When done you should have accepted Mor’Ladim, The Bride of the Embalmer, Worgen in the Woods and The Missing Diplomat.
  18. Kill Stalvan Mistmantle north of town at Manor Mistmantle. Go back to Darkshire and turn it in The Legend of Stalvan.
  19. The only quests left in duskwood now are Morbent Fel, Mor’ladim, Bride of the Embalmer and Worgen in the Woods (We will do worgen in the woods later).
  20. <WEAPON UPGRADE> You should hopefully be 29+ now, grind in Raven Hill until 30. You can also do Stockades or grind Ogres if the graveyard is too swamped. Try to find a group to do the elite quests in Raven Hill, Mor’ladim is important for a new weapon upgrade Archeus. If you can’t do it, buy either Bullova or War Hammer from Gerik Koen in Stormwind, Old Town before you do the next quest there.
  21. When you are 30, fly to Stormwind. Turn in The Missing Diplomat, accept next.
  22. Defeat Dashel Stonefist in Old Town for The Missing Diplomat. Ignore the adds and just nuke him down to complete. Accept next part.
  23. Accept Malin’s Request in the Mage quarter.
  24. Fly or take the tram to Ironforge.

Chapter 3

Levels 30-40

Expected /played time to 40: 1d12h-2d12h

30-31 Wetlands/Arathi/Hillsbrad

  1. In Ironforge, learn new spells.
  2. Pick up Reclaimers’ Business in Desolace in the Hall of Explorers and The Brassbolts Brothers in the Military Ward.
  3. Fly to Menethil Harbor, Wetlands.
  4. Turn in The Missing Diplomat, accept next.
  5. Attack Slim before he runs away and defeat him, turn in, accept next, turn in, accept next.
  6. Accept Lifting the Curse and Nek’rosh’s Gambit.
  7. Go north along the coast to the boat wreckages and do Lifting the Curse. Loot the key from Captain Halyndor on the ship and then turn in Lifting the Curse at a box in the ship’s bottom floor. Accept The Eye of Paleth.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveing Guide 30 31 Wetlands
  8. Go east and turn in Nek’rosh’s Gambit in the Dragonmaw Orc camp. If there are people around who can help you, do the follow up elite Quest Defeat Nek’Rosh, otherwise skip.
  9. Go north to Dun Modr and accept The Thandol Span.
  10. You have two elite quests here A Grim Task and The Dark Iron War, if you have a group of 3+ ppl you can do them, otherwise skip.
  11. Go north to the middle of the bridge and go down the tunnel on the right side, ignore the mobs and click on dead dwarf to turn in The Thandol Span, accept follow up and run out fast to avoid dying.
  12. Turn in The Thandol Span back at Dun Modr, accept next.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 30 31 Arathi
  13. Pass the bridge into Arathi and take the other small hang-bridge to your right, click the cart of explosives and then go back and turn in The Thandol Span.
  14. Accept Plea to the Alliance.
  15. Go to Refugee pointe in Arathi Highlands.
  16. Turn in Plea to the Alliance and Malin’s Request, accept Northfold Manor.
  17. Take Flightpath.
  18. Do Northfold Manor northwest of Refugee Pointe.
  19. When done, continue west to Hillsbrad, run to Southshore.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 30 31 Hillsbrad
  20. Turn in Southshore. Accept Down the Coast and Soothing Turtle Bisque in the Inn.
  21. Kill murlocs southwest, go back and turn in Down the Coast, accept Farren’s Proof.
  22. Kill murlocs again and collect heads, then go back and turn it in, accept follow up, run back and forth between the guards until you get the next part Stormwind Ho!
  23. Go southeast and kill Nagas.
  24. When you are done go north and follow the river killing Turtles to collect 10 turtle meat.
  25. Buy 4 Soothing spices from Micha Yance in house closest to the FP (keep 3 for later).
  26. Turn in Stormwind Ho! Accept Reassignment. Turn in Soothing Turtle Bisque.
  27. Make sure you are 31 now, otherwise grind on murlocs/nagas or something else.
  28. Accept Hints of a new Plague outside the Inn.
  29. Fly to Refuge Pointe in Arathi and turn in Northfold Manor.
  30. Fly to Menethil Harbor.

31-32 Shimmering Flats

  1. Turn in Defeat Nek’rosh and The Eye of Paleth, accept Cleansing the Eye.
  2. Take boat to Theramore.
  3. Get the FP.
  4. Accept They Call Him Smiling Jim outside the inn.
  5. Accept Highperch Venom in the inn.
  6. Turn in They call him Smiling Jim and The Missing Diplomat, accept follow up.
  7. Buy 3 soothing spices from vendor in house if you don’t have any.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 31 32 Dustwallow Marsh
  8. Run to Sentry Point and turn in The Missing Diplomat, accept next
  9. Run to Swamplight Manor and accept/turn in Soothing Spices.
  10. Click the dirt mount next to the house to accept The Orc Report.
  11. Turn in The Missing Diplomat further west, but don’t accept next, it’s too hard right now.
  12. Run towards The Barrens.
  13. Get the quests at the Shady Rest Inn at the Barrens border, The Black Shield, Suspicious Hoofprints and Lieutenant Paval Reethe.
  14. Continue south in the Barrens to the Great Lift at Thousand Needles border.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 31 32 Thousand Needles
  15. Take quest Lonebrow’s Journal from a book on the ground next to a dead dwarf after you come down the lift.
  16. Run west to Thalanaar at the Feralas border and turn in Lonebrow’s Journal, get FP!
  17. Run along the southern wall east, stop by at the Wyvern Area and do Highperch Venom quest if there isn’t too much horde around giving you a hard time.
  18. Continue east, grind along the way to Shimmering Flats.
  19. Turn in The Brassbolts Brothers.
  20. Accept Rocket Car Parts, Salt Flat Venom, Hardened Shells, Load Lightening, A Bump in the Road.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 31 32 Shimmering Flats
  21. Do all Shimmering Flats quest you just accepted, prioritize the birds for Load Lightening since there are not many spawns and it’s important for a long follow up quest chain.
  22. You should also get Crystalized Scales for Retrieval for Mauren while killing basilisks in the flats.
  23. When done with everything turn them in and accept Goblin Sponsorship, Martek the Exiled, Wharfmaster Dizzywig and Hemet Nesingwary.
  24. Make sure you are level 32 now, or grind on something in flats until you are.
  25. Run to Tanaris and get FP in Gadgetzan.
  26. Fly to Theramore.
  27. Turn in The Orc Report, accept Captain Vimes.
  28. Turn in Highperch Venom if you did it.
  29. Go to keep and turn in all the Shady Rest Inn quests there, accept follow ups, then do a bit of running back and forth in Theramore to turn them in.

32-32 Duskwood

  1. Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 32 32 DuskwoodRun north along the coast/swim to avoid the murlocs until you get to Ratchet, get FP.
  2. Turn in Goblin Sponsorship, accept next.
  3. Turn in Wharfmaster Dizzywig and The Barrens Port, accept follow ups.
  4. Take the boat to Booty Bay.
  5. Turn in Goblin Sponsorship. Accept next.
  6. Turn in Passage to Booty Bay, accept The Caravan Road.
  7. Turn in Goblin Sponsorship, don’t need to take the next part now.
  8. Accept Supply and Demand, Singing Blue Shards, Bloodscalp Ears, Supplies to Private Thorsen, Investigate the Camp, The Haunted Isle.
  9. Turn in The Haunted Isle, accept The Stone of the Tides.  (If uninterested in WoW lore, simply discard the scrip you get from this to free up the bag space, as turning it in gives no xp and the book vendors for only 25c.)
  10. Get FP and set HS in BB!
  11. Fly to Darkshire, turn in The Caravan Road, take next until you accept The Scythe of Elune.
  12. Go south to the mine and do last part of Worgen in the Woods and The Scythe of Elune.
  13. Go back to Darkshire and turn in Worgen in the Woods and The Scythe of Elune, accept and turn in follow up. Accept Answered Questions.
  14. Run to Rebel camp in STV.

32-33 Stranglethorn Vale

Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 32 33 Stranglethorn Vale

  1. Turn in Supplies to Private Thorsen.
  2. Accept Jungle Secrets, turn in, accept Bookie Herod, The Second Rebellion and Bad Medicine.
  3. Go to Nesingwary’s camp, accept Welcome to the Jungle and turn it in. Also turn in Hemet Nesingwary.
  4. Accept Panther Mastery and Tiger Mastery.
  5. Kill young tigers, young panthers and river crocolisks around Nesingwary’s and east towards the Kurzen camp. You can also kill Stone maw Basilisks on the other side of the river for some singing blue shards.
  6. When done with tigers, panthers and crocs go into the Kurzen camp.
  7. Kill Jungle Fighters and Medicine Men. Save stuns/interrupts for Medicine Men’s heals.
  8. Pick up Venom Fern Extract from the boxes outside the house.
  9. Turn in Bookie Herod inside the house and accept The Hidden Key.
  10. When done, go back to the Rebel camp and turn in Bad Medicine and The Second Rebellion. Accept Krazek’s Cookery.
  11. Turn in Tiger Mastery and Panther Mastery, accept next of both and Raptor Mastery.
  12. Go west and kill Panthers and Tigers, also start killing some trolls around here.
  13. Continue south and kill Raptors.
  14. Make sure you have killed all trolls, tigers, panthers and raptors before you continue.
  15. South of raptors on a ledge close the water there are more basilisks, kill them until you complete Singing Blue Shards.
  16. Swim out to the small island and explore it for The Stone of the Tides.
  17. Die on purpose and take ress sickness at Nesingwary’s
  18. Turn in Tiger, Panther and Raptor Mastery.
  19. HS to Booty Bay, turn in Singing Blue Shards, Bloodscalp Ears, Investigate the Camp, Krazek’s Cookery, The Stone of the Tides and Supply and Demand.
  20. You don’t need to accept any follow ups at this time
  21. You should be around 33.5 now

33-34 Alterac Mountains

  1. Fly to Stormwind
  2. Look on AH or ask friends for a Hillman’s Cloak and Bolt of Woolen Cloth. If you have skinning you should have mats for the cloak. Fine thread you can buy from vendors.
  3. In the Mage Quarter, turn in Retrieval for Mauren, accept Morgan Stern.
  4. Turn in Cleansing the Eye in the Cathedral, and learn new spells.
  5. Turn in Reassignment in the Keep.
  6. Fly/tram to Ironforge, accept Reclaimers’ Business in Desolace if you don’t have it already.
  7. Set your HS in Ironforge!
  8. Fly to Southshore.
  9. Accept Hint’s of a New Plague, Costly Menace, Crushridge Bounty, Bartolo’s Yeti fur Cloak and Syndicate Assassins.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 33 34 Alterac Mountains
  10. Go to the Yeti cave and kill yetis and collect Alterac Granite, skip if too much horde around being aggressive towards you.
  11. Go north into alterac and kill cougars and syndicates.
  12. Accept Foreboding Plans and Encrypted Letter, they lie on a small table in the syndicate camps.
  13. Go north on the main road to Alterac and kill ogres for Crushridge Bounty.
  14. When you are done die on purpose and take ress sickness at Southshore graveyard.
  15. Turn in all the quests, accept Letter to Stormpike.
  16. You should be 34 now.
  17. HS to IF and learn new spells, turn in Letter to Stormpike.
  18. Turn in A King’s Tribute, wait for the RP event and then accept follow up. Go to the King and turn in.
  19. Fly to Menethil Harbor.

34-35 Desolace

  1. Take the boat to Auberdine, fly to Darnassus and turn in Answered Questions.
  2. Fly to Astranaar.
  3. Run to Desolace via Stonetalon Mountains and the Talondeep Path.
  4. When you arrive in Desolace run to Nijel’s point.
  5. Turn in Reclaimers’ Business in Desolace.
  6. Accept The Karnitol Shipwreck, Reagents for Reclaimers’ inc, Centaur Bounty, Vahlarriel’s Search and Down the Scarlet Path.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 34 35 Desolace
  7. Set HS and take FP!
  8. Kill Satyrs southeast of Nijel’s Point, then go back to Nijel’s and turn in Reagents for Reclaimers’ inc. Accept next.
  9. Run west to the broken wagon and turn in Vahlarriel’s Search. Accept next.
  10. Return to Nijel’s Point and turn in Vahlarriel’s Search, Accept next.
  11. Run west towards the shore. Kill scorps/kodos on the way there for Reagents.
  12. Accept Sceptre of Light.
  13. Go back east to Thunder Axe Fortress.
  14. Kill the Burning Blade Seer on top of the tower for Sceptre of Light.
  15. Fight your way into the main building and turn in Vahlarriel’s Search. Accept next.
  16. Run to the other big building and kill Tyranis for his pendant.
  17. Return to Dalinda in the big building and turn in Search for Tyranis.
  18. Do the escort quest Return to Vahlarriel.
  19. Return west to the coast and turn in Sceptre of Light, accept Book of the Ancients.
  20. Turn in The Karnitol Shipwreck at a small boat on the shore and accept follow up.
  21. Accept Claim Rackmore’s Treasure from the log next to the boat.
  22. Kill drysnaps and nagas for the keys needed.
  23. HS to Nijel’s Point.
  24. Turn in The Karnitol Shipwreck and Reagents for Reclaimers’ inc. Accept next.
  25. Turn in Return to Vahlarriel.
  26. Go southwest and accept Bone Collector at the small hut.
  27. Then go east and kill centaurs for Centaur Bounty.
  28. Continue south to the next small hut and accept Kodo Roundup.
  29. Get 10 bones and return 5 kodos at the kodo graveyard.
  30. Accept Ghost-o-plasm Round Up at the kodo graveyard
  31. If there are people around you can group with, go southeast and do Down the Scarlet Path and Ghost-o-plasm round up in the undead area, this is the prequest for SM, so if you plan to do SM before 40+ you need to do this now. Otherwise wait/skip.
  32. Grind on centaurs to 35.
  33. Run back to first hut and turn in Bone Collector.
  34. Run west to the coast and swim out to the small island.
  35. Kill naga for Karnitol’s Satchel, click on the treasure chest and turn in Claim Rackmore’s Treasure.
  36. Use the gem to summon a Naga at the altar and kill it for quest Book of the Ancients.
  37. Swim back and turn in Book of the Ancients.
  38. HS to Nijel’s point.
  39. Turn in Centaur Bounty, The Karnitol Shipwreck. Accept The Karnitol Shipwreck.
  40. Fly to Theramore.
  41. Turn in Morgan Stern in the Inn.
  42. Take the boat to Wetlands, then fly Ironforge.
  43. Turn in The Karnitol Shipwreck, also accept Further Mysteries.

Rock Pulverizer weapon upgrade

This part can be counted as a Class Quest for Paladins and should not be done if you are another class (except Warrior if you aren’t getting Whirlwind Axe). At this point your current weapon will most likely be something like Archeus, or maybe even worse. It’s starting to get outdated at this point, and unless you are planning on running all wings of SM soon to get Bonebiter I would suggest you to do this part, it should take around 30 mins solo or faster if you can get some help and you will get a really good weapon.

Rock Pulverizer Weapon

(If you don’t do this part you will have to incorporate these quests into the Badlands part yourself when we get there at level 39.)

35-35 Badlands

  1. Accept Ironband Wants You! In the Hall of Explorers.
  2. Fly to Loch Modan, run to the Excavation site, turn in Ironband wants You! Accept Find Agmond.
  3. Run into the Badlands and turn in Martek the Exiled, accept Indurium.
  4. Find Agmonds corpse to the south east, turn in Find Agmond, accept Murdaloc.
  5. Kill troggs and Murdaloc, collect 10 indurium flakes from them.
  6. Murdaloc is level 42 and quite hard, save most of your cooldowns to fight him, you may need both bubble, healing potion and LoH.
  7. When you are done, turn in Indurium, accept News for Fizzle.
  8. Run back to the Excavation site in Loch Modan and turn in Murdaloc.
  9. Run back to Thelsamar and fly to Ironforge.

35-36 Stranglethorn Vale

Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 35 36 Stranglethorn Vale

  1. Fly to Booty Bay, set HS.
  2. Accept the following quests: Hostile Takeover, Water Elementals, Goblin Sponsorship and Some Assembly Required.
  3. Fly to Darkshire, run to STV, accept Special Forces at Rebel Camp.
  4. Accept Panther, Tiger and Raptor Mastery at Nesingwary’s.
  5. Go to Kurzen Camp and enter the cave. Kill commandos and Headshrinkers while heading to the chest to turn in The Hidden Key. Accept The Spy Revealed!
  6. Head out of the cave and go south. Kill geologists for crystals at Venture company camp and Snapjaw crocs for skins.
  7. Go up to the top of the rig and kill Foreman Cozzle for key.
  8. Use key on a box in the small house to get blueprints for Goblin Sponsorship.
  9. Go west and kill Lashtail Raptors and Elder Tigers.
  10. When done with raptors and tigers, head over to the island and kill water elementals.
  11. Die on purpose and take ress sickness to return to Nesingwary’s, turn in Tiger Mastery and Raptor Mastery. Accept follow ups.
  12. Run to Rebel camp and turn in Special Forces and The Spy Revealed. Do the follow up by talking to the people in the camp.
  13. HS to Booty Bay.
  14. Turn in Hostile Takeover, Water Elementals, Goblin Sponsorship, Some Assembly Required. Accept Goblin Sponsorship and Magical Analysis.
  15. You should be 36 now.
  16. If you want you can buy Heavy Notched Belt from Fargon Mortalak in Booty Bay, good belt.
  17. Fly to IF, learn new spells.
  18. Fly to Refuge Pointe, Arathi Highlands.

36-37 Arathi Highlands

Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 36 37 Arathi Highlands

  1. In Refugee Pointe, accept Worth its Weight in Gold.
  2. Go east to Go’shek farm and turn in Hints of a new Plague, accept follow up.
  3. Look for the Forsaken Courier. It spawns at the end of the road at the small house at the farm and patrols all the way to Tarren Mill in Hillsbrad.
  4. If you don’t see it around go to the troll village south and do Worth it’s weight in Gold.
  5. Go back to the farm and look for the Courier, then go north and accept The Princess Trapped at the Crystal.
  6. Go east of Hammerfall to the kobold cave and mine Lesser Bloodstone ore if you are a miner and do The Princess Trapped, you turn in at the end of the cave. Skip next.
  7. If u find the Forsaken courier while reasonably close to Go’shek farm, turn it in and accept follow up. Otherwise skip or do this later.
  8. Before doing the escort, clear the path Kinelory will take by walking down to the farm beforehand or you will pull dozens of mobs and most likely let her die.
  9. Do the escort and turn it in. Accept next part.
  10. Return to refugee point and turn in Worth its weight in Gold.
  11. Try to do elite quests in Stromgarde Keep if u have a group, otherwise grind to 37. I recommend beasts and Ogres southeast of Refuge Pointe.
  12. Fly to Southshore.

37-38 Alterac Mountains

Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 37 38 Alterac Mountains

  1. Stack up on plenty of food and water, we gonna grind for a while.
  2. Turn in Hints of a new Plague and Further Mysteries, accept Dark Council and Noble Deaths.
  3. If you are leveling duo or in a group accept Preserving Knowledge and Crushridge Warmongers (Elite quests).
  4. Run northwest to the Dalaran bubble, turn in Magical Analysis, accept Ansirem’s key.
  5. Continue north along the lake coast to the Syndicate camp and kill Nagaz in the house. Be careful of many stealth mobs in the area.
  6. Loot Ensorcelled Parchment chest inside house where Nagaz is.
  7. Kill Shadow Mages and loot signet rings along the grassy area and into the small town area Strahnbrad to the east.
  8. Get flight path in Chillwind camp WPL.
  9. Grind ogres to 6500XP (or 12k~ if u did elite quests) from 38. This is a long grind but it’s necessary for the continuing quest route to work. You could also do SM now if you did Down the Scarlet path in Desolace earlier.
  10. There is a rare Ogre that spawns in one of the caves here called Lo’Grosh, he drops an amazing 2h mace called The Pacifier. Make a /target macro for him and spam it every now and then to see if he spawns.
  11. There is also a hidden goblin npc on the wall in the elite ogre area called Bro’kin. He sells Frost Oil recipe which is very valuable.
  12. Die on purpose at the ogres and you should end up at Southshore. Take ress sickness.
  13. Turn in Noble Deaths, Dark Council and The Ensorcelled Parchment.
  14. Accept Stormpike Deciphering.

38-38 Dustwallow Marsh

  1. Fly to Menethil Harbor. Take the boat to Theramore
  2. Set HS!
  3. Fly to Gadgetzan, run to Shimmering Flats, turn in Parts for Kravel, News for Fizzle and Goblin Sponsorship.
  4. Accept The Eighteenth Pilot, turn in, and accept Razzeric’s Tweaking.
  5. Accept Keeping Pace, create the diversion by talking to another goblin nearby and turn in Keeping Pace in the hut with Rizzle, accept Rizzle’s Schematics, turn it in.
  6. Accept Delivery to the Gnomes and turn in. Accept The Rumormonger.
  7. HS to Theramore.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 38 38 Dustwallow Marsh
  8. Accept The Deserters in the keep and Mudrock Soup and Bugs in the Inn.
  9. Go to Swamplight Manor, accept Jarl Needs Eyes.
  10. Continue west to the Raptor area and do Stinky’s Escape escort quest.
  11. Do the last part of the Missing Diplomat we skipped earlier by defeating Private Hendel.
  12. Turn it in when done and then go west to the spider cave and kill spiders for eyes.
  13. Go south of the horde camp and accept Hungry!
  14. Go south to the tower & beat up Balos Jacken for The Deserters. Turn it in, accept next.
  15. Go east to the Zeppelin wreckage and collect the Seaforium Booster from a box on the ground. Walk over the mountains and swim to Theramore.
  16. Turn in Stinky’s Escape at the inn and clean bags/buy food water.
  17. Take the first coast north and kill turtles and murlocs.
  18. If the drop rate on tongues from turtles are too low, skip it.
  19. Turn in Jarl needs Eyes, skip next.
  20. Run/grind back to the Ogre and turn in Hungry!
  21. HS to Theramore.
  22. Turn in Mudrock Soup and Bugs, accept …And bugs.
  23. Turn in The Deserters in the keep.
  24. Fly to Ratchet and take the boat to Booty Bay.
  25. Turn in Ansirem’s Key and The Rumormonger. accept Dream Dust in the Swamp.
  26. If u have lesser bloodstone ore, turn them in for Favor for Krazek and accept Return to Corporal Kaleb.
  27. Fly to Stormwind, set HS!
  28. Accept Mazen’s Behest, turn it in and accept follow up.
  29. Learn new spells, train FA etc.
  30. Accept In Search of the Temple in the Dwarven District.

38-39 Swamp of Sorrows

Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 38 39 Swamp Of Sorrows

  1. Fly to Darkshire, run east to Swamp of Sorrows.
  2. Accept Encroaching Wildlife.
  3. Go west and kill beasts and green drakes for Encroaching Wildlife and Dream Dust.
  4. Depending on difficulty on drakes and the amount of people there, you can stay here and grind for a bit if u want, small flame sacs are very good  profit and needed later on for consumables.
  5. Go north to Misty Valley and kill the elementals for Mazen’s Behest.
  6. Finish up Encroaching Wildlife and turn it in, accept The Lost Caravan.
  7. Go north to the harborage and accept Draenethyst Crystals.
  8. Grind east and kill Noboru for his quest drop item. Accept Noboru the Cudgel.
  9. Get crystals and supplies at the camp northeast, skip escort unless you got help, very hard solo.
  10. Go south and jump into the pool, get close to Sunken Temple to get the Explore credit for In search of the Temple.
  11. Turn in Draenethyst Crystals and Noboru the Cudgel.
  12. Go south and turn in The Lost Caravan.
  13. Grind to 39 on beasts/dragon whelps.
  14. Run to Blasted Lands, Turn in Mazen’s Behest at the top of the tower in Nethergarde Keep.
  15. Take FP.
  16. HS to Stormwind.
  17. Turn in In Search of the Temple, accept To the Hinterlands.

39-40 Badlands

Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 39 40 Badlands

  1. Fly/take tram to Ironforge.
  2. Try to get the following items, if u cant get the first one, don’t bother with the others
  3. Frost oil ->Gyrochronatom ->Healing potion/lesser invis pot ->Patterned Bronze Bracers
  4. Turn in Stormpike’s Deciphering.
  5. Fly to Thelsamar, set HS.
  6. Accept Badlands Reagent Run.
  7. Run to Badlands dwarf camp, accept A Dwarf and his Tools and Mirages.
  8. Kill dwarfs at Hammertoe digsite for the pickaxe and accept the quest A sign of Hope from a map on the table in the camp.
  9. Go east and get the Supply Crate from the ogre camp.
  10. Turn in A dwarf and his Tools, A sign of Hope and Mirages. Accept Scrounging.
  11. Accept Barbecued Buzzard Wings to the west at the goblins.
  12. Go west and accept Study of the Elements: Rock.
  13. Kill lesser rock elementals nearby.
  14. Turn in Study of the elements: Rock, take follow up. Grind south to the other rock elemental area and kill rock elementals there.
  15. Run around badlands and complete Scrounging, Badlands Reagent Run and Barbecued Buzzard Wings.
  16. Turn in Study of the Elements: Rock, Scrounging and Barbecued Buzzard Wings.
  17. If you got Frost oil etc, turn them in, otherwise skip for later.
  18. Grind in Badlands until you are 3000 xp from level 40.
  19. HS to Thelsamar and turn in Badlands Reagent Run.
  20. Ding 40!

Chapter 4

Levels 40-50

Expected /played time to 50: 3d12h-4d12h

40-40 Desolace

  1. Fly to SW and get spells and mount.
  2. Fly to Booty Bay and set HS.
  3. Turn in Dream Dust in the Swamp, accept Rumors for Kravel.
  4. Take boat to Ratchet.
  5. If you did Down the Scarlet Path last time you were in Desolace, DON’T go there and skip to point 17.
  6. Fly to Nijel’s Point in Desolace.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 40 40 Desolace
  7. Accept Reagents for Reclaimers’ inc and Down the Scarlet Path.
  8. Go pick up Ghost-o-Plasm Round Up at the Kodo Graveyard
  9. Run south to Mannoroc coven and kill demons.
  10. Kill the Doomwarder Captains first since they are the only source for blood and there aren’t many of them. You don’t need to finish this quest now, we can come back later if you don’t want to wait for respawns.
  11. Run southeast to Valley of Bones….
  12. …And do Down the Scarlet Path and Ghost-o-plasm round up.
  13. Stay and grind on Undead Ravagers until you are 30% in to 41.
  14. Run back to Mannoroc Coven and finish Reagents for Reclaimers’ Inc.
  15. Turn in Ghost-o-Plasm Round Up.
  16. Run back to Nijel’s point and turn in Reagents for Reclaimers’ inc and Down the Scarlet Path, Accept both follow ups.
  17. Fly to Gadgetzan and run to Shimmering Flats. Turn in Rumors for Kravel and Razzeric’s Tweaking. Accept Back to Booty Bay and Safety First.
  18. Run to Gadgetzan and turn in Safety First, then back to Shimmering again and turn in.
  19. HS to Booty Bay.

40-41 Stranglethorn Vale

  1. Turn in Back to Booty Bay.
  2. Accept quests: Venture Company Mining, “Pretty Boy” Duncan, Skullsplitter Tusks, The Bloodsail Buccaneers, Excelsior, Scaring Shaky.
  3. Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 40 41 Stranglethorn ValeLeave Booty Bay and take an immediate left, in the small pirate camp kill “Pretty Boy” Duncan and click on the notes on the barrel. Turn in The Bloodsail Buccaneers accept next.
  4. Go back to the road and continue north, kill mistvale gorillas for giblets and save any gorilla fangs you loot, you need 10x to start STV fever quest later.
  5. Continue north on the road, kill goblin strip miners for Venture Company Mining.
  6. There are also Shadowmaw Panthers around here and around the hill where Banglash spawns on the other side of the road, kill them for Panther Mastery.
  7. Kill Skullsplitter trolls for tusks northeast of the goblins, focus on killing the lvl 39-40s outside the main base.
  8. Go back west and finish killing Shadowmaw Panthers and go kill Jungle Stalkers for Raptor Mastery.
  9. Grind to 41 on raptors/basilisks or trolls etc.
  10. Kill an Elder Saltwater Crocolisk near Grom’gol base camp for Excelsior if you still on that quest. If you can’t find it, skip.
  11. Continue towards Nesingwary, stop by and kill Sin’dall on the small hill.
  12. Turn in mastery quests and Green Hills pages if you got them. Accept Panther Mastery and Raptor Mastery.
  13. Go to Rebel camp and turn in Return to Corporal Kaleb.
  14. Do Colonel Kurzen elite quest if u can find a group or have group already.
  15. HS to Booty Bay.
  16. Turn in Scaring Shaky and The Bloodsail Buccaneers, accept follow ups.
  17. Turn in Return to ManKinley, Excelsior, Skullsplitter Tusks, The Bloodsail Buccaneers, “Pretty boy” Duncan and Venture Company Mining.
  18. Don’t need to take any new quests right now.
  19. Fly to SW.
  20. Accept Vital Supplies in the Mage quarter tower.
  21. Fly to Ironforge, look on AH or ask friends for Elixir of Water Breathing or ask a lock around level 40 to join you for the next part (underwater).
  22. Turn in Reagents for Reclaimers’ Inc. in the Hall of Explorers.
  23. Fly to Southshore.
  24. Turn in Down the Scarlet Path.
  25. <WEAPON UPGRADE> Now would be a perfect time to do a full SM run, look for a group while doing the next part in Arathi. The SM quest will award us with Bonebiter which is a nice upgrade from our current weapon.
  26. Run to The Hinterlands, turn in To the Hinterlands!, accept Gryphon Master Talonaxe.
  27. Get FP.
  28. Turn in Gryphon Master Talonaxe, accept Rhapsody Shindigger.
  29. Run north up the hill and turn in Rhapsody Shindigger, accept Rhapsody’s Kalimdor Kocktail.
  30. Run back and fly to Refuge Pointe in Arathi.

41-41 Arathi Highlands

  1. This part can be skipped by doing SM or Stromgarde Elite quests. Because it’s underwater it can be quite annoying and time consuming if you don’t have underwater breathing.
  2. Fly to Arathi, accept Wand over Fist.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 41 41 Arathi Highlands
  3. Run southeast to the Ogre caves and kill Kor’Gresh for Wand over Fist.
  4. Run back to Refuge and turn in Wand over Fist, then run south to Faldir’s Cove.
  5. Accept Land Ho! From the Ogre and turn it in.
  6. Accept Deep Sea Salvage, Drowned Sorrows and Sunken Treasure.
  7. Escort the gnome to the cave, there will spawn a few water elementals, shouldn’t be a problem.
  8. Turn in Sunken Treasure, accept follow up.
  9. Go underwater and kill nagas, get boat charts and Elven gems. Be careful not to drown, hence the underwater breathing potion I mentioned earlier.
  10. Look for rare naga Prince Nazjak that drops Tidal Charm trinket., this is a very strong pvp trinket for all classes. He can be in one of the boats or in the ruins. Use a “/target Prince” macro and use it when you quest here to find him easier.
  11. Turn in Deep Sea Salvage, Drowned Sorrows and Sunken Treasure. Accept next, then turn in Sunken Treasure again and accept next.
  12. HS to Booty Bay.
  13. Turn in Sunken Treasure, skip next.

41-42 Swamp of Sorrows

Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 41 42 Swamp Of Sorrows

  1. Fly to Darkshire, turn in Vital Supplies. Accept Supplies for Nethergarde.
  2. Fly to Nethergarde Keep, turn in Supplies for Nethergarde.
  3. Run to Swamp of Sorrows.
  4. Accept Driftwood.
  5. Go to beach far east, kill crabs for and pick up driftwood.
  6. The crabs are lower level more north.
  7. Grind to 42 in SoS, try spiders east of Stonard or beasts all around the zone.
  8. Turn in Driftwood, accept Deliver the Shipment.
  9. Run to Nethergarde and turn in Deliver the Shipment, then fly to Ironforge.
  10. Train new spells etc.
  11. Look on AH for Frost Oil, Gyrochronatom, Lesser healing/Lesser invis pot and Patterned Bronze Bracers.

42-42 Badlands

Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 42 42 Badlands

  1. Fly to Loch Modan, then run south to Badlands
  2. Go to the Dwarf camp and accept Fiery Blaze Enchantments.
  3. Go towards Lethlor Ravine and accept Tremors of the Earth.
  4. Kill Drakes for a Black Drake’s Heart. The drop rate is low so you might skip if you can’t get it in a reasonable amount of time, elites have higher drop rate if you can group.
  5. Turn in Fiery Blaze Enchantments. Save the reward for lvl 60, can be good for farming.
  6. Look for Boss Tho’grun, he patrols from the southwest Ogre camp to the small east ogre camp and then to the middle one.
  7. Accept Study of the Elements: Rock
  8. Kill Earth Elementals in the southwest close to the ogre camp.
  9. Turn in Study of the Elements: Rock, In order to continue the quest chain you need to turn in Frost Oil and Gyrochronatom.
  10. Turn them in and then accept This is Going to be Hard.
  11. Turn in This is going to be Hard, accept next and turn in. Accept next.
  12. Kill the Earth Elemental that spawns, it’s lvl 45 but shouldn’t be a problem for you.
  13. Turn in This is going to be Hard, and Liquid Stone / Stone is Better than Cloth if you got the items for it.
  14. Turn in Tremors of the Earth.
  15. <WEAPON UPGRADE> Now would be a perfect time to do a full Uldaman run, since there are so many quests for Uldaman it can be hard to complete all of them without wasting too much time, I recommend you read my Uldaman guide and follow it for a smooth run that will complete all the important quests. Last boss also drops two very good 2h weapons which will be very good for us and can last all the way to 60, so doing Uldaman is a very good idea.
  16. Do Uldaman,grind on Ogres or Beasts in Badlands to 42,5.
  17. HS to Booty Bay.

42-43 Stranglethorn Vale

  1. Accept quests Zanzil’s Secret, Up to Snuff, The Bloodsail Buccaneers, Stranglethorn Fever, Akiris by the Bundle, Voodoo Dues, Keep an Eye Out and The Captain’s Chest.
  2. Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 42 43 Stranglethorn ValeGo east to the shore. Kill pirates.
  3. When here, look for a small green bottle in the sand, it can contain Carefully folded Note, keep it for later.
  4. Collect the Bloodsail charts and Order on the southern end of the beach at the small camp.
  5. If this area is too crowded and you can’t complete the kill quest for pirates there is another “secret” area with some Swashbucklers here where you can complete the quest.
  6. Look for people to kill Gorlash for The Captain’s Chest, if you can’t find a group, try kite him to Booty Bay guards or do it later.
  7. If you still have that group, ask if they want to do Stranglethorn Fever. This is quite hard and you might need more than two people depending on your classes or levels.
  8. Continue north on the beach and kill Zanzil Zombies on the beach For Zanzil’s Mixture. Also Kill Chucky “Ten Thumbs” for Voodoo Dues.
  9. Go west towards Gurubashi Arena and into the other Zanzil camp, kill Maury and Jon-Jon, finish up Zanzil’s mixtures.
  10. Go into the basilisk cave and look for rare spawn “Scale Belly”, can drop a nice 2h sword with a unique look which can be worth a lot of gold later on.
  11. Try to get a group for killing Bhag’thera and Tethis. Bhag’thera can be soloed if you have some cooldowns but Tethis is very hard. You can skip these now if you can’t find a group and do another STV sweep later.
  12. Turn in Raptor Mastery and Panther Mastery at Nesingwary if you did them, also hand in any remaining Green Hills pages if u have collected them.
  13. Accept Big Game Hunter.
  14. You have another shot at doing Colonel Kurzen now if you can find a group.
  15. HS to Booty Bay.
  16. Turn in Zanzil’s Secret, Up to Snuff, The Bloodsail Buccaneers, Voodoo Dues, Keep an Eye out. And The Captain’s Chest / Stranglethorn Fever, if you did them.
  17. Accept The Bloodsail Buccaneers.
  18. You should be 43 after turning these in.
  19. Go kill naga explorers northwest of Booty Bay for Akiris reed, skip if drop rate is super low and you have competition for kills since there is a limited amount of spawns.
  20. Go kill the Pirate captains on the boats east of Booty Bay.
  21. The captains are a bit higher level, so be careful and kill them alone with no adds.
  22. Look for Cortello’s riddle below deck in all the boats, should be up in one of them, it’s a scroll lying on the floor. Accept Cortello’s Riddle.
  23. You can die on the boat when you are done and take ress sickness for free teleport back to Booty Bay.
  24. Turn in Akiris by the Bundle, accept next, turn in The Bloodsail Buccaneers.
  25. Accept Whiskey Slim’s lost Grog, Tran’Rek, Zanzil’s Mixture and a Fool’s Stout, and Stoley’s Debt.
  26. Fly Darkshire, then run into Swamp of Sorrows and turn in Cortello’s Riddle under the first bridge, accept follow up.
  27. HS back to Booty Bay or if HS is on cooldown run to Nethergarde Keep and fly.
  28. <WEAPON UPGRADE> You should start looking to buy a new BOE weapon now if you didn’t get one from Uldaman. There isn’t really any more weapons you can get until you either do Maraudon Princess runs at around lvl 50, and if you are leveling fast people will probably not have the scepter ready by then. The weapons I recommend looking out for are Blade of the Titans and Executioner’s Cleaver. Expect to pay up to 50g+ for one of them. It may seem much but this weapon will last until 60 if needed so it’s definitely worth.

43-44 Tanaris

  1. Take boat to Ratchet, fly to Theramore.
  2. Turn in Akiris by the Bundle and and bugs
  3. Set HS.
  4. Run west. stop by at Tabetha’s Farm and pick up Tiara of the Deep if you plan to run ZF later.
  5. Turn in Cortello’s Riddle in the raptor cave, accept next.
  6. HS to Theramore or die and take ress sickness if HS is on cooldown.
  7. Fly to Gadgetzan, Run to Shimmering flats and turn in Zanzil’s Mixture and a Fool’s Stout, accept Get the Gnomes Drunk, turn in at the gnome standing nearby.
  8. Accept Report back to Fizzlebub and Gahz’rilla if you plan to do ZF.
  9. Run back to Gadgetzan.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 43 44 Tanaris
  10. Turn in Tran’rek, accept Gadgetzan Water Survey.
  11. Go west, do water survey in the small water pond next to the elite trolls, run away when the beetles spawn.
  12. Kill Rocs in the desert for Rhapsody’s Kocktail.
  13. Go back to Gadgetzan and turn in Gadgetzan Water Survey.
  14. Accept WANTED: Caliph Scorpidsting and WANTED: Andre Firebeard from the wanted poster. Further accept Wastewander Justice and Water Pouch Bounty.
  15. Buy food/water/repair etc.
  16. Run east, kill bandits and thieves, collect water pouches and kill Caliph if u find him.
  17. Go to Steamwheedle Port and turn in Stoley’s Debt. Accept Screecher Spirits.
  18. Return to Gadgetzan and turn in Wastewander Justice and Water Pouch Bounty. Accept next.
  19. Go back east and do More Wastewander Justice. Also Kill Caliph, he should be around this area.
  20. Return to Gadgetzan and turn in More Wastewander Justice and WANTED: Caliph Scorpidsting.
  21. If you are not level 44 now, go grind on the Rocs south of town at the big skeletons or bandits/thieves.

44-45 Feralas

  1. Fly to Thalanaar on the Feralas border.
  2. Run to central Feralas where the Grimtotem camp is. Clear the taurens around the cage and then pick up and accept Freedom for all Creatures. Protect the darters when they escape the cage so they don’t aggro and die.
  3. Turn in Freedom for all Creatures and accept Doling Justice, but don’t do it now, continue west to Feathermoon Stronghold.
  4. On your way to Feathermoon you can kill Ironfur Bears and Screechers.
  5. When you get to the beach swim to Feathermoon, it’s faster than taking the boat.
  6. Set HS, take FP.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 44 45 Feralas
  7. Accept The Mark of Quality, The Ruins of Solarsal, The Missing Courier, The High Wilderness and In Search of Knowledge.
  8. Turn in The Missing Courier, accept next.
  9. Run south and turn in The Ruins of Solarsal, accept Return to Feathermoon Stronghold.
  10. Run back to Feathermoon and turn it in, accept Against the Hatecrest, turn it in and accept follow up.
  11. Go back to the ruins and kill Nagas for scales.
  12. Return to Feathermoon and turn in Against the Hatecrest, accept Against Lord Shalzaru.
  13. Go to the cave on the second Island south and and kill Lord Shalzaru.
  14. Die in the cave and spirit ress at Feathermoon Stronghold.
  15. Turn in Against Lord Shalzaru, accept Delivering the Relic and turn that in.
  16. Swim southeast to the boat wreckage and turn in The Missing Courier, accept Boat Wreckage, then swim back to Feathermoon and turn it in, accept The Knife Revealed.
  17. Run up in the treehouse and turn in The Knife Revealed, accept Psychometric Reading, then run back to the other house and turn it in, accept The Woodpaw Gnolls.
  18. Swim back over to the mainland and run to the Yeti Cave.
  19. Kill Yetis, Bears, Screechers and Apes around this area. If you loot OOX-22/FE Distress Beacon, accept Find OOX-22/FE! And turn it in at the Yeti Cave. Do escort if you can find a group, can be hard and risky to do solo.
  20. Run south to the hippogryph area, and in the most southwest corner pick up a Hippogryph egg from the nests.
  21. Go east and kill Ogres for The High Wilderness.
  22. When done continue east, kill grimtotems for Doling Justice, then continue to grind on grimtotems or gnolls to the south to 45.
  23. Turn in Doling Justice and accept next.
  24. Go southeast to gnoll camps, click on satchel in the tree and turn in The Woodpaw Gnolls, accept The Writhing Deep.
  25. Click the Undelivered Satchel you got in your bags and accept Thalanaar Delivery.
  26. Continue south to the bug lairs. Make sure you enter the west lair and go all the way down, enter the western tunnel and you should find the Zukk’ash Pod.
  27. Break the pod and turn in The Writhing Deep, accept Freed from the Hive.
  28. HS back to Feathermoon.
  29. Turn in The Mark of Quality, The High Wilderness and Freed from the Hive.
  30. Accept A Hero’s Welcome, run to the big building and turn in. Accept Rise of the Silithid.
  31. Fly to Thalanaar at the Feralas border and turn in Thalanaar Delivery.
  32. Fly to Gadgetzan.

45-45 Tanaris

  1. Turn in the Hippogryph Egg for Egg-o-matic, then turn in the egg you get at Curgle Cranklehop. Accept Handle with Care.
  2. Set HS, buy food/water and repair etc.
  3. Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 45 45 TanarisRun to Steamwheedle Port, turn in Screecher Spirits.
  4. Accept Pirate Hats Ahoy, Southsea Shakedown and Stoley’s Shipment.
  5. Go south to Lost Rigger Cove.
  6. Kill Pirates, Andre Firebeard and loot Stoley’s Shipment.
  7. Run back to Steamwheedle Port and turn in Pirate Hats Ahoy, Stoley’s Shipment, WANTED: Andre Firebeard and Southsea Shakedown. Accept Deliver to MacKinley.
  8. Run back to Gadgetzan.

45-46 Hinterlands

  1. Fly to Darnassus or look for mage portal to get there faster.
  2. Turn in Handle with Care in Rutheran Village. Accept Favored of Elune?.
  3. Turn in In Search of Knowledge, click on the green book behind her to accept Feralas: A History, turn it in and accept The Borrower.
  4. Turn in Rise of the Silithid and Doling Justice in the Temple of the Moon.
  5. HS back to Gadgetzan, turn in The Borrower and accept The Super Snapper FX.
  6. Fly to Theramore, take the boat to Wetlands then fly to IF and get new spells.
  7. Fly to Aerie Peak, Hinterlands.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 45 46 Hinterlands
  8. Accept Witherbark Cages, Troll Necklace Bounty and Skulk Rock Cleanup.
  9. Set HS!
  10. Go turn in Rhapsody’s Kalimdor Kocktail, accept Rhapsody’s Tale.
  11. Kill trolls and check the cages in the two troll camps nearby. Also collect feathers on the ground for Favored of Elune?.
  12. Go back to town and turn in Troll Necklace Bounty and Witherbark Cages. Accept The Altar of Zul.
  13. Grind your way east to the Altar of Zul.
  14. Explore the top of Altar of Zul for credit and run away.
  15. Go to Skulk Rock and the ruins nearby and kill Oozes. If you loot OOX-09/HL distress Beacon while in Hinterlands, turn it in on the small island in the north river, but don’t do the escort unless you have a group, it’s hard.
  16. Run east to the cliffs and take the ramp down to the shore.
  17. Take a picture of Gammerita with the Super Snapper and pick up 12 bottles of port.
  18. Turn in Cortello’s Riddle under the waterfall to the north.
  19. HS back to Aerie Peak.
  20. Turn in Skulk Rock Clean-up and The Altar of Zul. Accept Thadius Grimshade.
  21. Grind to 46 if you aren’t.
  22. Fly to IF and set HS, then fly to SW.
  23. Turn in Rhapsody’s Tale in the Dwarven District.

46-47 STV / Grind / Zul’Farrak

  1. Fly to Nethergarde Keep, turn in Thadius Grimshade, accept Nekrum’s Medallion if you plan to do ZF.
  2. Fly to Booty Bay, turn in Deliver to MacKinley, Whiskey Slim’s lost Grog and Report back to Fizzlebub
  3. Finish up any remaining elite quests in STV if you want/can find a group, these should be Big Game Hunter, Cracking Maury’s Foot, Stranglethorn Fever, Carefully Folded Note, The Captain’s Chest, Colonel Kurzen, The Curse of the Tides, and follow-ups.
  4. If you don’t want to do these or can’t find a group you can head back to Gadgetzan.
  5. <WEAPON UPGRADE> Now would be a perfect time to do Zul’Farrak. Try to find a group for it while you are here. There is one weapon drop in ZF for us, Diabolic Skiver. The speed is bad, but it’s an upgrade if you are still using Bonebiter from SM or worse. You also have the possibility of getting Sul’Thraze the Lasher, but unlikely.
  6. For solo players, accept The Dunemaul Compound. Run south into the desert and accept Gahz’Ridian.
  7. Because of lack of quests for now we are going to grind to 47 on the Ogres in the Dunemaul Compound or Pirates in Lost Rigger Cove.
  8. If you have trouble finding Gahz’Ridian Ornaments look at Southmoon Ruins.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 46 47 Tanaris
  9. You can stop grinding when you are around 9k xp from 47 and turn in Gahz’Ridian and The Dunemaul Compound.
  10. Save 15 silk cloth for next questing area.
  11. HS to IF.

47-48 Searing Gorge

  1. Accept Assisting Arch Druid Staghelm from the Innkeeper in IF.
  2. Fly to Thelsamar in Loch Modan.
  3. Run to Badlands and then all the way west through the passage to Searing Gorge.
  4. Go south, past the small Dark Iron camp and up to the hill behind it, click on the outhouse and accept Caught!
  5. Clear the camp and accept Suntara Stones from the dwarf in the camp, it’s a semi-hard escort, but you should be able to solo it.
  6. When Dorius gets killed, click on the letter he drops to turn in Suntara Stones and accept the follow up.
  7. Continue killing Geologists in the camp nearby, then run west towards Thorium Point.
  8. Accept Divine Retribution before going up to Thorium Point, listen to Kalaran’s story and then turn it in. Accept The Flawless Flame.
  9. Run up to Thorium Point, accept: WANTED: Overseer Maltorius, STOLEN: Smithing Tuyere and Lookout’s Spyglass, JOB OPPORTUNITY: Culling the Competition, Curse these fat Fingers, Fiery Menace!, Incendosaurs? Whateverosaur is more like it and What the Flux?
  10. Take FP and stock up on food/water and repair.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 47 48 Searing Gorge
  11. Our first objective is to complete The Flawless Flame. Kill Heavy War Golems, Magma Elementals and Fire Elementals to get the stuff you need. Of course you can also kill the other stuff you have quests for while searching for these like Dark Iron dwarves or spiders, but focus on getting The Flawless Flame completed first.
  12. When you got Golem oil and Hearts of Flame return to Kalaran and turn in The Flawless Flame, accept Forging the Shaft.
  13. Return to Thorium Point, turn in Fiery Menace and Curse these fat Fingers if you have completed them, then fly to Ironforge.
  14. Go to the Hall of Explorers and turn in Suntara Stones. Accept Dwarven Justice.
  15. Fly back to Thorium Point. Now we go down into the Slag Pit below. There are two ways to get there, either you jump down in the hole close to where Kalaran are or you can go around into the central area and take the normal way in, I recommend jumping down. Use BoP on yourself to avoid falling damage.
  16. Run north in the cave and kill dwarfs until you reach the bigger room with a ramp on your right. Turn in Dwarven Justice at the dwarf on the floor and accept Release Them.
  17. Continue up the ramp. In the next room to your right you have Overseer Maltorius, he’s a 50 elite so you probably can’t solo him, but we want the plans on the table behind him. You should be able to get these by stunning him with HoJ and looting it since he’s a spellcaster, so after the HoJ he will cast a shadow bolt giving you extra time to loot the plans before you get interrupted.
  18. After you looted the Plans run away to the bridge and jump down on your left side and you will enter the Incendosaur cave.
  19. Clear the Incendosaur cave until you kill 20 of them and then leave.
  20. Make your way back up to the surface, go to Kalaran after you completed killing all dwarves and gotten the Thorium plated daggers.
  21. Turn in Forging the Shaft and accept The Flame’s Casing.
  23. Now we need to kill some cultist elites to continue, it’s possible to solo the Twilight Dark Shamans you can find to the west outside the cave, just interrupt their heals and you should be fine, the Fire Guards are much harder so avoid them. Getting a group for this will make it much easier. If you can’t solo them or get a group you can skip these quests for now and come back and do them later, around level 50 and you should have no problems doing it.
  24. Kill a few cultists until you loot Symbol of Ragnaros. If you get a group you can run up the hill next to the cave and you will find a night elf sitting in a cage next to a pool of lava, the best way to do this is to have one party member aggro all the cultists and run away while the other members get the quest, then repeat for all members in the party. Accept Prayer to Elune, talk with the night elf and turn it in. Accept the follow up.
  25. The Mysterious Artifact you need for Release Them are in the center of the Lava Pool, to get it jump into the pool and stand on top of the Artifact, then loot it, otherwise you will take lava damage and get interrupted.
  26. Continue killing elites until you loot Symbol of Ragnaros and Prayer to Elune.
  27. Return to Kalaran and turn in The Flame’s Casing. Accept The Torch of Retribution. Wait for him to create the torch then turn in. Accept next, then click on the Torch to turn in.
  28. Talk to Kalaran again and accept Squire Maltrake, turn in and accept Set them Ablaze!
  29. With your group, jump down into the Slag Pit and turn in Release Them at the Altar of Suntara.
  30. Accept Rise, Obsidion! This quest is semi hard, you need to fight two 52 elites at the same time, if you can’t, skip.
  31. Continue up the ramp and kill Overseer Maltorius.
  32. Return to Thorium Point and turn in WANTED: Overseer Maltorius.
  33. While still in your group, go back to the outhouse where you started in this zone and continue southeast into the mountains, there you will find Margol the Rager. Kill him and loot Margol’s Horn. Accept The Horn of the Beast.
  34. Do Set them Ablaze! This can be done solo quite easily by equipping the Torch and running up to the towers and clicking on the braziers, use bubbles and hoj to your advantage.
  35. Return to Squire Maltrake and turn in Set them Ablaze!
  36. After the RP event, click on the black chest and accept Trinkets…, then click on the chest again and turn in Trinkets… Open the box, save Black Dragonflight Molt for a quest later.END OF ELITE/GROUP QUESTS
  37. Complete any remaining quests you have left. You should also have looted a Grimesilt Outhouse Key by now, click on it and accept The Key to Freedom.
  38. Return to the Outhouse where we started and turn in Caught! Skip Ledger from Tanaris.
  39. Turn in the Key to Freedom.
  40. Make sure you are 48 before you return to Ironforge, if you are not you are going to have to do an extra trip to IF later to pick up the slime quest before we go to Felwood.
  41. HS to Ironforge if you are done with quests, otherwise complete them and then fly to IF.
  42. Train new spells etc.
  43. If you did the elite quests, turn them in.
  44. Accept A little Slime Goes a Long Way in The Hall of Explorers.
  45. Fly to Menethil Harbor and take the Boat to Darkshore.
  46. Fly to Darnassus and turn in Assisting Arch Druid Staghelm and Prayer to Elune.
  47. Take the portal out to Rutheran Village, turn in Favored of Elune? and The Super Snapper FX. Accept Return to Troyas.
  48. Fly to Feathermoon Stronghold in Feralas.

48-48 Feralas

  1. Set HS.
  2. Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 48 48 FeralasAccept Improved Quality and The Sunken Temple.
  3. Turn in Return to Troyas, accept The Stave of Equinex.
  4. Swim over to the mainland and accept Zapped Giants and Fuel for the Zapping.
  5. Kill water elementals and giants along the shore to do the quests.
  6. Turn them in at the goblin, skip the follow ups.
  7. Take the road north and head to the yeti cave on the east side. Kill Rage Scar Yetis for Improved Quality.
  8. Continue North on the road and take off west before the Twin Colossals, you will find a Stone Giant named Rockbiter. Talk to him and accept The Giant Guardian.
  9. Go North to the harpies, here you need to find four Braziers around the area and collect gems from them. When you got all the gems go to the Equinex Monolith in the center of the area and click on the stave in your bags. Then click on the Equinex Monolith to turn in The Stave of Equinex, accept The Morrow Stone.
  10. After you have completed the Stave, Find the lost Night elf girl at the mountain wall northwest and turn in The Giant Guardian. Accept Wandering Shay. This is an escort quest and you need to take her back to Rockbiter. Use the Bell when she starts to wander off to have her keep following you.
  11. Turn in Wandering Shay.
  12. HS back to Feathermoon.
  13. Turn in Improved Quality and The Morrow Stone.
  14. Fly to Gadgetzan.

48-49 Tanaris

  1. Set HS in Gadgetzan.
  2. Accept The Thirsty Goblin, Thistleshrub Valley and Noxious Lair Investigation.
  3. Last chance at doing a Zul’Farrak run for some easy XP while here for this segment, otherwise skip.
  4. Run south to the goblin Marvon in the desert, turn in The Sunken Temple, accept The Stone Circle.
  5. Run west to the Noxious Lair and kill bugs for Noxious Lair Investigation.
  6. Continue south to Thistleshrub Valley and kill elementals there until you complete The Thirsty Goblin and Thistleshrub Valley.
  7. Go southeast and look for the turtle Tooga near the crashed Zeppelin. If you can’t find him just skip.
  8. If you do find him, Accept Tooga’s Quest and escort him if all the way back to Steamwheedle Port. Just outside Steamwheedle Port, turn in Tooga’s Quest.
  9. Return to Gadgetzan, turn in Thistleshrub Valley, Noxious Lair Investigation and The Thirsty Goblin. Accept In Good Taste.
  10. Turn in In Good Taste, accept Sprinkle’s Secret Ingredient and The Scrimshank Redemption.
  11. Go do The Scrimshank Redemption in the southern bug hive, If you looted a OOX-17/TN Distress Beacon you can turn it in before going down into the hive. Skip follow up.
  12. After you got the gear HS to Gadgetzan or die and take spirit ress.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 48 49 Tanaris
  13. Turn in The Scrimshank Redemption. Accept Insect Part Analysis, turn in, accept next, turn in again and accept Rise of the Silithid.
  14. Fly to Ratchet and pick up the Stone Circle from Marvon’s Chest. Accept Volcanic Activity inside the hut.
  15. Take the boat to Booty Bay.
  16. Fly to Nethergarde Keep in Blasted lands.

49-49 Blasted Lands

Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 49 49 Blasted Lands

  1. Accept all the quests from the Bloodmages to the west to kill and collect stuff in Blasted Lands.
  2. Kill beasts in Blasted lands for the quests, focus on birds, basilisks and boars since there are fewer of them. Keep doing laps around the northern and center part of the zone and kill everything.
  3. When you complete a quest you can turn it in to make it easier to see how much you have left since they all require the same items. In total to complete all the quests you need the following:
    6x Blasted Boar Lung
    6x Scorpok Pincer
    11x Basilisk Brain
    5x Snickerfang Howl
    14x Vulture Gizzard
    Since you need the most of Brains and Gizzard and they are the hardest to get you may not be able to complete all of the quests, if it takes too long to get a certain item, skip the quest that requires many of that item.
  4. When done with the quests, keep the consumables you get for progression raids.
  5. Fly to Booty Bay.
  6. Take boat to Ratchet, set HS.

49-50 Felwood

  1. Fly to Azshara.
  2. Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 49 50 FelwoodAccept Spiritual Unrest and A Land Filled with Hatred.
  3. Run north and do them in the two ruins.
  4. Go back and turn them in.
  5. Fly to Astranaar.
  6. Stack up on food/water for a long grinding session.
  7. Run to Emerald Sanctuary in Felwood.
  8. Accept Cleansing Felwood, Forces of Jaedenar, Verifying the Corruption and The Corruption of the Jadefire.
  9. Accept Timbermaw Ally from Grazle on the other side of the road.
  10. Go west and kill Deadwood furbolgs for Timbermaw Ally.
  11. Grind here to level 50.
  12. Turn in Timbermaw Ally when done, accept Speak to Nafien.
  13. Follow the road north until you come to slime pools with oozes on the left side. Kill Cursed Oozes and use the Empty Cursed Ooze Jar on them.
  14. Continue west into the Satyr camp and kill satyrs for The Corruption of the Jadefire. Xavathras is level 54 but you should be able to kill him. If there is a lot of people here there is another satyr camp south.
  15. Go north to Jaedenar.
  16. Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 49 50 Felwood 2Stop outside and kill Tainted Oozes and use the remaining jars on them to complete the slime quest.
  17. Do Forces of Jaedenar. When you are done go back to Emerald Sanctuary and turn in The Corruption of the Jadefire and Forces of Jaedenar, Accept Further Corruption and Collection of the Corrupt Water.
  18. Go back to Jaedenar and fill the Empty Canteen in the corrupt moonwell in Jaedenar and then go back to Emerald Sanctuary again. Turn in and accept Seek Spiritual Aid.
  19. Run north through all of Felwood to Talonbranch Glade and get the FP.
  20. Fly to Darnassus, Turn in Rise of the Silithid and accept March of the SIlithid in the Temple of the Moon.
  21. HS to Ratchet.

Chapter 5

Levels 50-60

Expected /played time to 60: 5d-7d0

50-51 Un’Goro Crater

  1. Run south along the shore until you come to a small hut with two Taurens, turn in Seek Spiritual Aid, accept Cleansed Water Returns to Felwood.
  2. Return to Ratchet and pick up Volcanic Activity if you didn’t pick it up last time.
  3. Fly to Gadgetzan.
  4. Set HS, buy food/water and repair.
  5. Turn in March of the Silithid, accept Bungle in the Jungle and Super Sticky.
  6. Run south to Marvon in the desert and turn in The Stone Circle.
  7. Continue southwest to the ramp down to Un’Goro Crater.
  8. When you arrive in Un’Goro, keep an eye out for Power Crystals and Un’Goro Soil. We will be picking these up the whole time we are down here.
  9. When you come down the ramp into Un’Goro accept The Apes of Un’Goro and The Fare of Lar’Korwi.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 50 51 Un'goro Crater
  10. Go northwest until you come to the second pool of water, click on the Wrecked Raft and accept It’s a Secret to Everybody. Swim down in the pool and click on the bag to turn in, accept next.
  11. Grind your way northeast until you find the Fresh Threshadon Carcass. Loot it and return to Torwa to turn in The Fare of Lar’Korwi. Accept The Scent of Lar’Korwi.
  12. Go back to the raptor area and look for egg nests on the ground. Walk close to them and Lar’Korwi Mates will spawn. Kill them for the glands and then turn in The Scent of Lar’Korwi. Accept The Bait for Lar’Korwi.
  13. Go north towards Marshal’s Refuge. Make sure you have collected 7 of each power crystal before going there (red, blue, green, yellow). Keep picking up Red and Yellow crystals even if you have 7, they can be used to acquire raid consumables later.
  14. When you arrive in Marshal’s, accept Shizzle’s Flyer, Muigin and Larion, Roll the Bones, Alien Ecology, Expedition Salvation and Beware of Pterrordax.
  15. Turn in It’s a Secret to Everybody, skip follow up, we take it later since our quest log is full atm.
  16. Go into the cave and accept Crystals of Power, turn it in and accept The Northern Pylon and The Eastern Pylon.
  17. Take FP.
  18. Run east along the mountain wall until you come to the Northern Pylon. Click it to complete quest and kill some Pterrodaxes in the surrounding area.
  19. Continue east and kill some apes outside the cave. Don’t go into the cave, just kill some outside and then continue on, we will complete this later.
  20. You should now come to some tar pits which have lower level Tar Creepers and Tar Beasts. There are three pools with these lower levels here. Kill them for Sticky Tar, but you don’t need to complete this now.
  21. Continue south and start killing the Bloodpetal Lashers and Threshers. You should also kill Diemetradons and Pterrodaxes in the area.
  22. Stop by at the expedition camp and pick up the Crate of Foodstuffs.
  23. Continue south along the mountain wall and click on the Eastern Pylon.
  24. Grind your way through the raptor area and continue to grind on raptors until you are 51.
  25. Continue to the southern mountain wall and finish killing Pterrodaxxes here.
  26. Then go into the Silithid Hive, kill bugs until you loot a Gorishi Scent Gland. In the cave take the first left and use the Unused Scraping Vial in the center of the small room.
  27. HS to Gadgetzan.
  28. Turn in Super Sticky if you completed it and Bungle in the Jungle.
  29. Run to Steamwheedle port and accept Yuka Screwspigot, then back to Gadgetzan.
  30. Fly back to Marshal’s Refuge in Un’Goro.
  31. You should have looted a book called A mangled journal, click it and accept Williden’s Journal.
  32. Turn in Alien Ecology, Roll the Bones, Muigin and Larion, Shizzle’s Flyer, Williden’s Journal, The Northern Pylon and The Eastern Pylon.
  33. Fly to Theramore, take the boat to Menethil Harbor and then fly to Ironforge.

51-51 Western Plaguelands

  1. In IF set HS, buy spells, check AH/ask friends for a Mithril Casing.
  2. Accept The Smoldering Ruins of Thaurissan in the throne room, talk to her and then turn it in, accept next.
  3. Turn in A little Slime goes a Long Way in the Hall of Explorers, accept next.
  4. Accept Call to Arms: The Plaguelands from Courier Hammerfall whos walking around Ironforge.
  5. Fly to Chillwind Camp in Western Plaguelands.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide Chillwind Camp
  6. Turn in Call to Arms: The Plaguelands, accept Clear the Way. Also accept and turn in Argent Dawn Commission to get your trinket to be able to loot scourgestones.
  7. Go to Sorrow Hill and kill undead for Clear the Way.
  8. Go back to Chillwind Camp and turn in Clear the Way.
  9. Accept The Scourge Cauldrons and turn it in at the High Priestess nearby.
  10. Fly to Aerie Peak, run to the small pond west of Altar of Zul and pick up a Violet Tragan Mushroom.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 51 Altar Of Zul
  11. HS to Ironforge.

51-52 Burning Steppes

  1. If you didn’t do the elite quests in Searing Gorge you can go there now and try to do them. You should be able to solo the elites and complete the Torch of Retribution questline, the other quests are a bonus.
  2. Otherwise, fly to Lakeshire and then run north to Burning Steppes.
  3. Go to Morgan’s Vigil and accept Extinguish the Firegut, FIFTY! YEP!, and Dragonkin Menace. Also take FP.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 51 52 Burning Steppes
  4. Run northwest to the horde/neutral outpost Flame Crest and turn in Yuka Screwspigot.
  5. Accept Tablet of the Seven and Broodling Essence.
  6. Go east and kill Ogres, wolves and dragonkins around Dreadmaul Rock. Try to find a group for the elites for Dragonkin Menace, this is the first part of the Onyxia prequest chain and it’s nice to complete this now so we can do the follow ups later if we do some BRD quest runs.
  7. At 52 go to the cave northeast and accept A Taste of Flame. If you did the Torch of Retribution quest in Searing Gorge you should already have a Black Dragonflight Molt, so just turn it in. Otherwise you need to kill an elite dragon that spawns outside the cave.
  8. Go west to the ruins of Thaurissan and collect Information and the Tablet transcript. You can save this for later if you find it too hard with the golems and higher level dwarves around.
  9. Return to Flame Crest and turn in Tablet of the Seven and Broodling Essence. Accept Felnok Steelspring.
  10. Go back to Morgan’s Vigil and turn in Extinguish the Firegut and FIFTY! YEP! If you completed it, if you didnt you can save it for later.
  11. If you completed Dragonkin Menace, turn it in and accept The True Masters.
  12. Grind Firegut ogres until you are 52,5 or try to do a BRD quest run, see my guide for BRD to maximize your XP and save time.
  13. If you did Dragonkin Menace, fly back to Lakeshire and turn in The True Masters, accept next.
  14. Fly to Stormwind, turn in The True Masters, Talk to Lady Katrana Prestor and then turn in at Bolvar again. Accept next part.
  15. Try to pick up a Mithril Casing if you don’t have one already.

52-53 Un’Goro Crater

  1. Fly to Booty Bay, take boat to Ratchet, then fly to Gadgetzan.
  2. Set HS!
  3. Accept Pawn Captures Queen.
  4. Turn in Sprinkle’s Secret Ingredient. Accept Delivery for Marin and turn that in. Accept Noggenfogger Elixir and turn it. You can now buy Noggenfogger from Marvin.
  5. Fly to Marshal’s Refuge, Un’Goro.
  6. Accept Lost! and The Western Pylon.
  7. Accept Chasing A-Me 01 at the entrance ramp to Marshal’s Refuge.
  8. Finish up Super Sticky if you didn’t complete it last time you were here.
  9. Start killing Oozes you see and use the Pure sample Jars on them.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 52 53 Un'goro Crater
  10. Go east and finish up The Apes of Un’Goro. Go inside the cave and take the first fork right, turn in Chasing A-Me 01. Accept the follow up and turn in the Mithril Casing.
  11. Accept the follow up which is a semi-long escort all the way back to Marshal’s.
  12. If you complete the escort turn in Chasing A-Me 01, if you fail you will get another chance later on.
  13. Go west and kill Frenzied Pterrordax and slimes.
  14. Continue towards the Golakka Hot Springs and accept Finding the Source.
  15. Continue West to the Western Pylon and finish killing Pterrodaxes and click on the Pylon.
  16. Go south of the springs and pick up the Research Equipment in Terror Run, if you still need Dinosaur Bones you can find them on the ground in this area.
  17. Look for a group for Pawn Captures Queen, go down into the bug hive and do it, pretty much impossible to solo at this level so don’t even try it unless you got help.
  18. <WEAPON UPGRADE> Head east and turn in The Apes of Un’Goro. Accept The Mighty U’cha. The Mighty U’cha reward is a 2h axe, it’s not very good but unless you got something from a dungeon or BOE it will probably be better then what you have atm.
  19. Go north to the Eastern Pylon, summon and kill Lar’Korwi.
  20. Go west to Fire Plume Ridge and kill fire elementals for Ash and take the temperature from the hot spot on the top next to the Lava Pool.
  21. Go back west to the hot springs and turn in Finding the Source, accept The New Springs.
  22. Go back to Fire Plume Ridge and find Ringo in the cave, turn in Lost! Accept A little help from my Friends.
  23. Escort Ringo back to Marshal’s Refuge.
  24. Turn in A little help from my Friends, Beware of Pterrordax, Expedition Salvation and The Western Pylon. Wait for J.D Collie to do her thing then accept and turn in the follow up Making Sense of it.
  25. Accept It’s a Secret to Everybody and A visit to Gregan.
  26. Head back to the Ape cave and kill U’cha.
  27. Run south to Torwa and turn in The Mighty U’cha and The Bait for Lar’Korwi.
  28. HS to Gadgetzan.
  29. Turn in Super Sticky and Pawn Captures Queen. Accept Calm Before the Storm.
  30. Fly to Ratchet.
  31. Turn in Volcanic Activity.
  32. Fly to Astranaar, set HS.
  33. Stack up on plenty of food and water for grinding session.
  34. Fly to Azshara.

53-54 Azshara

Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 53 54 Azshara

  1. Run to Kim’jael far northeast on top of a small hill and accept Kim’Jael Indeed!
  2. Go southeast to Thalassian Base Camp and loot boxes for his equipment. The blood elves can heal and shoot dangerous fire spells so save your stuns for that.
  3. Return to Kim’jael and turn in Kim’Jael Indeed!, accept follow up.
  4. Go down to the beach and kill naga for “Some rune” for Kim’Jael’s quest.
  5. Return to Kim’jael and turn Kim’jael’s “missing” Equipment.
  6. Grind on Satyrs or Nagas to 54.
  7. HS to Astranaar.
  8. Fly to Talonbranch Glade in Felwood.

54-54 Felwood

  1. Run North to the Timbermaw Tunnel and turn in Speak to Nafien. Accept Deadwood of the North.
  2. Kill deadwood furbolgs in the camp below, then turn it in and accept Speak to Salfa.
  3. Run through the tunnel to Winterspring and turn in Speak to Salfa on the other side. Skip follow up for now.
  4. Go south to Donova Snowden, turn in The New Springs and It’s a Secret to Everybody. Accept Strange Sources and The Videre Elixir.
  5. Run east along the road to Everlook.
  6. Turn in Felnook Steelspring, accept Sister Pamela, The Everlook Report and Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff.
  7. Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 54 54 FelwoodTake FP outside of Everlook and fly back to Talonbranch Glade in Felwood.
  8. Go west to the Irontree cavern and kill elementals for Cleansing Felwood.
  9. Continue west to Jadefire Run and kill satyrs, go kill Xavaric first so you loot Flute of Xavaric from him, click it and accept Flute of Xavaric.
  10. Keep killing satyrs until you complete both quests.
  11. Go south and explore the Charred Scar Vale and kill fire elementals.
  12. Run south to Emerald Sanctuary and turn in Cleansed Water Returns to Felwood, Verifying the Corruption, Further Corruption and Flute of Xavaric.
  13. Accept Felbound Ancients, Dousing the Flames of Protection and To Winterspring! (if it exists).
  14. Go slightly more southeast and turn in Cleansing Felwood.
  15. Go to Jaedenar and go down the tunnel into Shadow Hold. Douse the flames of protecting down there and If you loot the Blood Red Key, accept A Strange Red Key and turn it in at the night elf in a cage next to one of the flames you need to douse. Accept Rescue from Jaedenar. This is an escort quest which will spawn a couple of demons at the end.
  16. When done, HS to Astranaar.
  17. Fly to Rutheran Village, Darnassus.

54-55 WPL / EPL

  1. In Rutheran Village, accept Moontouched Wildkin and Starfall (if it exists, probably shared with To Winterspring!).
  2. Continue into Darnassus and go to Arch Druid Fandral Staghelm, accept Un’Goro Soil and The New Frontier. Turn in The New Frontier at the druid trainer below and accept Rabine Saturna.
  3. Turn in Un’Goro Soil outside behind the tree.
  4. Go to the Temple of the Moon and collect Moonwell water in Eridan’s Vial, then turn in Calm before the Storm upstairs, accept follow up.
  5. Go to the bank in the middle of Darnassus and turn in Calm before the Storm.
  6. Fly to Auberdine and take the boat to Menethil Harbor, then fly to Ironforge.
  7. Turn in The Smoldering Ruins of Thaurissan, accept Kharan Mighthammer if you plan to do BRD any time soon.
  8. Go to the Hall of Explorers and turn in A Little Slime Goes a Long Way.
  9. Learn new spells etc while in Ironforge.
  10. Fly to Chillwind Point in WPL.
  11. Turn in The Everlook Report.
  12. Accept All Along the Watchtowers and Target: Felstone Field.
  13. Go north to Felstone Field. Kill undead around the Cauldron and kill Cauldron Lord Bilemaw for the key to the Cauldron.
  14. Click on the Cauldron to turn in Target: Felstone Field, accept Return to Chillwind Camp.
  15. Go into the house, on the second floor there is a ghostly woman offering you a quest, accept Better Late Than Never.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 54 55 Wpl
  16. Go into the Barn next door and click on the package on the floor and turn in Better late than Never, then click on the package again and accept the next part.
  17. Return to Chillwind Camp and turn in Return to Chillwind Camp, accept Target: Dalson’s Tears.
  18. Go north again and this time to Dalson’s Tears. Clear the undead around the cauldron and kill Cauldron Lord Malvinious.
  19. Click on the cauldron and turn in Target: Dalson’s Tears, accept Return to Chillwind Camp.
  20. Go into the barn and click on Mrs. Dalson’s Diary, turn in.
  21. Go behind the barn and look for a “Wandering Skeleton”, it drops Dalson Outhouse key. The key will not drop if you didn’t click on the Diary in the barn first.
  22. Click on the small outhouse and accept/turn in Locked Away.
  23. Darmer Dalson will now spawn, kill him and loot Dalson Cabinet Key.
  24. Go into the house and on the second floor there is a cabinet. Click on the cabinet to turn in Locked Away.
  25. Go back to Chillwind Camp and turn in Return to Chillwind Camp. Accept Target: Writhing Haunt.
  26. Go through Sorrow Hill and swim over to the Writhing Haunt. Same story as before, kill Cauldron Lord Razarch and click on the cauldron to turn in, then accept Return to Chillwind Camp.
  27. Accept The Wildlife Suffers Too from the dying Tauren inside the house.
  28. Kill wolves to the north along the roads in the woods, they might share spawn with the spiders so if you can’t find any wolves, kill spiders to make them spawn.
  29. Go back and turn in The Wildlife Suffers Too, accept next.
  30. Kill bears to the east of Writhing Haunt.
  31. Continue on the road east into EPL.
  32. Keep following the road and take a turn south down to Darrowshire.
  33. Turn in Sister Pamela, Accept Pamela’s Doll.
  34. Get the three pieces of pamela’s doll in the houses. Beware of the ghosts that spawns when you loot them or move around inside the houses.
  35. Turn in Pamela’s Doll, accept Auntie Marlene and Uncle Carlin.
  36. Continue east to Light’s Hope Chapel.
  37. Turn in Uncle Carlin and Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff. Don’t accept any new quests.
  38. Take FP and fly back to Chillwind Camp in WPL.
  39. Turn in Return to Chillwind Camp. Accept Target: Gahrron’s Withering.
  40. Go to Sorrow Hill and turn in Auntie Marlene, accept A Strange Historian.
  41. Click on the gravestone outside and loot the wedding ring.
  42. Run back around and enter Andorhal from the west side.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 54 55 Wpl Andorhal
  43. Use the torch to mark the first tower, then go to the Inn building and make your way to the second floor where Chromie is. Turn in A Strange Historian.
  44. Accept The Annals of Darrowshire and A Matter of Time.
  45. Go around the back of the Inn and to the next tower to the east, mark it with the torch.
  46. Go around the back of this tower to the next one and mark it.
  47. Use the temporal displacer at the grain stores to summon the maggots you need to kill for A Matter of Time.
  48. When done go to the last tower and mark it.
  49. Go back to Chillwind Camp and turn in All Along the Watchtowers.
  50. You need to be 55 now to pick up the next quest, you should be 55 or at least close. If not you can either grind or go do the last cauldron, your choice, I’ll assume you already are 55 or grinded to get it when I continue.
  51.  Accept Alas, Andorhal and Scholomance.
  52. Turn in Scholomance, accept Skeletal Fragments.
  53. Enter Andorhal from the west again and go to Chromie, turn in A Matter of Time.
  54. Accept Counting out Time.
  55. Go collect watches from small boxes in Andorhal, also kill skeletons for fragments.
  56. Make your way to the center and run into the big central building, there will be tons of mobs outside so you will probably aggro them and die, but it’s fine as long as you die inside the house.
  57. Now we need to find the Annals book, as you can see there are tons of books on the floor, and if you click the wrong book dangerous monsters will spawn. There is a way to know which book is the correct one though, since it looks a little bit different, look at these two pictures and you can see the left one has much better graphics and clearer pages, that’s the correct book, should only be one good book and many bad.
  58. After you got the annals run back to Chromie and turn in Counting out Time and The Annals of Darrowshire.
  59. Accept Brother Carlin.
  60. Finish up Skeletal Fragments in Andorhal or Sorrow Hill.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 54 55 Wpl Chillwind
  61. Go to The Writhing Haunt and turn in The Wildlife Suffers Too. Accept Glyphed Oaken Branch.
  62. Go east to Gahrron’s Withering and do the cauldon there, then accept Return to Chillwind Point.
  63. Go back to Chillwind Camp, if you want you can die and take ress sickness to get there faster.
  64. Turn in Skeletal Fragments, accept Mold Rhymes with…
  65. Turn in Return to Chillwind Point, then turn in Mission Accomplished!
  66. Start looking to acquire 2x Thorium Bar for future quest.

55-55 Burning Steppes

  1. Fly to Stormwind.
  2. Learn spells in the Cathedral.
  3. Turn in Better Late than Never, accept Good Natured Emma.
  4. Find Ol’ Emma in Stormwind, she’s patrolling around, turn in Good Natured Emma, accept Good Luck Charm.
  5. Fly to Lakeshire.
  6. Turn in The True Masters, accept follow up.
  7. Fly to Morgan’s Vigil in Burning Steppes.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 55 55 Burning Steppes
  8. Turn in The True Masters, accept next.
  9. Accept Gor’tesh the Brute Lord.
  10. Run west to the Pillar of Ash and kill Blackrock orcs and Gor’tesh.
  11. Run to Flame Crest and talk to Ragged John. Click through the dialog and then return to Morgan’s Vigil.
  12. Turn in FIFTY! YEP!, Gor’tesh the Brute Lord and The True Masters.
  13. Accept Ogre head on a Stick = Party.
  14. Run up Dreadmaul Rock and click the dirt mount to plant the Ogre head on a stick, then return to Morgan’s Vigil and turn in Ogre head on a Stick = Party.
  15. Now would be a perfect time to do a longer BRD quest run and do MC/Onyxia prequest etc, see my BRD guide how to do an optimal run.

55-56 Various Zones

  1. Fly to Booty Bay and take the boat to Ratchet.
  2. Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 55 56 FeralasFly to Feathermoon Stronghold in Feralas.
  3. Run to Gregan to the North at the Twins and turn in A Visit to Gregan.
  4. Buy bait from Gregan and head north along the road.
  5. Put down the bait next to the gnoll Miblon Snarltooth to open the door, run in and loot Evoroot. Go back to Gregan.
  6. Trade the Evoroot for Videre Elixir.
  7. HS to Astranaar.
  8. Fly to Talonbranch Glade in Felwood.
  9. Run through the tunnel and take the north fork to Moonglade.
  10. Go into the town Nighthaven and turn in Rabine Saturna. Accept Wasteland.
  11. Grab the FP south of Nighthaven and fly to Everlook.
  12. Accept Trouble in Winterspring, Enraged Wildkin, Are we there, Yeti?, Chillwind Horns and Luck Be With You.
  13. Run northwest to Starfall Village and turn in To Winterspring! Accept The Ruins of Kel’Theril.
  14. Turn in The Ruins of Kel’theril and Enraged Wildkin, accept follow ups.
  15. Continue west to Donova Snowden, always kill Chimaeras you see, the horns have low drop rate so if you want to complete this we need to kill all we can find.
  16. Turn in The Videre Elixir and Trouble in Winterspring, accept Meet at the Grave and Threat of the Winterfall.
  17. Go to the Timbermaw tunnel and accept Winterfall Activity.
  18. Kill Winterfall furbolgs and grind to 56. Also kill yetis and Chimaeras you see and collect feathers on the ground.
  19. You should loot an Empty Firewater Flask while killing the Furbolgs, click on it and accept Winterfall Firewater.
  20. Turn in Winterfall Activity at the Timbermaw Tunnel.
  21. Turn in Threat of the Winterfall and Winterfall Firewater at Donova, accept Falling to Corruption.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 55 56 Winterspring
  22. Run back to Everlook.
  23. Fly to Azshara.
  24. Run all the way east to The Ravencrest Monument and jump off the cliffs, then swim to the small island where Duke Hydraxis is.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 55 56 Azshara
  25. Accept Stormers and Rumblers and Poisoned Water.
  26. HS to Astranaar.
  27. Fly to Rutheran Village, turn in Moontouched Wildkin, accept Find Ranshalla.
  28. Go into Darnassus, turn in Glyphed Oaken Branch.
  29. Look on AH or guild/friends/trade to get 2x Thorium Bar.
  30. Fly to Auberdine, take the boat to Menethil Harbor.
  31. Take the next boat to Theramore.
  32. Fly to Gadgetzan.
  33. Turn in Mold Rhymes with… Accept Fire Plume Forged.
  34. Go to the graveyard outside Gadgetzan and use the Videre Elixir, you will die. Go north to the mountains and look for a ghost called Gaeriyan. Turn in Meet at the Grave, accept A Grave Situation.
  35. Go back to the graveyard and ress at your corpse.
  36. Click the special Grave to turn in A Grave Situation, accept Linken’s Sword.
  37. Fly to Marshal’s Refuge, Un’Goro.
  38. Turn in Linken’s Sword, accept A Gnome’s Assistance.
  39. Go into the cave and turn in A Gnome’s Assistance, accept Linken’s Memory.
  40. Now you can finish up any quests in Un’Goro that you might not have been able to complete last time we were here.
  41. If you got Thorium Bars, go to Fire Plume Ridge and use the Mold at the Lava pool.
  42. Run northwest and take the long ramp up out of the crater and enter Silithus.
  43. Turn in Wasteland, accept The Spirits of Southwind.
  44. Run to Cenarion Hold and take the FP.
  45. HS to Astranaar, if HS is on cooldown, go northwest and kill Desert Rumblers and Dust Stormers until it comes back off.
  46. Run to Emerald Sanctuary in Felwood.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 55 56 Felwood
  47. Turn in Dousing the Flames of Protection, Linken’s Memory, Rescue from Jaedenar and Felbound Ancients.
  48. Accept Silver Heart and Purified, turn in Purified.
  49. Grind your way north in Felwood killing wolves, bears and birds to get Silvery Claws.
  50. Kill some trees in the Irontree Woods for Irontree Heart.
  51. Go into the Deadwood furbolg camp and click on the Cauldron to turn in Falling to Corruption, accept Mystery Goo.
  52. Grind to 56,5 in Felpaw Village.
  53. Take the Timbermaw tunnel to Winterspring and go to Donova Snowden.
  54. Turn in Mystery Goo, accept Toxic Horrors.
  55. Go to Lake Kel’theril and use the pick to gather the four Relic Fragments.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 55 56 Relic Fragments
  56. Continue to Everlook and fly to Ratchet.
  57. Take the boat to Booty Bay, then fly to Stormwind.
  58. Accept The First and the Last from Bolvar in the keep.
  59. Go to old Town and turn it in, accept Flint Shadowmore.
  60. Fly to WPL.

56-57 WPL/EPL

  1. Turn in Fire Plume Forged, accept Araj’s Scarab.
  2. Turn in Flint Shadowmore, accept The Eastern Plagues.
  3. Accept A Plague upon Thee.
  4. Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 56 57 WplLook for a group to kill Araj in the center of Andorhal, you can do this any time you are around WPL, we now have 2 quests to kill him which will give us lots of xp.
  5. Go to Felstone Field and turn in Good Luck Charm in the house second floor.
  6. Accept Two Halves Become One.
  7. Go find Jabbering Ghoul in the Felstone field and kill it for the charm.
  8. Combine the charms and return to the ghost in the house and turn in Two Halves Become One.
  9. Run east to EPL border, follow the river north to Tirion Fordring.
  10. Accept Demon Dogs, Blood Tinged Skies and Carrion Grubbage.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 56 57 Epl
  11. Grind you way east, kill all Plaguehounds, Plaguebats and Carrion Grubs.
  12. Stop by at the Marris Stead and pick up the Insignia’s from the skeletons around the area for The Eastern Plagues.
  13. Also go close to Nathanos to get the explore credit.
  14. Continue east to Light’s Hope Chapel, make sure you killed everything except the Frenzied Plaguehounds when you get there.
  15. Accept Zaeldarr the Outcast and The Restless Souls.
  16. Turn in Brother Carlin, accept Villains of Darrowshire, Heroes of Darrowshire and Defenders of Darrowshire.
  17. Go southwest to Lake Mereldar and kill plagued water elementals for Poisoned Water. Remember to use Aspect of Neptulon on them to be able to loot the bracers.
  18. Go west to Corin’s Crossing, look for any Gibbering Ghouls around the edges of the town, kill them to spawn the ghosts you need for Defenders of Darrowshire, just kill a few, no need to complete this quest now.
  19. Continue west and jump down into the Infectis scar, find The Shattered Sword of Marduk.
  20. Get up from the scar and go north to Blackwood Lake, get the Skull of Horgus on the bottom of the lake and finish Poisoned Water.
  21. Go northeast, you will start seeing Frenzied Plaguehounds, kill them and then go just north of Eastwall Tower, there is another undead camp here, kill Diseased Flayers to spawn ghosts.
  22. Go northwest and turn in Troubled Spirits of Kel’Theril. Skip follow up.
  23. Go west to the Plaguewoods and collect termites, also finish Defenders of Darrowshire.
  24. When done go all the way west to Terrordale and turn in The Restless Souls, accept Augustus Receipt Book from the undead dude nearby,
  25. Go to the Inn and get the book from the second floor, then go back and turn it in.
  26. Now we need to go through the Terrorweb Tunnel, there are some Crypt Fiends all along the tunnel, but also one bigger elite can spawn in there patrolling around, my recommendation is to clear your way through and if you meet the elite you just make a run for it hoping you can get to the other side, if you die it’s not the end of the world, the graveyard is not too far away.
  27. When you come out on the other side, turn in Demon Dogs, Blood Tinged Skies and Carrion Grubbage at Tirion.
  28. Accept Redemption, do /sit and talk to him, then turn in.
  29. Accept Of Forgotten Memories.
  30. Go southeast to the Undercroft, behind the tomb there is a grave and a dirt mound, click the dirt mound and a couple of dwarves will spawn, kill them for Taelan’s Hammer.
  31. Go into the Undercroft and kill Zaeldarr the Outcast.
  32. Click on the Torn Scroll on the floor and accept Hameya’s Plea.
  33. Return to Tirion Fordring and turn in Of Forgotten Memories. Accept Of lost Honor.
  34. Run southwest into WPL, stop by at Gahrron’s Withering and pick up Redpath’s Shield.
  35. Continue to Chillwind Camp.
  36. Turn in The Eastern Plagues, Accept The Blightcaller Cometh.
  37. Turn in A Plague upon Thee, accept next.
  38. Look for a group to kill Araj The Summoner again in Andorhal.
  39. Continue north to Northridge Lumber camp, click the box inside the mill and place the termites, then click the barrel that appears and turn in A Plague upon Thee. Accept follow up.
  40. Grind on scarlets around the lumber mill to 57 if you aren’t already.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 56 57 Hearthglen
  41. Continue northeast down a slope and accept Unfinished Business.
  42. Go east and kill Scarlet members for Unfinished Business, you will find the medics and hunters further southeast in a small camp and Knights/mages along the road.
  43. Go back and turn in Unfinished Business, accept next.
  44. Go east and kill Huntsman Radley, then continue north to the tower and kill Cavalier Durgen.
  45. Turn in Unfinished Business, accept follow up.
  46. If you have a group you can go into Hearthglen and get Davil’s Libram and get up the tower for the vantage point. Skip if solo.
  47. Go die on purpose and take ress sickness at Chillwind Camp.
  48. Turn in Alas, Andorhal and Araj’s Scarab if you killed Araj. Then turn in The Key to Scholomance.
  49. Turn in A Plague upon Thee.
  50. Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 56 57 Epl Lights HopeFly to Light’s Hope Chapel, EPL.
  51. Turn in Villains of Darrowshire, Defenders of Darrowshire and Zaeldarr the Outcast.
  52. Go north to Northdale, loot the Symbol of Lost Honor in the lake.
  53. Continue north to Zul’Mashar and kill Infiltrator Hameya.
  54. Run southwest to The Undercroft and turn in Hameya’s Plea in the Mound of dirt behind the crypt.
  55. Continue North to Tirion and turn in Of Lost Honor, accept Of Love and Family.
  56. Run south to WPL and swim out to Caer Darrow.
  57. Turn in Of Love and Family.

57-58 Winterspring

  1. HS to Astranaar, fly to Everlook.
  2. Set HS in Everlook, accept any quests you may have abandoned if u had a full questlog.
  3. Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 57 58 WinterspringGo Southeast and kill Yetis for Are we there, Yeti?
  4. Continue southwest, kill Chimaeras you see until you come to the small cave with some Owlbeasts outside.
  5. Click the damaged crate to turn in Enraged Wildkin, accept follow up.
  6. Go east towards the road and click on Jaron’s Wagon to turn in, accept follow up.
  7. Pick up the box on the ground.
  8. More east on the other side of the road you should find Ranshalla, turn in Find Ranshalla, accept Guardians of the Altar.
  9. This is an semi-long escort quest but you should be able to do it easily, there are no extra monsters spawning so just pull ahead so you can kill one at the time.
  10. You should loot the Blue Feathered Amulet while doing the escort quest.
  11. Continue south after the escort, along the edges of Frostwhisper Gorge you will find the Frostmaul shards you need for Luck be with you. You can loot several of these shards without aggroing the elite giants guarding them.
  12. Continue south to explore Darkwhisper Gorge, if you want you can try to run past the elites and run into the cave where Vi’el is. He sells Felcloth x2 for 80s each as a limited supply, definitely worth checking if they are up.
  13. Go back north and continue killing Chimaeras and Yetis, finish yeti fur.
  14. Return to Everlook and turn in Are We There, Yeti? Accept follow up.
  15. Turn in Luck Be with you. Accept Cache of Mauri, wait a sec and then turn it in.
  16. Fly to Talonbranch Glade in Felwood.
  17. Go west to Irontree woods and kill Toxic Horrors for droplets.
  18. Go to the statue in the ruins at Irontree woods and use Flute of the Ancients.
  19. A ghostly Ancient will spawn, accept Ancient Spirit.
  20. This is an escort quest, follow Arei around and protect him until you reach the road and complete the escort.
  21. Go to Donova through the Timbermaw Tunnel and turn in Toxic Horrors and Strange Sources. Accept Winterfall Runners.
  22. HS to Everlook.
  23. Go to the Yeti Cave and kill Matriarchs and Patriarchs for Pristine Horns.
  24. Also complete Chillwind Horns before going back to Everlook, you can find many Chimaeras in northern Winterspring if you are having trouble finding them.
  25. Turn in Are we There, Yeti? And Chillwind Horns and accept next from both.
  26. Use the robot Yeti to scare Legacki.
  27. Fly to Nighthaven in Moonglade, accept A Reliquary of Purity (if it exists).
  28. Then fly to Talonbranch Glade, Felwood.
  29. Go to Felpaw Village, kill the Winterfall Runner at the Cauldron for the Winterfall Crate.
  30. Run all the way to Emerald Sanctuary in southern Felwood and turn in Silver Heart. Accept Aquementas.
  31. Run to Astranaar.
  32. Fly to Azshara, run west to Ashenvale and turn in Ancient Spirit in Forest Song.
  33. Run back to Azshara FP and fly to Gadgetzan.

58-58 Silithus

  1. In Gadgetzan, scare Sprinkle with the yeti.
  2. Run to Lost Rigger Cove and summon Aquementas, kill him to enchant the totem.
  3. Return to Gadgetzan and fly to Marshal’s Refuge in Un’Goro.
  4. Scare Quixxil and turn in Aquementas. Accept Linken’s Adventure.
  5. Turn in Linken’s Adventure, accept It’s Dangerous to go Alone.
  6. If you can find a group for it, go to Fire Plume Ridge, kill Blazerunner and loot the box in the cave.
  7. Also complete any other quests in Un’Goro you might not have completed earlier.
  8. Return to Marshal’s Refuge and turn in It’s Dangerous to go Alone.
  9. Fly to Cenarion Hold, Silithus.
    Wow Classic Alliance Leveling Guide 58 58 Silithus
  10. Go northwest and kill Desert Rumblers and Dust Stormers.
  11. Go south and kill Tortured Druids and Sentinels in Southwind Village.
  12. Go into the big building and loot the chest for A Reliquary of Purity.
  13. Run east and turn in The Spirits of Southwind. Accept Hive in the Tower.
  14. Return to Southwind Village and go up the tower, kill the Hive Ashi Ambusher and loot Encrusted Silithid Object.
  15. Go back east and turn in Hive in the Tower, accept Umber, Archivist.
  16. HS to Everlook.

58-60 Winterspring

  1. Turn in Are We There, Yeti?
  2. Run west to Starfall Village and turn in Enraged Wildkin.
  3. Then continue west to Donova Snowden and turn in Winterfall Runners. Some furbolgs will spawn and attack you.
  4. Accept High Chief Winterfall.
  5. Take the tunnel to Moonglade and run to Nighthaven.
  6. Turn in Umber, Archivist, accept Uncovering Past Secrets.
  7. Go to Rabine, turn in A Reliquary of Purity and Uncovering Past Secrets.
  8. Go back to Umber and turn in Under the Chitin was…
  9. Fly to Everlook.
  10. Because we have completed most quests in all 55+ zones by now we are going to grind the last bit to 60.
  11. Go to Winterfall Camp and grind furbolgs until you are 27k from level 60. Also try to do High Chief Winterfall when you are here, gives an extra 15k~ xp in total.
  12. Fly to Azshara, run to Duke Hydraxis and turn in Stormers and Rumblers and Poisoned Water. Accept Eye of the Emberseer.
  13. HS back to Everlook.
  14. Fly to Rutheran Village. Turn in Guardians of the Altar, accept Wildkin of Elune.
  15. Go into Darnassus and turn in Wildkin of Elune.
  16. Take the boat from Auberdine to Menethil Harbor, Wetlands.
  17. Fly to Stormwind.
  18. Turn in The Blightcaller Cometh at Bolvar in the Keep.
  19. Ding 60!

60+ The End

We have now reached the end of the guide. I hope you found it helpful and you reached 60 in a good time. I will continue to work on the guide after Classic launch and fix/change things to make it better over time.

You still have a few elite quests scattered around Azeroth to do, and of course lots of dungeon quests. If you are not yet 60 I recommend any of the following:

  1. Grind! Probably the fastest way to 60, some spots I recommend are:
    -Furbolgs in Winterspring
    Timbermaw rep, Firewater,Winterfall E’ko
    -Owlbeasts in Winterspring
    Lots of vendor greys
    -Elementals in Silithus
    Hydraxian rep, Elemental earth, Essence of Earth
    -Satyrs in Felwood
    Runecloth, Felcloth, Demonic runes
    -Blackrock Orcs in BS
    Runecloth, greys, others.
  2. Complete any remaining quests scattered around Azeroth There are still some elite quests to do in the higher level zones, try to look for groups and do them.
  3. Run some end game dungeons and do the quests BRD and Strat have a lot of dungeon quests, so those would be preferred to do to maximize your XP gains. You could also do some quick 2-3 boss runs in LBRS to start farming pre-raid bis gear.


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4 years ago


Last edited by AB C
Dan Billy
4 years ago

I have followed this guide since August alongside work and family. I hit 60 yesterday with 7 days played time. A brilliant guide and worth sticking to. I varied some parts based on PvP releases but did not lose any time. Thank you. I’m a paladin also.

Last edited by Dan Billy
4 years ago

A little remark. At 55-56 Various Zones – Eastern Plaguelands (Step 15/16), there are 5 new quests to accept. But the Quest Log is already full

Last edited by Guest
4 years ago

awesome guide,very good job

Last edited by yodudes
The Great
4 years ago

Took me 10 days but I did it. Thanks man

Last edited by The Great
4 years ago

In Chapter 3 31-32 Shimmering Flats #6, shouldn’t it be “Turn in They Call Him Smiling Jim (https://vanillawowdb.com/?quest=1282) and The Missing Diplomat (https://vanillawowdb.com/?quest=1264), accept follow up.”
Blackrock Bounty (https://vanillawowdb.com/?quest=128) is a Redridge quest.

Last edited by Tykhon
Reply to  Tykhon
4 years ago

Hey there Tykhon,

You’re totally correct on these and thank you so much for catching that for us. We appreciate your help in continuing to improve the guide. Have a wonderful day!

Last edited by OrinDac
4 years ago

Really NIce Guide.
One Annotation: If you want to accept the three Quests in “The Shady In”(Chapter 3/Shimmering Flats) you have to speak with Captain Garran Vimes first. There´s a option in den dialog with him.

Last edited by Guest
4 years ago

I loved this guide, the problem its that i was ganked in all the zones

Last edited by ANATHOR
4 years ago

Under Chapter 3, 32-32 Duskwood, Step 9 “Turn in The Haunted Isle, accept The Stone of the Tides.” (https://www.warcrafttavern.com/guides/judgements-wow-classic-alliance-leveling-guide-1-60/#plink-32-32-duskwood) When you accept The Stone of the Tides (https://vanillawowdb.com/?quest=578), you get a Library Scrip (https://vanillawowdb.com/?item=3898#comments). I suggest adding a note to this step to destroy the Library Scrip to save on inventory. It’s turned in for a grey book, either The Story of Morgan Ladimore (https://vanillawowdb.com/?item=2154) or Legends of the Gurubashi, Volume 3 (https://vanillawowdb.com/?item=3899), in Stormwind that vendors for 25c and doesn’t give exp or rep. Both can be read just as easily online and save you a bag/bank slot.

Last edited by Tykhon
4 years ago

Another bag-slot-saving-tip: In Chapter 3, 38-38 Dustwallow Marsh (https://www.warcrafttavern.com/guides/judgements-wow-classic-alliance-leveling-guide-1-60/#plink-38-38-dustwallow-marsh), step 5. After turning in Rizzle’s Schematics (https://vanillawowdb.com/?quest=1194), you can discard the Sample of Indurium Ore (https://vanillawowdb.com/?item=5866). Stupid thing stays in your inventory after the turn in and there’s no other use for it.

Last edited by Tykhon
3 years ago

Great guide although I wouldn’t waste my time grinding on Furbolgs as they are perma-farmed. However, as the guide mentions, they do offer rep so if that’s what you want and you have the patience to wait for respawns along with the other happy campers go for it 🙂

Last edited by CChin
3 years ago

For the 31-32 Simmering Flats section. You mention turning Blackrock Bounty at the Inn. But there seems to be no Blackrock Bounty turn in at Theramore.

Last edited by Pol
3 years ago

In the Hinterlands chapter, it tell you to set the HS there. I cannot find where you can do that, no videos or information on it. I asked around and in Classic, I do not believe there is a place in the Hinterlands to set HS. If I am wrong, please let me know. If I am right, for all of you that are stubborn, like I am, don’t waste your time looking for it.

Last edited by Kernain
3 years ago

Thank you for your time and effort. Brilliant guide!

2 years ago

You never mention what the materials for the Badlands are required for.

4 years ago

it says to do ‘cortello’s riddle quest in the mid 42-43s, pity you can’t actually Start the quest until level 45…
overall a fairly good guide if you need somewhere to base a grind from; but the inconsistencies, irregularities and just plain shit that’s wrong come around a little bit too often for me to call it a must-have.

Last edited by stpf77
Reply to  stpf77
4 years ago

Hey there stpf77,

I went through the guide where you mentioned and found the quest Cortello’s Riddle, but I think you’re mistaken. Our own DB shows that the quest can be started at level 35 (https://vanillawowdb.com/?quest=624). I also went ahead and confirmed it on WoWhead Classic and it shows the same. (https://classic.wowhead.com/quest=624/cortellos-riddle). Now sure what the disconnect is here, but you can definitely pick this quest up at 35. That being said, if there are any other errors that you’ve noticed, please don’t hesitate to comment on them. We’re always trying to improve all of our guides and always want them to be accurate. Thanks so much for your interest and have a wonderful day.

Last edited by OrinDac
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